Arozzi Torretta Review

We reviewed the Arozzi Torretta gaming chair and tested to see if the chair is worth your valuable money.

Bottom Line

The Arozzi Torretta is a decent gaming chair that costs under 300 USD. It’s good for the price, but not anything special.


Whether you’re working in an office or just want to stay comfortable during extended gaming sessions, finding the right chair is half the battle. There are so many products that claim to be the best, so how do you know which to trust? Well, that’s where we come in.

Today we’ll be taking a look at one of the most popular mid-budget gaming chairs on the market, the Arozzi Torretta gaming chair. This chair has a lot to offer, from its ergonomic design to its sheer rugged construction. Sounds pretty good, right? Let’s jump right into the review.

First things first. The Arozzi Torretta chair costs less than $250, so it’s not exactly the cheapest product on the market. That said, there are many chairs that are far more expensive so the Torretta sits neatly in the middle ground. So what separates it from the competition?

arozzi torretta review

Well, unlike most, this chair sits on top of a solid metal frame. This helps increase stability and also ensures that you’re less likely to damage it, should you accidentally knock it over. It offers a deep tilt, 360° rotation, and five casters that work equally well on carpet as they do on hard flooring.

That’s not all! The arms are fully adjustable and can be moved in, out, up, and down to help you be as comfortable as possible. The lumbar support cushion and headrest are attached via straps. This makes them easy to move into a better position, and they can also be removed if you choose.

arozzi torretta gaming chair

Gaming chairs are usually very easy on the eyes, and the Arozzi Torretta is no exception. It comes in a selection of seven different colors, including a wonderful shade of cherry red that’d look right at home in almost any setting. The padding is thick and comfortable, but still firm enough to prevent the most commonly seen postural issues.

Another advantage of this model is its incredibly simple construction. It takes just a few minutes to assemble, and thanks to the high-quality documentation, it’s unlikely you’ll be left wondering what that one leftover screw is for.

arozzi gaming chair

There is just one small issue, however. With a maximum weight capacity of 230 pounds, this chair falls somewhat short of its rivals. Especially considering the metal frame, we would have expected a little more here. Still, it’s a small issue and won’t affect most people.

All in all, we were pleasantly surprised by how good the Torretta is. It offers all the functionality that you’d expect from a model in this price range, but it also takes the user’s experience very seriously. Too often, you have to choose between affordability, comfort, and advanced features but the Arozzi Torretta manages to include all three.

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