uBlock Origin Not Blocking Twitch Ads [Fix]

Twitch uBlock Origin

Is your uBlock Origin extension not blocking Twitch ads anymore? Here’s how to fix the issue very easily on all popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge).

Best Gaming PC Under 1000 USD – The Ultimate PC Build Guide

Gamers, rejoice! A budget of $1000 can get you a reasonable PC, especially if you build it yourself. We’ve spent dozens of hours picking the best parts for a $1000 PC build and continue to do so in order to keep it up to date with the constantly evolving PC market. And the best part?

Best Gaming PC Under 800 USD – The Ultimate PC Build Guide

Best Gaming PC Under 800

We know that RTX cards are all the rage now, but not only are they pretty darn expensive, there are also too few games that take advantage of this new technology. This is why we did our best in this build to strike the perfect balance between price, quality, and performance with the GTX 1660

Best Gaming PC Under 700 USD – The Ultimate PC Build Guide

Best Gaming Pc Under 700

If you need to build a new PC, which can run all the current games without costing a fortune, then you’re on the right page. We’ve created the ultimate PC build under $700. It is affordable, fast, and most importantly, future-proof. Let’s have a closer look. Top $700 Gaming PC Build For Updated: Click on

Best Gaming PC Under 400 USD – The Ultimate PC Build Guide

Best 400 Dollar PC

Breaking into the PC gaming world can be expensive. If you’ve got friends with gaming PCs, you might have heard about their sweet new liquid cooling system that “only” costs a few hundred dollars. At those prices, it must cost an absolute fortune to build a gaming PC, right? It can if you build a bleeding-edge

Best Budget $500 Gaming PC – The Ultimate Cheap PC Build

Best Budget Gaming PC

Whenever someone asks us how much money they’d need to build a decent gaming PC – meaning one that can run all the newest titles at admirable settings with good framerates and still be viable for a couple of years – we say $500. This is not a random number, and it’s not an estimate.

Best Gaming PC Under 300 USD – The Ultimate PC Build Guide

Cheap PC

PC gaming is known for many things: unparalleled customizability, the potential for absolutely stunning visuals, and access to the most colossal library of games are among the most appealing, although there’s also the notoriously high price tag that comes along with all of this. But what if we said you could get initiated into the

Best Gaming PC Under 600 USD – The Ultimate PC Build Guide

Best Gaming PC 600 Dollars

Today, it is possible to build a good and affordable gaming PC. Today, it is finally possible to put together a proper mid-range gaming PC without having to pay an arm and a leg for graphics cards alone! In this article, we bring you the best gaming PC that you can get for under 600

The Best RTX 3080 Graphics Cards (2020 Reviews)

Best RTX 3080

The RTX 3080 is a very powerful GPU so you have to choose the right graphics card. Here is a list of the best RTX 3080 graphics cards to get right now.

Best PS4 Exclusive Games 2020 (And Beyond)

Best Ps4 Exclusive Games 2019

Some of the best games in the world are only exclusive on the PS4. Here is a carefully selected list of the best PS4 exclusive games to play now.

Best Post-Apocalyptic Games 2020

best post apocalyptic games

Post-apocalyptic games are fun. Here are the absolute best post-apocalyptic games to play right now. These will keep you occupied for years to come!

Best Lovecraftian Games 2020

best lovecraftian games

Are you a horror fan? If you are, then you’ll love this list of the best Lovecraftian games that we’ve compiled for you. Find your next game to play!

How To Pick The Right AMD Ryzen CPU For Your PC

How To Pick AMD Ryzen CPU

Which AMD Ryzen CPU is the best one for you? If you want a definitive answer to that question, you need to view this buying guide to AMD Ryzen processors.

World of Warcraft Expansions List

World of Warcraft Expansions

This is the complete World of Warcraft expansion list, including brief overviews of each expansion released so far from 2007 and onward.

Apex Legends Tier List

Apex Legends Tier List

It’s no secret that some hereos are better than others in Apex Legends. So naturally, we created this ultimate Apex Legends tier list.

Hearthstone Arena Tier List

Hearthstone Arena Tier List

Do you want a quick overview of the best classes and cards in Hearthstone Arena mode. Our Hearthstone Arena tier list will provide you with just that.

Spider-Man Games In Order

Spiderman Games In Order

Are you a fan of Spider-Man? We definitely are so we’ve created this list of all Spider-Man games in chronological order.

Best Games Like Outlast

best games like outlast

If you are a fan of horror games and liked Outlast, then see our list of the absolute best games like Outlast to play!

Best Games Like S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

best games like stalker

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is a popular FPS survival game series that unfortunately ended over a decade ago. So here is our list of the best games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Best Games Like Doom

best games like doom

We are HUGE fans of Doom. So we decided to create a list of the best games like Doom that will keep you all entertained for months!

Best Games Like GTA

best games like gta

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular game franchines in the world. If you enjoy playing GTA, then check our list of the best games like GTA.

Best Games Like Dead Space

best games like dead space

If you’re a huge fan of the Dead Space games, you’ll love this list of all the best games like Dead Space to keep you entertained for months.

UNIST Tier List

UNIST Tier List

Our UNIST tier list will show you the best fighters in UNIST (Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]). Win more fights by playing these fighters!