Arozzi Milano Review

Is this gaming chair worth the money or is it just another "one of those"? We have tested and reviewed this chair and our answer might surprise you.

Bottom Line

The Arozzi Milano is a very Spartan chair. It offers a very basic, stripped-down set of features that make it an excellent choice for people who want all the benefits of a racing chair with none of the confusion.


When you’re buying a new chair, there’s an important decision to make. Do you want the best of the best, or would you be satisfied with something a little more restrained? The problem is that there are plenty of terrible, cheap chairs and plenty that are overpriced.

Finding a high-quality chair with a reasonable price is like finding a four-leafed clover. That said, the Arozzi Milano fits the bill nicely. Let’s take a closer look at it – we’ll explain what we like, what we don’t, and who this chair would be best for.

First, let’s look at the price. At around $200, it’s not the least expensive product we’ve ever seen, but it’s also far from the priciest. Really, it’s in line with what we’d expect from a chair with these features. So how does it look?

arozzi milano review

While the Arozzi Milano claims to come in five colors (black, green, red, blue, and white), only the trim is customizable. The majority of the upholstery is black PU leather, but at least all of the available colors contrast well with this.

This chair features the ubiquitous racing-style design. This helps to lower the strain on your back after long periods of sitting, which is why it’s so common for gaming chairs. There’s also an adjustable lumbar support cushion and a well-padded (but sadly, fixed) headrest.

arozzi milano gaming chair review

So, on the surface, this chair seems like a strong choice. However, there are a few issues that are worth mentioning. Some of these, such as the lack of a recline feature, don’t pose much of an issue. On the other hand, there are a couple of things that do.

First of all, the Milano has a far lower weight limit than most of its rivals at just 231lbs. Second of all, the armrests, while comfortable, are not adjustable at all. Since the overall design of the chair is aimed at reducing strain, surely even height-adjustable armrests would have been preferable?

To be fair, these armrests can be removed if you’d like. All the usual functionality is included: 360° swivel, a rocking feature (with up to 12° of recline), and casters that work on both carpets and hard flooring. So who would a chair like this be perfect for?

arozzi milano

Honestly? Most people. Office workers, gamers, writers, you name it. It has all the functionality and for what it’s worth, the Milano looks great. Sure, it might not have a recliner mode or a flashy exterior, but when it comes to getting work done, this chair gives you all the tools you need to succeed.

There’s also a two-year guarantee included at no extra cost. After all, you’re buying an inexpensive chair, but that doesn’t, by no means, mean that it’s cheap. This guarantee provides additional peace of mind and ensures you don’t have to pay for any manufacturing mistakes that may have occurred.

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