AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming Chair Review

The AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming Chair is a good fit for medium-sized office and gaming spaces. Find out if this chair is good in this review.

Bottom Line

The AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming Chair is a good fit for medium-sized office and gaming spaces. Like every AndaSeat gaming chair, it is made using quality materials that ensure longevity.

Some people may find it too small or too compact, but the medium size helps reduce the movement within the chair and overall space occupied.


The Pros:

  • A massive reclining angle range
  • Made using linen fabric, steel, and other durable materials
  • Suitable for rooms with limited space
  • Upgraded tech for increased density and endurance
  • Large-sized and adjustable 4-dimensional armrests for better arm support
  • Multifunctional – ideal for home and office use

The Cons:

  • May be uncomfortable for larger people

In recent years, Anda Seat has continually been improving and revolutionizing gaming experiences for gamers.

Since joining the eSports industry, this organization has made tremendous progress in the gaming world.

The company is now releasing the new AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming Chair, a small but impressive addition to their illustrious history.

If your gaming space is small and not suited for most gaming chairs, this new compact-sized chair may be a good solution for you.

On top of that, it comes with some extra features such as longevity enhancement and density increment.

In this review, you will get an extensive look at what the latest AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming Chair has to offer computer geeks.

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AndaSeat T Compact Gaming Chair

Comfort is one of the top priorities every gamer, programmer, home, or office computer user considers when buying a chair.

Comfortability is good for your physical health and also in maximizing the computer user’s accuracy. Working in a position that does not strain the body increases productivity in individuals and businesses. 

The AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming chair comes with 4-dimensional, high-quality armrests that alleviate the strain on your arms.

The soft PU rubber coating makes them more comfortable while making the chair seem more luxurious.

When armrests support your forearms and elbows during your long-hour use of a computer, you are at less risk of uncomfortable neck cricks and shoulder pain.

The best part?

An additional new ‘comfort tech’ referred to as SyncTild AD+ backrest makes you more comfortable by allowing you to recline your back from 90 to 160 degrees.

With this backrest, you can move from a working to a napping angle without causing much discomfort to the body.

You don’t have to worry about the heat generated from long sitting hours; the AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming chair is made using breathable linen material, ensuring coolness over lengthy hours.

It also features a removable Ant-Man Edition medium-sized neck pillow and lumbar support to avoid getting into a slouching position.

Generally, it is compact with a seat base width of 54cm that may restrict unnecessary stretches and movements within the chair depending on your size.


AndaSeat T Compact Gaming Chair Behind

Like in offices for employees who spend almost 8 hours in front of a computer, computer geeks love working in distinct positions that ensure comfortability.

An adjustable gaming chair helps improve comfortability and maximize productivity and accuracy.

The AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming Chair consists of various adjustable sections, including the reclining backrest with the new ‘comfort tech,’ which is one of the latest features you will encounter.

The backrest is 89cm high with an adjustable angle of 90-160 degrees, allowing you to work and rest at any comfortable angle.

The armrests are capable of more than just supporting your arms at a single angle. They allow a height adjustability of 8cm and sideways adjustability of 2.5cm.

The medium-sized lumbar cushion is movable, allowing you to switch your positions and remain comfortable.

The distance from the floor to the seat base goes up to 54cm with a height adjustment of 11 cm.

When you remain stuck in one position for too long, your back is likely to start acting up.

Using an ergonomic adjustable chair such as the AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming chair in the office or at home reduces the number of complaints about musculoskeletal conditions.


AndaSeat T Compact Review

Most gaming pieces of equipment, including consoles, gaming tables, and chairs, are pretty costly, making every gamer target something durable and long-lasting.

The AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming chair is made using various strong and powerful materials to serve you for a long time.

You see:

It has a wheelbase diameter of 73cm made using Oc-Tios AD+ and aluminum, a clear indication of AndaSeat’s intent to give you a solid and stable chair that will last.

The 22mm thick frame is 100% durable steel and wide enough to withstand heavy weights. This chair can hold up to 170 kg in a still position and up to 130 kg when rocking.

It also features the new Re-Dense AD+ tech, which boosts longevity due to its increased density. This new tech addition also minimizes the occasional sagging seat problems.

The foam fitted in the chair is designed to hold its form during its duration; hence a consistent shape proves quality and ensures continuous comfort.

To ensure durability, AndaSeat is using breathable linen fabric for the chair cover material.

Value For Money

AndaSeat T Compact Gaming Chair Inside The Box

The AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming Chair is here to make gamers more comfortable and enhance the gaming experience.

It provides impeccable comfort and value due to its compact size and various adjustable sections.

The linen fabric is a high-quality material that is very strong and sturdy. It ensures good durability.

Like every AndaSeat gaming chair, it comes with a lifetime warranty for the steel framework.

Another 2-year warranty covers other parts such as defects in functionality of armrests, casters, backrest recline, hydraulics, and missing parts during delivery.

It has a sleek design, luxurious look, and a combination of durable materials all coming together to give you a long-lasting comfortable experience.


AndaSeat continually surprises us with the efficiency of every new gaming chair they release. The latest T-Compact Gaming Chair is no different.

Best of all?

It has some new pieces of technology that make it stand out, among them the upgraded Re-Dense tech, which is a good addition that has made it comfier.

The only downfall to this chair may be its size which only disfavors a few people since it can accommodate most body sizes.

The size may also cause it to restrict your free movement around the chair, but if you would instead remain comfortable and intact, the AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming Chair may very well be the right choice for you.

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