Dauntless Weapons Tier List

Not all weapons are equally good in Dauntless. In fact, some are even overpowered. Here is the ultimate Dauntless weapon tier list to give you an overview.

Not all weapons are equally good in Dauntless. In fact, some are even overpowered. Here is the ultimate Dauntless weapon tier list to give you an overview.

Dauntless is just one of those games that greatly reward the deep maximization of your characters. Its mechanics are tight and balanced – creating the perfect space for experimentation and building the best unit you can.

If you’re serious about building the best character that suits your playstyle, then weapon choice will be a huge decision.

To help you out, we’ve created a list that ranks each weapon type in the game from best to worst.

You can use this as a guide for choosing which one to master; or as a reference point to check whether you’ve made a good decision or not.

Note: You can create overpowered builds with ANY weapon type in the game. The gap between the highest and lowest tiers is not wide at all. That said, this list tries to objectively look at each weapon’s innate strengths, weaknesses, ease of use, and playstyle, then ranks them based on that.

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S Tier 5

These are weapons that have a lot going for them, mechanics-wise. They have little to no glaring flaws and are accessible to players of varying skill levels.

Aether StrikersThe Strikers focus on fast, hard-hitting combos that contribute to your mantra gauge. Mantra can then be spent to activate techniques – some of which buff your character, while others unleash devastating attacks.

The Aether Strikers have a high skill cap to them, but what’s great about this is they’re also accessible to beginners. Maximizing the damage your aether strikers provide requires a lot of precise resource management and placement. However, players who don’t utilize this can also dish out serviceable damage. That’s how good this weapon is.

To sum up the aether strikers, they’re a clear S-tier as is, and can be elevated further with proper investment from the player.
HammerThe Hammer has the highest raw damage potential in the game, bar none. Even with its slow attack speed, it could easily destroy behemoths with well-placed blows that would almost certainly stagger them.

As if that’s not devastating enough, the Hammer’s concussive salvo ability provides a ranged attack option that can also interrupt a charging enemy. In several cases, this will be the attack that forces an opening for you to go absolutely ham on a downed enemy.

All these great attributes come with a price. The Hammer arguably has the highest skill cap of any weapon in the game. Its slow, methodical, and precise play style requires technical mastery of the game’s mechanics, as well as stellar execution on the part of the player.


A Tier 5

Weapons that have very minor flaws to them that prevent them from being OP most of the time.

Chain BladesEver want to play as Kratos in Dauntless? Well, the Chain Blades are the closest thing to achieving that.

Putting the novelty aside, the Chain Blades are one of the best weapons in the game because of their excellence in all aspects. They have a fast attack speed, you gain a lot of mobility while wielding them, you can use them in varying ranges, and their damage potential can also go through the roof because of the reaper dance stacks.

One thing to note about this weapon is that it’s easy to fall into the habit of button mashing because of how fast you attack. To make the Chain Blades shine, you need to have good knowledge of the game’s mechanics such as severing parts, positioning, and interrupting enemies. Once you master these, you’ll have the easiest time cutting through enemies with this weapon.


B Tier 5

These are excellent weapons, but they have flaws that cannot be easily overlooked.

SwordThe sword is a great weapon for players of all skill levels. Don’t be fooled though, its accessibility does not diminish its viability in any way. It has tight and straightforward mechanics, mainly: basic combos, valor combos, and the overdrive mode.

This weapon excels at severing monster parts because of its slashing type of attack. Because of its fast attack speed and non-committal moves, the sword is a safe weapon to use – perfect if you’re looking to experiment with the game’s various mechanics.

Damage-wise the sword is sort of middle-of-the-pack, but that disappears once the player utilizes the right builds and playstyles. The one that revolves around the cyclone ability (AKA spin-to-win) is especially useful against the swaths of behemoths you’ll encounter

Overall, the sword is a solid weapon that only gets better the more experience the player has with it.
War PikeThe pike has some basic combos and attacks that have a decent reach to them. Connecting on these attacks fills up the weapon’s meter, which could be expended to shoot long-ranged blasts that can interrupt opponents.

The pike’s repertoire is quite easy to nail down. Attack your enemy, gain charges, then blast them to stagger. While this is a decent strategy, the pike’s slow attacks and limited mobility prevent this from being executed flawlessly. Now if you had more evasive actions, or if the pike didn’t consume as much stamina as it does, then the pike would place higher on this list.


C Tier 5

Good weapons that fall a little ­middle-of-the-pack due to better out there.

RepeaterBeing the only true ranged weapons in the game, repeaters will always have a faithful following of players.

Repeaters are versatile weapons. They provide sustained damage from afar, elemental buffs that take advantage of enemy weaknesses, and decent mobility while using them. The problem is that the game goes out of its way to disincentivize the player from using the weapon’s niche use. For instance, repeaters suffer from damage loss if you shoot too far from the opponent. Additionally, the empowered reload buff can only be activated within a certain range from the enemy.

All these restrictions neuter the repeaters’ versatile use case. They are certainly viable for any challenge the game has to offer, but we feel like they could be a lot better.


D Tier 5

Weapons that are below average, usable only if going for a certain playstyle or to impress.

AxeAxes in Dauntless have slow attack speeds with strong slashing damage.

Axes are also good because of their resolve and determination mechanics. These two traits cover the player both bolster the player offensively and defensively. Resolve increases your resistance to staggering, while Determination buffs your damage through the roof.

Mastering both of these will lead to quick, yet safe encounters with behemoths throughout your playthrough. Despite the axe’s relatively simple move set, it’s still a good weapon.

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