DXRacer Formula Series Review

The DXRacer Formula Series are good gaming chairs that turned out to be better than expected but are they worth the somewhat steep price tag?

Bottom Line

The DXRacer Formula Series gaming chairs performed great, but not perfect.

They were a little better and more comfortable than the DXRacer Racing Series, but we would still recommend a regular office chair instead of these gaming chairs.


You’re probably already aware that sitting for long periods can do real damage to your back, but did you know that this can be reduced with a high-quality gaming chair? 

Of course, not just any chair will do, so we’ve found one of the best around for you to look at.

The DXRacer Formula Series – otherwise known as the OH/FD01 – is an excellent mid-budget gaming chair that has a lot to offer. In this article, we’ll be examining it more closely to find the areas it excels in, as well as any that could perhaps use a little work.

The DXRacer Formula Series chair costs a little under $290 MSRP, so it’s not the cheapest model on the market.

Still, we feel it justifies this price by providing an abundance of functionality that’s not often seen in similar products. All the usual elements are included: there are a tilt-limiter and 2” casters, but the Formula Series has a lot more to offer.

Want to take a break? No problem. This chair allows you to lean back at an angle of up to 135°, and the removable headrest and lumbar support cushions ensure that you’ll be comfortable at all times.

Notice the high back: this makes sure that the entire length of your back is supported, significantly reducing the effect of sitting for hours at a time.

dxracer formula series review

This model even includes adjustable armrests. You can choose to move them up or down, in or out. Unfortunately, the angle can’t be adjusted but you can remove them entirely if you’d like. 

There’s a good degree of flexibility here, which helps the Formula Series meet your needs exactly.

The cover is a mixture of mesh and PU leather. This is the best of both worlds – the mesh is scratch resistant while the leather prevents any spills from staining the chair . 

There are 11 colors to choose from and the two-tone design means that the chair will match almost any office décor.

dxracer formula series review 2018

Now, it’s worth noting that this chair has a slightly lower weight capacity than its rivals. It can support up to 200 pounds, but it’s recommended for users under 180lb. This is in contrast to other chairs like the Vertagear PL6000, which can hold up to 440lb.

Nonetheless, we were very impressed with this chair. It even comes with a generous warranty period, covering you against any factory or manufacturing defects for up to two years. 

Considering the price of this product, this warranty provides a welcome safety net and guarantees that you’ll get what your money is worth.

dxracer gaming chair

All in all, the Formula Series is one of the best gaming chairs on the market. It offers all the features you’ve come to expect in this price range but without the loud, overwhelming branding seen all too often in other models.

We particularly liked that there are some more unique color options – the pink and lilac tones, especially, are different from what you usually see in office environments.

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