AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Series Premium Gaming Chair Review

Is the AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Series gaming chair worth the money? Is it comfortable? We reviewed the popular AndaSeat T-Pro 2 gaming chair here.

Bottom Line

The AndaSeat T-Pro 2 is a super-sized chair suitable for taller persons. The faults are very few, and it performs well in providing great comfort and support while gaming.


The Pros:

  • Offers excellent lumbar support, adaptable headrest, and adjustable 4D armrests for long-lasting comfort
  • Made from durable, high-quality materials with an exceptional warranty guarantee
  • Incredible range of motion with a tilt-rate of up to 160 degrees
  • SGS certificated Class 4 hydraulic piston, making adjusting the height of the chair a pleasant experience
  • King-sized PU rubber-covered wheels that protect your floor from scratches and enhances stability
  • Great for all heights due to the excellent adjustability mechanisms

The Cons:

  • Cushions may be too firm for some at first, depending on personal preference
  • Armrests do not provide enough forearm support, making the chair unsuitable for people who will do a lot of typing on their computer

If you spend a lot of time at your computer, you know a good chair is a necessity. An uncomfortable and non-ergonomic office chair can lead to physical injuries, so it is crucial that you do your research prior to buying your next gaming chair.

Sitting in a chair that isn’t right for you for long periods can lead to bad posture, resulting in back and wrist pain. 

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Series Premium Gaming Chair. AndaSeat has over ten years of experience in the business and is famous for making some of the best gaming seats available today. 

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AndaSeat T Pro 2 Premium Gaming Chair

When looking for the perfect chair for when you’re gaming, comfort should be at the top of your list. This is because you may spend long hours of gaming, so you need a chair that is going to be comfortable.

The AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Series is nice and wide with excellent lumbar support, headrest, and 4D armrests. It makes use of high-density foam to take comfort to a whole different level. The 60Kg/M3 density foam padding provides excellent support for hours of play.

The foam padding seat cushion is soft and squishy and will not sag under your weight. The seat is covered with fabric, making it breathable and provides a better feel, unlike chairs that use PU leather, which can lead you to sweat if you’re going to sit for multiple hours at a time. 

The unit also comes with a large velour-covered high-density memory foam lumbar cushion and a form-fitting memory foam headrest. While the unit in itself offers back support, the lumbar cushion kicks it up a notch.

The lumbar cushion provides the ultimate support for your lower back while the ergonomic headrest cradles your neck and head.

Both the lumbar cushion and the headrest conform to your body’s curves to eliminate any discomfort and pain that can occur due to long gaming sessions. However, the cushions may be a bit too firm if you aren’t used to using cushions and will cause some degree of discomfort until you’ve adjusted to them. 


AndaSeat T Pro 2 Adjustability

The AndaSeat T-Pro 2 is a highly customizable and adjustable unit. It is equipped with 4D adjustable armrests. They can be adjusted accordingly to reduce shoulder, wrist, and muscle strain to provide extensive support during long hours at your gaming station.

The armrests can be adjusted with complete 4D movements, which means you can move them up, down, left or right. However, the armrests do not provide enough forearm support while typing since they cannot be adjusted to come in far enough for that.

On the other hand, the T-Pro 2 comes with a tilt mechanism that brings the opportunity to recline from 90 to 160 degrees. The lockable tilt mechanism featuring a Z-shaped design can withstand heavier weights than standard models.

All you have to do to recline is toggle the handle until your desired position is met, and then the tilt mechanism locks it into place. The handle is a bit clunky, but this is something that happens with chairs from other brands as well.

You can also activate the rocker function that allows you to adjust the chair for a wider range of motion.

The AndaSeat T-Pro 2 features SGS certificated Class 4 hydraulic piston to adjust the height of the chair. These Class 4 pistons are more complex and more stable than traditional pistons to meet international standards. The pistons and the surrounding height adjustment mechanisms use explosion-proof gas springs for increased stability and safety.

Lastly, you can adjust the lumbar support cushion and place it at the exact spot you need. Different areas in your back may start to act up after many hours of sitting, so having this adjustable cushion comes in pretty handy. 


AndaSeat T Pro 2 Gaming Chair

Investing in a gaming chair is serious business since most of these units aren’t exactly cheap.

You want to make sure you are getting a good deal for your money. One certain way of this is to check the material used in the construction of the chair. The materials and how they are assembled and enhanced will determine the durability of the unit. 

The AndaSeat T-Pro 2 has a 5-star aluminum base to increase stability and strength. The base can handle a static load of 1500kg and a dynamic load of 600kg, while the ribs increase the supporting weight.

The frame uses powder-coated steel and oversized bars to help build a solid structure to support its rocking and reclining features. The all-steel frame and aluminum base together makes the chair very durable.

The chair is fitted with 65mm caster wheels.

These king-sized wheels are covered in PU rubber for silent and smooth movement in all directions without damaging your floor.

The wide wheels on this chair are designed to remain still to give you that feeling of stability while you immerse yourself fully into your gaming experience. 

Another factor that will guarantee the product’s longevity is the high-density foam used throughout the chair’s padding. The padding will not break down and sag and will continue to provide support during many long gaming sessions in the future. 

Value For Money

AndaSeat T Pro 2 Value For Money

The AndaSeat offers excellent value and comfort with this wide set T-Pro 2 chair that can handle persons with max weight and height of 210cm and 200kg.

It is made from durable materials, which all come together to provide a safe, comfortable, and long-lasting experience.

The chair comes with a lifetime warranty on the steel framework and crucial parts such as the base, caster wheels, pistons and armrests, and the backrest. 

A 2-year warranty covers the other parts.


In the end, the AndaSeat T-Pro 2 provides excellent comfort and stability with its high-density padding, neck headrest, and lumbar cushion.

The sturdy steel frame, wide wheels, adjustable armrests, rocking and recline functions as well as gas spring pistons makes it an excellent unit for every gamer out there.

However, it has a few pitfalls, including the armrest not moving in far enough to offer support when typing and the neck pillow and lumbar support cushion being slightly too firm.

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