Corsair T2 Road Warrior Review

So is the new Corsair T2 Road Warrior worth your money? We decided to test it to see if we can recommend this gaming chair and our findings might surprise you!

Bottom Line

The Corsair T2 Road Warrior is a functional, durable, and refreshed gaming chair, suitable for the majority of gamers.

With a price tag of around 350 USD, it is similarly priced to other high-end gaming chairs.


High-end gaming chairs have a strange thing in common: they’re usually extremely comfortable but not much to look at.

There has been an overreliance on obnoxious branding and garish color schemes of late. Thankfully, Corsair has just released the T2 Road Warrior, a chair that costs under $400 and delivers the best of both worlds.

To paraphrase Henry Ford, the T2 Road Warrior is available in any color you want, as long as it’s black. You can, however, choose between one of four contrasting trims.This will allow you to match the chair to your other hardware. 

Now, let’s explore the chair’s design in more detail.

The T2 isn’t genuine leather. This is to be expected for the price, but it also means that there are no ethical concerns to sway your opinion against it.

This faux leather is perforated, increasing its breathability. Even if you play hard, this chair will keep you as cool as possible.

This chair gives you all the tools you’ll need to tailor it to your workspace perfectly. For instance, the seat can be angled up to 17°, the backrest can recline up to 170°, and the armrests move in four directions.

They can even be rotated if you’re still not entirely comfortable. How about height, though?

corsair t2 review

There’s a steel gas lifting mechanism on the base that allows you to raise or lower the seat by up to 10cm (3.9”).

That’s a pretty decent range and ensures that this chair will work with just about any desk. This is a small benefit, but one that improves the lifespan of the chair itself, saving you money.

Let’s talk about the Road Warrior’s health benefits for a second. The enclosed nature of this model provides excellent postural support, plus there are removable neck and lumbar support cushions.

These have a soft, microfiber covering that’s very comfortable but does, unfortunately, act as a bit of a hair magnet.

corsair t2 vs t1

Take a look at the base of this product. You’ll notice that the wheels aren’t your standard “office chair style casters.” Instead, Corsair has used rollerblade-style wheels.

So what are the advantages of this? Well, they won’t lock in place when you move, but more importantly, they won’t damage your flooring either.

As far as stability goes, the T2 Road Warrior is better than most of its competitors. It can easily support up to 300lbs of weight thanks to its steel frame.

Better yet, while some construction is required, this process takes less than two minutes and doesn’t require any tools at all. There’s even a two-year warranty included at no extra cost.

corsair t2 road warrior

Because the T2 Road Warrior hasn’t been out for very long, we can’t yet judge its impact on the gaming world.

However, knowing its specs and features, we can say that it has the potential to be great. Maybe it can usher in a change in the market, making aesthetics relevant again.

The Road Warrior offers more functionality than most of its similarly-priced rivals. Coupled with its sleek design and above-average comfort, we’d say it’s an excellent choice for pro gamers, people who work from home, or students.

Let’s face it – you spend a lot of time sitting on your chair, so why not buy something that’ll take care of you?

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