Secretlab Titan Review

We've reviewed the Secret TItan gaming chair, which is the flagship model from this popular gaming chair brand. But is it worth the money? Let's find out.

Bottom Line

The Secretlab Titan 2022 Series is a reasonably priced gaming chair that pays exceptional attention to the little things others overlook.

It’s comfortable, looks great, and allows you to tailor it to your desk perfectly. Highly recommended.


If you’re going to spend a lot of money on a gaming chair, you want to make sure you’re getting the best possible product. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Titan from Secretlab to see where it falls on the quality scale.

After all, for around $500 MSRP, it’s admittedly not the cheapest gaming chair on the market, but we still decided to test it due to its increasing popularity among gamers.

Let’s start simple: this chair has a very understated appearance. Unlike many other chairs on the market, it forgoes the overly large branding and bright colors and instead focuses on providing a professional yet casual appearance that perfectly suits informal environments like home offices or shared workspaces.

secretlab gaming chair

It comes with plenty of isolation and protection, so it doesn’t break during shipping. The assembly of the chair itself was straightforward and took fifteen minutes to assemble for one person, which isn’t too long. Thankfully, the instructions were very clear, and there is even an assembly video available straight from the Secretlab team.

One thing you will have to keep in mind while assembling the chair is not to touch the backrest recline lever before the chair is fully setup. There are plenty of warnings, so it shouldn’t be a problem, but we just want you to keep it in mind. Especially when lifting the seat from the package is where you need to be careful.

Usually, you’ll find that the best-looking chairs aren’t very comfortable and likewise, comfortable chairs tend to be fairly unattractive. However, the Secretlab Titan is no slouch in this department: it comes with a wide selection of features that make it among the most customizable around.

secretlab review

We’ll begin by looking at its innovative lumbar support system. Usually, there’s a removable cushion, but these can shift unexpectedly and are often less comfy than they first appear. Instead, this chair allows you to turn a knob on the side to increase or decrease the amount of support. The support then pushes out from inside the chair itself. Cool, right?

This chair has all the usual features you’d expect to find: there is a tilt mechanism and recline function. However, it goes above and beyond by including 4D armrests. These can be moved up, down, left, right, in, and out to sit exactly as you’d like them. But wait, there’s more!

The Titan is filled with shock absorbent, cold-cured foam. This might sound a little technical, but essentially, it’s more resistant to compression than regular foam. It’s also comfier and more durable, allowing you to use the chair for far longer than most others.

secretlab titan review 2021

Let’s not forget to mention the Titan’s ergonomic design. You’re probably already aware, but sitting for long periods can do real damage to your back and wrists. Because this chair emphasizes proper posture, you’re far less likely to injure yourself even if you sit all day, every day.

It’s coated with PU leather, too. We know what you’re thinking: “$400, and there isn’t genuine leather upholstery?”. Well, relax. Real leather comes with ethical issues, but beyond that, it’s a real pain to take care of. Instead, you can just wipe off the Titan, and it’ll look exactly the same, even years down the line.

secretlab titan

Hey, do you have hard flooring? You’ve probably encountered that issue where your chair’s casters make a lot of noise, right? Maybe they even scratched it once or twice? The Titan features rubber-coated wheels, so they’re not only almost silent, they’re less likely to damage the floor. A chair that helps you keep your rental deposit? Sign us up.

The aluminum frame ensures that this chair is more lightweight than its rivals without compromising its structural strength. This is a necessity – the Titan can support up to 286lbs and remains comfortable for people up to 6’ 3” in height. That’s pretty exceptional, isn’t it? The target audience is definitely larger people, but everyone can use it without any hassle. So if you’re a large person, then this chair might just be for you.

secretlab titan review

Secretlab doesn’t just want to take your money and run, either. This chair comes with a free two-year warranty and they aim to address any customer support queries in just 24 hours. If that doesn’t instill you with confidence, there isn’t much that will.

It’s rare to see a gaming chair that manages to perfectly nail everything you need. It’s rarer still to find all these qualities in a chair on the lower end of the premium price range. If you want our advice, try and get one of these chairs before they sell out – they’re going very fast and there’s a new 2023 Series out now that addresses most past issues and is even more comfortable.

After three years of constant use, the Secretlab Titan still performs almost exactly as new and the material holds up very well. Nothing has broken and it’s clear that the materials used are very high-quality.

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