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DXRacer King Series Review

dxracer king series review

In the market for a new gaming chair? It can be tough: there’s so much competition, and everyone claims their products are the best around. If there’s room in your budget, why not choose a company known for its high-quality products? We’re talking, of course, about DXRacer, and today, we’ll be taking a closer look at its new King Series chairs.

Seat styleRacing/ bucket seat
UpholsteryPU leather/ vinyl
Color optionsBlack, white, grey, red, blue
Dimensions52 x 25 x 27”
Weight limit275lbs


dxracer king series

The DXRacer King features the racing-style seat commonly found in high-end gaming chairs. The thing that sets it apart, however, is just how thick the padding is. Usually, less is more, particularly if the chair has an ergonomic design like this one. However, thanks to the flared sides on the seat and backrest, proper posture is enforced at all times.

This chair is designed with maximum stability in mind. Just take a look at the backrest, sturdy base, even the struts at the back. There are even cutaways to ensure you remain cool and sweat-free during lengthy gaming sessions. And if you can’t tell by now, we were only kidding with the title. The chair is actually more comfortable than it looks.

dxracer king

Bonus points to DXRacer for extending the color contrast all the way to the base. Usually, there’s a slight variation in the pattern on the seat, but otherwise, most manufacturers don’t really try to make their products look amazing. It’s all about comfort. Luckily, DXRacer manages both, as we’ll see below.


dxracer king

The King Series uses high-density molded foam in its seats. This is highly resilient to compression and guarantees that your chair will be just as comfortable in a year as it was the day you bought it. Although the backrest doesn’t include integrated lumbar support or neck cushions, the chair comes with removable ones that can be adjusted as needed.

Are you a fidgeter? Every King Series chair allows you to rock back and forth, and recline up to 135°. Of course, you can lock the backrest into position too, or prevent yourself from rocking if you’d prefer.

It’s also worth noting that this chair has a slightly lower weight limit than some of its competitors. DXRacer recommends a maximum user weight of 275lbs (or a BMI of less than 30), so if you’re on the heavier side, this might not be the model for you. For most users, however, the King will work just fine.


Despite the weight limit, this model actually allows for a pretty wide range of body shapes and seating styles. The armrests can be adjusted in four dimensions (in, out, up, down, angled, or rotated). This ensures that no matter how you like to sit, you’ll get adequate support. Remember, though: this chair is ergonomically designed, so the standard seating position is always better.

That’s really all the advanced functionality this model has, however. Sure, there are chairs out there that will massage you, recline all the way back, and walk your dog for you (not really), but these are usually a whole lot more expensive.

dx racer king series

We think that the King Series does everything it needs to do. After all, how often are you really going to lie back in the office? It might sound a little boring, but the DXRacer King, a solidly-built, dependable chair that looks out for your health and reduces the risk of muscle strain, is all you really need.


king series dxracer

This chair retails for around $469, so it’s far from the cheapest on the market. However, we think this price is reasonable. For a start, 4D armrests come at a premium. It’s also important to note that this chair is extremely comfortable, and DXRacer has a history of creating high-quality gaming chairs.

There is some good news: shipping is free! While DXRacer only ships to places within the contiguous United States (sorry Hawaii and Alaska), it does include a list of trusted international resellers for you to buy from. You might find that the cost increases slightly, but it’s a small price to pay to get a King Series chair overseas.

dx racer king series review

We were pleased to see that DXRacer allows you to pay monthly. As the King isn’t really a traditional office chair, it’s aimed squarely at home workspaces, and for self-employed people, money is often tight. This way, if you want this chair (and have decent credit), you’ll be able to get it without breaking the bank.


dxracer king series

There’s a decent level of customer support available on the DXRacer website. Detailed FAQs, step-by-step assembly guides, and everything you could possibly need. These let you know what to do if you’re having trouble, but what about if the product itself is faulty in some way?

In these cases, you can take advantage of DXRacer’s two-year warranty period. This covers you against any manufacturing defects in the foam or upholstery, and you’ll be pleased to hear that the frame itself is guaranteed for life.  To be fair, when you buy a high-end gaming chair, you expect to be taken care of, and that’s exactly what DXRacer does.

dxracer warranty

Few companies make it so easy to contact them, though. DXRacer provides numerous different routes to customer support: there’s an email address, a phone number, a help forum, and even a street address if you’d rather check out their chairs for yourself at one of their US showrooms.

DXRacer King Series Review
  • 8.2/10
    Overall - 8.2/10


The DXRacer King Series chairs are excellent if a little on the pricey side. However, if you spend a lot of time at your desk, this initial cost is offset by the comfortable, versatile, and health-conscious nature of the product.

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