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So you want to buy the AKRacing ProX gaming chair? Well, hold your horses! Read our review of this gaming chair first and decide whether or not you want to buy it!

Bottom Line

The AKRacing ProX is a chair that gives you full control over your comfort. There are all kinds of features for customizing how you sit, and as an added bonus, it looks great.

That said, there are several similar chairs available for a lower price. If you’re a huge AKRacing fan, by all means, go ahead, but if you just want a great chair, it might pay to shop around first.


Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the AKRacing ProX – a gaming chair that offers exceptional versatility, for a price. At around $549, it’s among the most expensive chairs we’ve reviewed, but does it justify its high price tag?

In this review, we’ll be looking at the areas this chair does well, but also the areas that could use some improvement, so you can come to a decision as to whether it’s suitable for your needs.

Dimensions23.6 x 61 x 23.6”
Weight Limit330 lbs
ColorsBlue, red, grey, white
MaterialPU leather

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akracing prox

Let’s start simple: this chair is very comfortable. It’s filled with cold-molded foam that’s resistant to compression. As such, you’ll find it still comfy years after purchase. Also, it has a recline feature that allows you to lie completely flat for power naps if that’s your kind of thing.

The ProX boasts 4D armrests, allowing you to move them in, out, up, or down. They can also be angled if you’d prefer. With its adjustable lumbar cushion and headrest, you can keep yourself comfortable while also reducing the chance of any back strain, which is great.


akracing prox gaming chair

The chair itself is quite plain to look at, but each of the available colors contrasts nicely with the black PU leather upholstery. We also liked that the base of the chair matches – this is a nice touch that not many rival products offer. Usually, you can count on small areas of the upholstery to be colored, and maybe the casters, but that’s it.

There is one small complaint, though: the branding. When the removable cushions are attached, there are no less than four large AKRacing logos on display. Surely advertising the company should be the user’s choice? Particularly when you consider the above-average price tag?


akracing prox review

The ProX comes with a two-year limited warranty, so should any part break, you can have it replaced for free. It uses a strengthened steel frame to achieve a weight limit of 330 lbs – on par with most competing gaming chairs.

This chair is quite a bit larger than many others on the market, though. This makes it suitable for larger users, but also for people who prefer having more room to move around. If you’re the type of person that likes to sit cross-legged, for instance, this chair is ideal.

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