noblechairs ICON TX Review

Should you buy the Noblechairs ICON TX gaming chair with its comfortable cloth material? Here is the only Noblechairs ICON TX review you'll ever need.

Bottom Line

The noblechairs ICON TX is a comfortable upgrade of the noblechairs ICON that is traditional with a mix of new technology gaming elements.

The latest version features breathable fabric, making it extra comfy as you can spend hours on it without feeling sweaty.

Like its predecessor, it has no flashy colors but a beautiful design that combines two colors or plain black.

● Costs $429.99
● 2-Year warranty
● Armrest, height, and backrest adjustability


The Pros:

  • Sitting on it gives the occupant a premium feel
  • It is easy to setup
  • The breathable fabric prevents it from getting sweaty
  • It is extremely comfortable
  • It may be a gaming chair, but it does not look all ‘gamish,’ making it ideal for other uses.
  • It comes in an excellent and clean packaging

The Cons:

  • It is relatively expensive
  • It includes lumbar support but does not specify how to attach it

Most traditional gaming chairs are either too bright or have an unsatisfying design that only appeals to people without a taste.

But, did you know you could get a traditional gaming chair that not only feels great but is attractive to the eye?

noblechairs is a Berlin-based company founded in 2016. Its first seat was the Noblechair EPIC, a masterpiece of German engineering made of high-quality materials.

In this review, we will be reviewing their latest, the noblechairs ICON TX, which comes in better material than its predecessor for more comfort.

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Noblechairs ICON TX Review 1

To gamers, a gaming chair can be a battle station, a cockpit, or a driver’s seat. Therefore, comfort is always a priority because of the hours most gamers spend in front of a computer.

The noblechairs Icon TX is sturdy yet not to the point of being unpleasant. This implies the chair should be comfy for extended periods.

Although you may find yourself utilizing the lumbar support all of the time, the chair is also quite comfortable without it.

You could utilize the neck cushion if you wanted to kick your feet up and relax while watching something on the chair.

The “4D” armrests are also quite relaxing. They are a lot firmer than the chair, but with a small amount of softness to the top, and the ability to set them ‘just right’ greatly helps in being comfortable at your desk and getting the perfect posture effortlessly.


The armrests are fully adjustable, and you can put them in the most comfortable position for your kind of work.

While many gaming seats have little legroom, the designers of noble chairs took a significant toll on this frequently overlooked feature.

The absence of extra metal struts and the flattening of the seat cheeks allow the thighs unrivaled mobility.

Beneath the breathable fabric is a high-density foam that ensures the chair retains its form for many years.

Overall, the chair is created with user comfort in mind. It is composed of extra comfort features for the back and neck.

Unlike most traditional gaming chairs whose neck and lumbar cushions use straps, the ICON TX has textured backing that ensures it stays in place when positioned correctly.


Noblechairs ICON TX Chair

When buying a gaming chair, the ICON TX will definitely catch your eye if you go for looks.

The seat features a race car design, almost similar to an Aston Martin, which is pretty sleek and outstanding.

However, the change in appearance does not harm the seat’s overall look and general properties.

The chair is available in many different color options, with the most popular being black leather with white stitching.

The armrests are not only ideal for your arms but also contribute to the chair’s overall look. They have striking upholstery and an attractive black powder coating that blends with the chair’s appearance.


Noblechairs ICON TX Gaming Chair

First of all, the seat has a rocking function, which makes it ideal for gaming, coding, and office work.

A rocking chair is ideal for office spaces as the adjustability increases the user’s comfort and flexibility.

And the best part?

The ICON TX has smooth castors that ensure its precise movement. The seat does not wander around your working space without permission.

A good-looking, comfortable, and attractive gaming seat can easily become a flop if the armrests fail to deliver the required level of comfort.

The 4D armrests of the noblechairs ICON TX can move in, out, up, and down, and you can angle them whichever way you want.

It is well known that people who spend most of their time sitting on an office or gaming chair facing a computer tend to complain of back problems.

However, when you go for a quality chair made of comfortable materials, you can enjoy using your computer comfortably without experiencing backaches.

The noblechairs ICON TX has an adjustable backrest ranging 90 – 135 degrees to allow you to find the most comfortable position.

And if that is not enough:

noblechairs consider people of different heights and use a class 4 hydraulic gas lift with an adjustability of 48cm – 58cm.


Noblechairs ICON TX Gaming Chair Review

Most quality gaming chairs are expensive, and durability is always a concern to every buyer.

But, here is where the noblechairs ICON TX shines most;

It is available in breathable fabric, which is not only comfortable but lasts long despite vigorous use.

The frame is made from solid steel, which guarantees longevity even when handling the maximum 150 kg load.

The base features full five-point aluminum support that is strong and durable.


Noblechairs ICON TX Gaming Chair Inside The Box

The ICON TX gaming chair appears to be a top model in principle. Is it also up to par in terms of the practical test? Yes, to that question.

Unlike the noblechairs EPIC, this type of chair is not that suggestive of a sports seat but more of a magnificent throne, thanks to its structure and design.

And that’s how to sit in it feels: sleek, great, and comfortable.

The ICON TX is an absolute top model in practice, with a well-upholstered seat, a backrest that provides support but does not constrict, ample legroom, upholstered armrests.

It also features the ability to adjust the seat height, the integrated rocker function, and the support available despite the enormously flattened seat bolsters.

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