AKRacing K7 Review

We're reviewing the popular AKRacing K7 gaming chair. So is this gaming chair worth it and will it last for long? Let's find out.

Bottom Line

The AKRacing K7 gaming chair is a chair that tries to deliver it all with a modest price tag. It has an exceptional warranty, is nice and comfortable, and if you treat it properly, it’ll last for a very long time.


It’s easy to get sidetracked when shopping for a new office chair. So many products try to grab your attention with flashy designs while neglecting the basic aspects that make a chair usable. Today, we’re highlighting a product that gets the simple things right without compromising on looks.

We are, of course, talking about the AKRacing K7. Everything about this chair screams “quality” – the design, the functionality, even the upholstery. Best of all, though, it’s relatively affordable, retailing at a little under $300. Now, let’s begin by addressing its design.

The first thing you’ll notice is the racing-style seat. This shape helps to support your spine, keeping you comfortable even after long periods of use. Also, unlike most similar chairs, this one forgoes leather upholstery in favor of fabric with increased breathability.

akracing k7 review

This fabric might not be as easy to clean but prevents an issue that all leather chairs have: being freezing cold first thing in the morning. There are also fully adjustable (and removable) lumbar support and headrest cushions to make you as comfortable as possible. Not bad, right?

The K7 is filled with high-density, cold-molded foam. This is resistant to compression and ensures that the chair will stay as comfortable over time as it was when you first bought it. You can even choose one of three contrasting trim colors if you’d like. This allows you to match the chair to your existing office style.

akracing k7

Okay, enough about looks – how does it hold up, functionality-wise? Pretty well, actually. You can rock this chair back and forth, and there’s a full 180° recline feature too. The steel frame allows it to support users up to 330lbs in weight. That’s a 10% advancement over most other gaming chairs.

Now, the armrests aren’t as adjustable as we’d have liked, but you can, at least, raise or lower them. To be fair, it’s rare for a chair in this price range to have even this feature, so it’s difficult to complain too much. These armrests can also be removed if you’d prefer.

We were impressed by AKRacing’s generous warranty coverage. This chair comes with five year’s coverage for any manufacturing faults and ten year’s coverage on the internal steel frame. This shows the company’s commitment to excellence and the fact that it’s free speaks volumes.

akracing k7 gaming chair

The AKRacing K7 is best suited to gamers or people who work from home. Its ergonomic design is intended to keep you healthy no matter how long you’re seated for, and to be honest, it’s about as comfortable as chairs in this price range come.

If we had to find an issue with this chair, it’d be that you can’t lock the backrest to a certain angle. Instead, you have to keep some pressure on the back of the chair to stop it from returning to the standard position. Despite this, we still recommend the K7 wholeheartedly.

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