Spiritfarer Guide: How To Get Spirit Flowers

This guide will explain to you how you can get spirit flowers in Spirifarer very easily. The process is actually very and you'll learn why here.

Most of your time playing Spiritfarer is spent exploring the open seas. However, the game prevents you from traveling to some areas until you’ve unlocked certain ship upgrades.

While most upgrades require materials you can find throughout the world, some are limited to where you are in the story.

The type we’ll be highlighting here is Spirit Flowers, which can only be obtained by helping passengers aboard your ship pass through the Everdoor.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Spirit Flowers and provide a breakdown of each one in the game. 

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How To Get Spirit Flowers In Spiritfarer

Spiritfarer Guide How To Get Spirit Flowers

The first step to obtaining a Spirit Flower is to find a Spirit passenger in the world and convince them to board your ship. You can recruit 11 Spirits from various islands, and you can tell which NPCs are recruitable due to the colorful aura that appears when you get close to them.

Once you have a Spirit on your ship, you’ll have to fulfill their requests until they tell you they’re ready to pass through the Everdoor. Each Spirit has a different questline with unique requirements. It may be as simple as cooking a particular dish or traveling to a specific location.

After a Spirit has passed through the Everdoor, Stella will return to the ship alone. To collect the Spirit Flower left behind, go inside the Spirit’s house on your boat, and collect it. Below, we’ve provided a step by step breakdown:

  1. Recruit a Spirit
  2. Fulfill all of their requests
  3. Bring them to the Everdoor
  4. Return to your boat
  5. Go inside the Spirit’s house
  6. Collect their Spirit flower

List of Spirit Flowers In Spiritfarer

Spiritfarer Gwen Spirit FlowerGwenIt can be used to upgrade Stella’s ship.Lilacs symbolize love, innocence, and new beginnings.
Spiritfarer Alice Spirit FlowerAliceIt can be used to upgrade Stella’s ship.Peace Lilies are understated flowers that require very little to blossom.
Spiritfarer Summer Spirit FlowerSummer Oxeye Daisies symbolize patience and calmness.
Spiritfarer Astrid Spirit FlowerAstridIt can be used to upgrade Stella’s ship.Mallow flowers represent protection, love, and health.
Spiritfarer Giovanni Spirit FlowerGiovanni The Borage Starflower symbolizes courage and power.
Spiritfarer Atul Spirit FlowerAtulIt can be used to upgrade Stella’s ship.White Lilies signal purity, commitment, and rebirth.
Spiritfarer Gustav Spirit FlowerGustavIt can be used to upgrade Stella’s ship.Red Poppies are a symbol of pleasure, sacrifice, and remembrance.
Spiritfarer Bruce and Mickey Spirit FlowerBruce and MickeyIt can be used to upgrade Stella’s ship.The Yellow Fennel flower represents forgotten strength and devotion
Spiritfarer Stanley Spirit FlowerStanleyIt can be used to upgrade Stella’s ship.Fly Agaric Mushrooms are known for their hallucinogenic properties.
Spiritfarer Elena Spirit FlowerElenaIt can be used to upgrade Stella’s ship.The Cypress symbolizes dread and death without hesitation.
 Buck Buck is the only Spirit that does not have a flower. Instead, he wears a wreath around his neck adorned with Rue Flowers.

This table highlights some important details to keep in mind when trying to get Spirit Flowers. Note that some Spirit Flowers, namely Summer and Giovanni’s, cannot be used to upgrade Stella’s boat.

Additionally, Buck is the only Spirit in the game that doesn’t have a flower you can collect. This is because he never passes through the Everdoor, instead opting to stay on the ship with Stella until the end of the game.

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