AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Premium Gaming Chair Review

Is the AndaSeat Kaiser 2 gaming chair worth the money? Is it something for you? We've reviewed this gaming chair right here.

Bottom Line

The AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Premium Gaming Chair is excellent for people who find it challenging to fit in standard office and gaming chairs.

It is big and quite comfortable for the majority of its users. However, due to the bucket shape of the chair, some of the ends may make it uncomfortable for others.

The additional safety and comfort features make it look attractive. It has a relatively high price which is overly fair to what it offers.


The Pros:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Removable pillows
  • Made using durable steel and PVC leather material

The Cons:

  • Expensive
  • The bucket design does not favor everyone

If you are a gamer struggling to find the ideal gaming chair due to your larger-than-average body size, you are in for a treat.

The AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Premium Gaming Chair is a decent-sized and comfortable gaming chair that can accommodate people up to 441 lbs.

It is suitable for gaming and for people who spend long hours in front of a computer.

This chair improves your overall posture by providing you with impeccable back and arm support made using quality materials.

Since AndaSeat began manufacturing gaming materials, the company has repeatedly ensured quality and comfort, and the AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Premium Gaming Chair is no different.

  • Costs $499.99
  • Lifetime warranty for the steel framework
  • 2-Year warranty on other parts
  • Armrest, height, and backrest adjustability

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AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Gaming Chair

All frequent computer users are aware of the health risks involved in sitting in one position for a prolonged period.

Therefore, comfort is among every gamer’s top priorities when buying a gaming chair.

The AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Premium Gaming Chair is made using high-density foam which eventually takes the shape of your body.

In addition, it comes with extra padding that increases its coziness as a recliner except without a footrest.

One of the unique aspects of this chair is its size which seems to wear you if your overall body size is small.

When you sit, it embraces you as you sink back, making it more comfortable than the standard office chairs.

The AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Premium Gaming Chair also consists of removable back and head pillows that better your sitting posture.

The pillows respond to pressure and temperature hence molding into your body’s shape.

And the best part:

AndaSeat manufacturers incorporated the AD+ design, which considers various sciences of an office ergonomic chair to make significant improvements.

Like most gaming chairs, it comes with 4D armrests that offer personalized support to your arms.


AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Chair

To further enhance comfort from the AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Premium Gaming Chair, some extra adjustability features help users switch to their desired position.

The back tilts at a degree angle range of 90-160 with various locks at different angles. It is enabled by the quality SyncTilt AD+ reclining back; a new feature recently introduced to ergonomic and gaming chairs.

The feature also supports a few tilt mechanisms and provides you with total control of the chair’s suspension.

Adjustability helps reduce tension and fatigue on muscles by making rocking secure, effortless, and sturdy.

The 4D armrests can tilt up, down, left, right, front, and backward to enable you to find the ideal angle to help safeguard your carpal tunnel.


AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Gaming Chair Review

Quality gaming chairs are pretty expensive, and it is essential to ensure you buy a product that will provide you with excellent services for a long time.

The AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Premium Gaming Chair is made using premium PVC leather that is attractive to the eye and feels soft to touch.

In addition to being gorgeous, the leather cover is highly durable, holding the chair’s shape to last and relatively easy to clean due to its scratch and stain restraint.

The PVC leather material is also safe with zero harmful elements that may be a risk to kids and even adults.

The framework, which is XL size, is made using TitanSteel, a long-lasting material.


The framework has a 22mm diameter bent with no cut for maximum durability.

The AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Premium Gaming Chair is made using a broad and solid aluminum base for stability.

Value for Money

AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Gaming Chair What Is In The Box

The AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Premium Gaming Chair is currently one of the most sought-after gaming chairs by generally large gamers.

It requires ample space in front of your computer due to its height and broad base.

This gaming chair offers excellent services to its users for a long time without significant wear and tear.

AndaSeat also offers a two-year warranty on materials such as leather, pillows, and more expendable materials.

However, the high-quality steel framework is covered with a lifetime warranty.

These warranties offer gamers and frequent computer users an assurance that the AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Premium Gaming Chair is unarguably one of the best gaming chairs today.


AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Premium Gaming Chair side view

If you spend hours in front of a computer gaming, coding, or working, the AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Premium Gaming Chair betters your sitting posture.

However, the bucket seat design may not favor some people. The raised ends of the seats can press uncomfortably into the users’ sides.

Therefore, you need to consider how well any raised edges in the seats favor or disfavor you.

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