Spiritfarer Guide: How To Upgrade Your Ship

Here's the ultimate guide on how to upgrade your ship in Spiritfarer. Go from beginner to master with these simple steps!

Key parts of progressing in Spiritfarer‘s story are tied to unlocking new upgrades for your boat and blueprint station.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to upgrade your ship and breakdown the cost and perks for every vessel upgrade in the game. 

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How To Upgrade Your Ship

Spiritfarer Upgrade Ship

A majority of ship upgrades can be purchased from Albert’s Shipyard. It’s one of the first areas you visit in the game and is best recognized by the shark character Albert who enjoys telling cheesy jokes.

Depending on the upgrade type, you may have to gather a combination of materials from different islands throughout the world. The exception is when you’re upgrading your ship’s size, which only requires Glim.

Blueprint Station upgrades can also be purchased from Albert. Once you have the blueprint for a room or workshop, you can build it directly on your ship via the workbench above the navigation room. Certain upgrades require you to speak to the Spirit passengers aboard your boat and complete favors before they become available, so make sure to keep track of their requests.

All Ship Upgrades

Spiritfarer All Ship Upgrades

There are 21 ship upgrades in Spiritfarer, and unlocking them all will require quite a bit of grinding on your part. Thankfully, the game can be beaten by acquiring just 10 of them, assuming you don’t mind running a crowded ship.

Upgrades are split into three categories: Blueprint Station Upgrades, Ship Size Upgrades, and Ship Improvement Upgrades. Below, we’ve provided a list of every upgrade along with their cost and description.

Blueprint Station Upgrades

BeginnerFree  Guest HouseGardenFieldKitchen
Hobbyist2x Maple Log1x Limestone400 Glim  SawmillLoomFoundry
Craftsman  10x Oak Plank10x Linen Thread1,000 Glim    OrchardSheep CorralWindmill
Expert  10x Iron Ingot10x Wool Fabric1,850 Glim  Chicken CoopLoungeCrusher
Master10x Silica Powder10x Zinc Ingot2,800 Glim  SmithyCow StallCellar

Ship Size Upgrades

The Exploring Krill0 GlimSmall (16 x 15)
The Intrepid Otter1,200 GlimMedium (23 x 18)
The Adventurous Manatee4,000 GlimLarge (30 x 22)
The Dauntless Dolphin8,000 GlimMassive (38 x 34)
The Brawlish Narwhal16,000 GlimGiant (45 x 41)
The Flawless Beluga30,000 GlimMighty (52 x 48)
The Silent Orca45,000 GlimImmense (59 x 55)
The Fearless Whale80,000 GlimColossus (66 x 67)

Ship Improvement Upgrades

Mailbox  8x Maple Plank8x Linen Thread4x Lightning in a Bottle250 GlimReceive mail
Icebreaker  10x Iron Ingot12x Oak Plank18x Linen Fabric1x Spirit Flower5x Slate800 GlimMove through ice barriers
Hermes’ Hymn  5x Slate18x Oak Plank16x Wool Fabric1,250 GlimShip speed increased by 20%
Rock Destroyer  10x Aluminum Ingot8x Marble6x Fireglow2x Spirit Flower1,700 GlimMove through rock barriers
Choral Bouquet  12x Ash Plank8x Zinc Ingot3x Comet Rock2,000 GlimShip speed increased by 40%
Mist Cleaner 1000  8x Silver Ore22x Silk Fabric8x Bottled Ectoplasm6x Crystal Glass Sheet2x Spirit Flower3,000 GlimMoves through fog barriers
Moon Solo  8x Gold Ingot28x Pine Plank2x Electrum Sheet6,000 GlimShip speed increased by 60%
Sun Ballad  2x Diamond5x Rose Gold Sheet25 XP Potion10,000 GlimShip speed increased by 80%

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