Noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair Review

Here is our hands-on review of the Noblechairs HERO gaming chair. See why this gaming chair gets such a high praise for us and why we recommend it.

Bottom Line

All in all, the Noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair is one that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Although a tad bit on the pricey side, this gaming chair justifies its cost with the superior features it brings to the table.

Build Quality:
Value For Money:

Headquartered in Berlin, Noblechairs is a German company committed to designing and manufacturing high-quality gaming furniture and business-class level computer chair models. After their widely acclaimed EPIC and ICON series, Noblechairs released the HERO gaming chair on June 29th, 2018. A premium executive ergonomic chair, the HERO series promised brand-new, exciting traits, and we decided to try one out. Let’s start with the build quality of this gaming chair.

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Build Quality

Noblechairs HERO Front

The chair arrived in a well-padded box, with all the screws and tools one would need to assemble it, and an instruction manual. The manual included plenty of images, and the instructions were relatively clear and easy to understand. The process of assembling took us approximately 35 minutes.

The chair is fairly simple to build, although we had some issues attaching the screws of the recliner to the back. One of them wouldn’t go all the way in, and another one could go only about halfway in. Luckily there was a spare screw that was about half as short, so we used that one instead, which allowed us to put the recliner covers on without any problems. Issues like this may happen sometimes, but luckily, Noblechairs has already thought of this and has provided a solution right in the box. 

This particular model of the chair uses 1.5 mm thick polyurethane (PU) leather, while the models with the real leather cover employ a 1.7 mm thick covering using top- grain leather. The models with the real leather cover are, however, priced much higher than the models with the artificial PU leather.

The PU leather is tough, firm and hard-wearing, and is expected to stand the test of time without ripping or tearing.

The Noblechairs frame is constructed with 2 mm thick steel, which is sturdier compared to the 1mm to 1.5 mm steel that other models on the market use.

The chair has a sturdy aluminum base with 5 x 60 mm nylon casters coated with polyurethane and can support a maximum weight of 150 kilograms or 330 pounds. The wheels of the chair rolled effortlessly over both marble and carpeted floors. 

Overall, the build quality was evaluated excellent.


Noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair Side

The design or style of the Noblechairs HERO gaming chair is a mixture of the racing style of the Noblechairs EPIC series and the sleek adult design of the Noblechairs ICON series.

The PU faux leather models and the top-grain real leather models both have intricate diamond pattern stitching on the seating area, as well as on the backrest. The stitching on the PU leather models is available in five different colors – blue, red, white, gold, and black, while the stitching on the real leather models is available in two colors – black and red.

The branding on the chair is quite subtle and elegant, with the name and logo of Noblechairs blending in seamlessly with the overall look of the chair.

Thus, unlike other racing style chairs, the Noblechairs HERO gaming chair can easily double up as an office chair. 

All in all, we appreciated the sophisticated and classy look of this chair.


Noblechairs HERO Seat

The length of the backrest is 89 cm (35.04 inches). Its width, at the shoulder level, on the contrary, is 57 cm (22.44 inches) and 56 cm (22.05 inches) at the pelvis level. Lastly, the width of the seating area is 52 cm (20.47 inches). It can easily welcome people with structures larger than average, and for petite users, it gives plenty of space to move around.

The height adjustability is 8cm (3.15 inches). People shorter than 5 feet 6 inches, however, might have to buy a separate shorter gas lift for Noblechairs to make sure their feet reach the floor comfortably.

The headrest is equipped with memory foam. The chair comes with two pillows – a neck pillow and a lumbar pillow. The pillows are covered in a soft, velvety material. The neck pillow has a soft, squishy filling, while the lumbar pillow is filled with foam. The neck pillow has a strap with which it can be attached to the headrest, while the lumbar pillow is to be placed on the seating area behind the lower back. The lumbar pillow, however, seems to be rather excessive, given that the chair has adjustable integrated lumbar support.

Noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair Review

A rotary dial at the side of the chair can be used to cause the lower half of the backrest to protrude or contract, and adjust the chair to how much support one needs. This is undoubtedly one of the most amazing features of this chair.

Noblechairs uses a 55% density freshly molded cold cured foam straight from the factory, unlike cheaper chairs that may use recycled scraps. Although the material did seem too firm at first, it loosened up over a few weeks of use and molded to the user’s shape. The cold foam also retains its shape over time and continues to provide optimum support.

If, however, you want something to slouch in, this is probably not the chair for you.

The chair can recline to a maximum angle of 135 degrees, which, despite being less than some other chairs available on the market, is perfect for a quick power nap. You can also lock and unlock a tilt mechanism which is responsible for the rockability of the chair. The rocking mechanism can go to a maximum angle of 11 degrees. The rockability can also be adjusted by twisting a knob located on the underside of the chair. You can choose to have the chair swing back easily, or you can keep it relatively stiff depending on your wishes.

Noblechairs HERO Armrests

The chair also has adjustable 4D armrests. These can be moved up and down, forward and backward, in and out, and can also be turned sideways, thus providing a large number of positional possibilities for the arms and elbows. The armrests have textured surfaces for better grip.

Besides this, the seat also has air holes that ensure that the user does not feel hot or sticky after extended periods of use.

We can say with confidence that the Noblechairs HERO gaming chair is on the whole extremely comfortable, and will be especially kind to your back and neck.

Value For Money

Noblechairs HERO Close Up

The faux PU leather model is priced at 349.99 £, while the top-grain real leather model is priced at 579.95 £.

Although the price is possibly a little steep compared to other gaming chairs available on the market, it is our opinion that the chair’s features more than make up for it. This product is definitely worth every cent.


In conclusion, the features of the Noblechairs HERO gaming chair – the integrated lumbar support, customizable rocking mechanism, 135 degrees adjustable backrest, firm, hard-wearing material, elegant design, ergonomic shape, 4D armrests, and so on – all come together to give the buyer a product that is well worth its cost

The HERO gaming chair is thus a must-try for those who spend long hours sitting at a computer or desk gaming, coding, writing, working, or anything at all.

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