Spiritfarer Guide: How To Cook For Your Spirits (All Food Likes, Dislikes, and Recipes)

Here's the ultimate guide on how to cook for your spirits in Spiritfarer, including all food likes, food dislikes and food recipes.

One of your primary duties in Spiritfarer is to prepare meals for your crew using a kitchen and up to two ingredients.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to cook food for your spirits and highlight each one’s likes, dislikes, and favorite recipes.

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How To Cook For Your Spirits

Spiritfarer How To Cook For Spirits

The cooking mini-game is probably the easiest one in the game, with the only requirement being time. Once you have built a kitchen, you can go inside and interact with the oven to start cooking. Select your ingredient, wait for the timer to finish, and voila! You have a meal you can now give to one of your Spirits.

The amount of time it takes to cook will depend on the ingredient selected. Feeding your Spirits food will cause their mood to go up and may advance their questline or unlock new objectives. Later on in the game, you can upgrade the kitchen, giving you the ability to combine up to two ingredients.

Try cooking with a bunch of different ingredients to discover new recipes and learn more about your crew’s taste buds. Note that any recipes you previously made can be repeated by selecting them from the ‘Recipes’ tab in the cooking menu.

All Food Likes and Dislikes

Spiritfarer Spirit Food Likes and Dislikes

Since each Spirit that boards your ship has a unique palette, some will prefer certain foods over others or may outright reject what you have to offer. Try to pay attention to their requests and hints regarding which foods they like or dislike. Giving a Spirit their favorite dish will cause their mood to go up significantly.

When a Spirit’s mood is in good standing, they’ll start to pitch in around the ship in different ways. For example, Summer will play music to make crops grow faster, Alice will cook food on her own, and Astrid will make Ingots using the Foundry. That being said, below we’ve highlighted each Spirit’s likes, dislikes, and favorite dish:


  • Likes: Comfort Food, Fine Dining Food
  • Dislikes: Anything with Shellfish or Fruit
  • Favorite Dish: Black Coffee (Coffee Beans)


  • Likes: Everything
  • Dislikes: Nothing       
  • Favorite Dish: Pork Chops (Pork)


  • Likes: Salads, Dessert, Vegan Food
  • Dislikes: Non-Vegan Food
  • Favorite Dish: Grain Salad (Grain + Any Vegetable)


  • Likes: Plain Food, Soups
  • Dislikes: Anything Sweet, Fine-Dining Food
  • Favorite Dish: Noodle Soup (Rice Flour)


  • Likes: Old-Fashioned Food, Dessert
  • Dislikes: Acquired Taste Food, Exotic Food, Stimulants
  • Favorite Dish: Vegetable Pot Pie (Any Flour + Any Vegetable)


  • Likes: Breakfast, Dessert
  • Dislikes: Vegetables, Fruits, Stimulants
  • Favorite Dish: French Fries (Potato + Fat)


  • Likes: Fine Dining Food, Stimulants
  • Dislikes: Anything with Eggs or Carbs
  • Favorite Dish: Beef Fondue (Beef + Fat)


  • Likes: Acquired Taste Food, Exotic Food
  • Dislikes: Anything Fried or Sweet
  • Favorite Dish: Surstromming (Fermented Herring)

Bruce and Mickey

  • Likes: Pub Food
  • Dislikes: Single-Ingredient Food, Allergic to Crustaceans
  • Favorite Dish: Garlic Bread (Wheat Flour + Garlic)


  • Likes: Comfort Food, Old-Fashioned Food
  • Dislikes: Lactose Intolerant, Fruit
  • Favorite Dish: Tomato Pizza (Tomato + Wheat Flour)


  • Likes: Plain Food, Healthy Food
  • Dislikes: Fine-Dining Food, Fried Food, Meat
  • Favorite Dish: Green Salad (Any Leafy Vegetable + Fat)

All Food Recipes

Spiritfarer Food Recipes

As mentioned earlier, upgrading your kitchen will allow you to combine different ingredients to create a wider variety of dishes. The Kitchen Upgrade blueprint can only be acquired by advancing Atul’s questline. 

DishIngredient 1Ingredient 2
Grilled FishAny Fish or CephalopodN/A
Steamed ShellfishAny ShellfishN/A
Poached FruitAny FruitN/A
Plain RiceRiceN/A
Grilled VegetableAny Savory/Root VegetableN/A
Lobster GerminalLobsterN/A
Heat-Treated CrabSnow CrabN/A
Black CoffeeCoffee BeansN/A
Grilled MushroomMushroomN/A
Hot MilkMilkN/A
Grilled ChickenChickenN/A
Cup of TeaTea LeavesN/A
Cheese FondueCheeseN/A
Grilled SteakBeefN/A
Noodle SoupRice FlourN/A
Squid SkewerSquidN/A
Grilled OctopusOctopusN/A
Sunny Side-up EggsEggN/A
BreadWheat/Corn FlourN/A
Shrimp CocktailShrimpN/A
Pork ChopsPorkN/A
Questionable MealLettuceN/A
Homemade PaperSawdustHousehold Glue
Shellfish StewShellfishAny Vegetable
Grain SaladGrainAny Vegetable
Southern BoilAny CrustaceanGrain
Fish CurryAny FishGrain
Clam CakeClamAny Flour
Apple PieAppleAny Flour
BisqueAny CrustaceanAny Vegetable
BouillabaisseAny FishAny Vegetable
Berry PieBerriesAny Flour
Pear TartletPearAny Flour
Fisherman’s PieAny SeafoodAny Flour
Cherry PieCherryAny Flour
Peach CobblerPeachAny Flour
Lobster RollLobsterAny Flour
Crab CakeSnow CrabAny Flour
Shrimp TempuraShrimpAny Flour
Vegetable Pot PieAny VegetableAny Flour
Calamari RingsSquidAny Flour
Tuna TatakiAny TunaAny Savory Vegetable
Mushroom SaladMushroomAny Vegetable
Mock GruelSawdustDairy
Clam ChowderAny ClamAny Dairy
Fried SurfAny ShellfishFat
Cereal BowlGrainDairy
Rice PuddingRiceDairy
Maple SalmonAny SalmonMaple Syrup
Fruit CandyAny FruitSweetener
Corn BreadCorn FlourFat
Fish SticksAny FishFat
Vegetable Stir-FryAny VegetableFat
Green SaladAny Leafy VegetableFat
Fried RiceRiceFat
LatteCoffee BeansAny Dairy
Egg SaladEggAny Vegetable
Sweet CoffeeCoffee BeansSweetener
CasseroleGrainAny Meat
Corn DogCorn FlourPork
Fried CrawfishAny CrustaceanFat
French FriesPotatoFat
FocacciaAny FlourFat
CakeAny FlourSweetener
Meat StewAny MeatAny Vegetable
PancakesEggAny Flour
Surf and TurfAny CrustaceanBeef
Fried MushroomsMushroomFat
Fried ChickenChickenFat
Meat PieAny MeatAny Flour
CrepesWheat FlourMilk/Cream
Wonton SoupRice FlourAny Meat
Sweet YogurtYogurtSweetener
Scrambled EggsEggDairy
Crème BruleeEggSweetener
Tomato PizzaWheat FlourTomato
Bacon and EggsEggPork
English TeaTea LeavesDairy
Cheese SticksCheeseAny Flour
Sweet TeaTea LeavesDairy
Garlic BreadWheat FlourGarlic
Sauerkraut MealSauerkrautPork
Beef FondueBeefFat
Onion RingsOnionAny Flour

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