AndaSeat Eagle 1400 Review

We reviewed the sleek AndaSeat Eagle 1400 to see if it is worth the money or not. Find out whether or not you need this gaming desk right in this review.

Bottom Line

All in all, the AndaSeat Eagle 1400 is a great and durable gaming desk that won’t disappoint you. It’s comfortable, packs a lot of useful features, and will last you a long time.


The Pros:

  • An extendable warranty of up to 6 years
  • It comes with a quality mouse pad to help prevent damage to the desk
  • Wide support base that ensures stability at all times
  • Leg pads for sturdiness, even in unbalanced areas
  • A rare, innovative structural engineering design for full ergonomic comfort

The Cons:

  • The height is not adjustable

If you spend a large amount of time on your gaming chair playing your favorite video games, you really need to equip your space with an ideal gaming desk.

It doesn’t matter if you game for fun or do it as a profession; having a great gaming table gives you ample space to stay well organized and maintain accuracy when playing.

Therefore, when buying your next gaming desk, it is essential that you take your time to research and make the right decision.

Let us take a comprehensive look at the AndaSeat Eagle 1400 Computer Table, one of the most popular gaming desks in the market right now.

AndaSeat was a renowned manufacturer of race car seats for Mercedes Benz and BMW. The company has partnered with some prestigious brands in the Esports field to produce quality gaming materials, including gaming chairs and gaming desks.

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Size and Shape

AndaSeat Eagle 1400 Review 1

When buying a gaming desk, there are two factors you must consider: the size and shape of the table to ensure that it fits your space.

If you play with two monitors, the AndaSeat Eagle 1400 Computer Table is an ideal choice with its 55” (L) x 23” (W). This space is big enough for your monitors, keyboard, and other gaming gear.

And if that’s not enough:

It comes with a headphone holder, full-sized mouse pad, multifunctional cable box, as well as a cup holder.

Besides its many useful features, the table measures 29” in height, which is the standard height for computer desks.

Due to its sheer size, this gaming desk suitable for multi-purpose use. Whether you want to game, work, or a bit of both, you can’t go wrong with the AndaSeat Eagle 1400 Computer Table.


AndaSeat Eagle 1400 Computer Table

When gaming, comfort should be among your top priorities as gaming sessions can easily drag out for hours at a time. From your chair to your gaming desk and gaming gear, each of them plays a crucial role in your comfortable gaming experience.

The AndaSeat Eagle 1400 Computer Table has a convenient design to help you remain organized.

The cable management storage and headphone holder are some of the extra features that help reduce clutter on your desk so you can focus on your game or work.

The stable R-frame stands and the adjustable leg pads ensure that the table remains sturdy even on uneven ground. A wobbly gaming desk cannot give you a great gaming experience.


AndaSeat Eagle 1400
Side view

A gaming desk is a relatively expensive piece of equipment. As a result, you need to consider durability and go for the longest-lasting option in the market.

The durability of any computer table will depend on the materials used in its manufacture and how well they are assembled.

The AndaSeat Eagle 1400 Computer Table has a carbon fiber text PB tabletop that is stylish and durable.

This top is skid-proof and wear-resistant and, therefore, a perfect surface for gaming mice.

But here is the kicker:

This gaming desk beats most of its competitors due to its innovative structural design. Its frames are toughened using a steel framework and firmed using a robust load-bearing.

The bearing makes it more stable, allowing gamers more accuracy.

It has durable metal R-frame legs that can comfortably endure a weight of up to 330 lbs.

Value For Money

AndaSeat Eagle 1400 Inside The Box
Inside the box

The AndaSeat Eagle 1400 Computer Table is one of the most popular designs from AndaSeat since joining the Esports industry.

You get an incredible value for your money due to its wide surface, carbon fiber texture, and other durable materials.

The extra features, including the multifunctional cable box, headphone hook, and cup holder, are a great addition. These ensure you enjoy a smooth and long-lasting gaming experience.

AndaSeat assures customers of quality products by offering a lifetime warranty for the steel R-framed legs. The rest of the parts are covered by a 2-year warranty.

The crazy part?

You can extend your warranty to a total of 6 years through AD Care. All you need to do is take a great shot of your computer table set-up and post it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitch, or YouTube with #AndaSeat.

Copy the post URL, send the information to the AndaSeat support email, and wait for a confirmation email in 5 working days.


In conclusion, the AndaSeat Eagle 1400 Computer Table is one of the best and most long-lasting gaming desks you can get.

Thus, it is a suitable option for multi-purpose use. Whether you want to work or game on this gaming desk, it won’t let you down.

Thanks to the spacious and innovative design, you can easily stay organized and productive. The carbon fiber texture is attractive and wear-resistant and can hence withstand any gaming mice.

This gaming computer comes in the ideal height for any computer user. However, this depends on the flexibility of your gaming chair, as you can’t adjust the height of the AndaSeat Eagle 1400 Computer Table.

There are almost no faults that may dissuade you from getting this gaming desk. It is the perfect size and quality for any regular as well as pro gamer.

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