Magia Record PvE Tier List

What are the best units in Magia Record? Here is the most up-to-date and best Magia Record PvE tier list to give you an overview.

Do you want to know which magical girls will carry you across the game’s toughest challenges?

With this tier list, you’ll have an initial guide to know which ones to invest in for the endgame (looking at you, 100 Disaster Quests).

It should be noted that most of the PvE content in the game can be cleared with any combination of magical girls. There are some very difficult endgame challenges, however, and only a few units can easily clear those. This is why you’ll see a lot of units in F-tier (mostly the F2P ones), as they are too outclassed by the higher tiers.

Now with all that out of the way, let’s dive right in.

Note: We’ll provide a short description of each magical girl in tiers S to D. We won’t include descriptions of girls in F-Tier because of the sheer volume of units in that tier.

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S Tier 4

The best magical girls to use in the game. You need one or two of these units in your party if you want to cruise through the game’s most difficult content.

Lil’ KyubeyWill likely be your best offensive unit if you have her. She already deals significant base damage but can take this further by having an ability that essentially negates the enemy’s resistances.
Iroha – Yachiro (Final Battle Version)Excellent support unit who can buff the entire party’s defense. Perfect for difficult content because of the unique ability to revive allies.
Sudachi SawaA defensive stalwart – one of the tankiest girls in the game. She can serve as your team’s shield, soaking up damage that would otherwise obliterate your other units.
Karin MisonoHer ability to dazzle opponents can be overpowered in certain situations. Aside from that, her buffs to your party’s attack and debuff to the enemies’ defenses are very useful.
Mikage YakumoAn offensive support unit that can buff your party’s attack to insane levels. The ability to damage opponents and control crowds is important for difficult content, so Mikage is one of the best supports for this.
Madoka KanameA useful tank unit that can also buff the defenses of her allies. She can regenerate your team’s MP as well.
Kanagi Izumi (Vampire Version)Has high damage and great crowd control. Her armor isn’t that great, but it’s offset by her good evasion stats. Additionally, she has excellent resistance to status ailments.
Ultimate MadokaAn amazing buffer and support unit that can protect your team from negative status effects (endgame mobs often utilize this). Can also cast a regen buff on your units.
Mayu KozueMayu is great at controlling crowds because of her AoE attacks that deal significant damage. She adds to her utility by regenerating the party’s MP.


A Tier 4

These are excellent units, but they’re not as overpowered as those in S-Tier due to a few minor flaws.

Shizuka TokimeShe can buff the attack and defense of your party at the start of the battle. She basically gives you an advantage at the beginning of every battle you participate in.
Kyoko Sakura (Swimsuit Version)Kyoko is the game’s quintessential nuke machine. She can obliterate mobs most of the time. What holds her back is her one-dimensionality.
Yachiyo – Mifuyu (Beginning Version)They can ignore enemy defenses as well as dazzle opponents. Could be crowd-control nukers if only they have higher damage output.
Rena – Kaede (Swimsuit Version)Very effective for controlling mobs and providing sustained damage. The problem is they are easy to kill. It’s best to pair them with tanky units like Sudachi.
Rika – Ren (Christmas Version)They are like Rena – Kaede. They are good DPS options should they be available to you.
Mitama Yakumo (Haregi Version)She can provide sustained damage and support for your team. Her ability to regenerate your party’s HP is quite useful in long battles.
Yozuru SasameHer offense isn’t on par with Kyubey, but it’s close. She can blast her way through difficult mobs, but she lacks in utility.
Ao KasaneCan be overshadowed by Mikage since they have similar toolkits. However, Ao has niche utility because of her ability to negate enemy buffs.
KazumiKazumi has incredible damage potential coupled with her ability to pierce enemy armor. Her buff to critical rate is also an effective tool.


B Tier 4

Some of these are solid all-rounders that can fit into any team composition. The other half are niche units that have specific uses in the game’s most difficult fights.

Kyoko SakuraShe has the same toolkit as her swimsuit version, but with slightly lower stats. We honestly don’t know why they’re different units in the first place. She’s still a good nuker though.
Haregi SayakaA solid tank unit that is only in B-Tier because there are better defensive units like Sudachi and Shizuka.
Homura AkemiIf she had the ability to buff her damage output, she would be a tier higher. Sadly, they opted to buff her defensively, which isn’t really needed as she’s poised to be a DPS unit.
Liz HawkwoodLiz is a pure attacker unit that can pierce enemy defenses. If she had a bi more AoE utility, she would be higher up in this list.
Nemu HiiragiA great support unit that can dazzle opponents as well as remove enemy buffs.
Tart (Final Version)Her main draw is her light element attacks and the fact that she can survive most engagements.
TartHas better crowd control than her final version, but less damage. Her final version has the better defense, but she can buff the defenses of the party. Choosing between Tart and Final Version Tart simply depends on your need for a solid individual unit or decent support.
Holy AlinaShe’s great for poisoning enemies and rendering them susceptible to status ailments. Keep in mind that her value decreases significantly if there are no other debuffers on your team.
Sayuki FuminoSayuki is good for buffing the defense of your party and regenerating MP for your primary DPS units.
Kako NatsumeShe’s best utilized as a healing/support unit. Her HP regeneration ability can sustain your party for a few rounds, and she can remove status ailments inflicted on you.
Ikumi MakinoShe’s probably the best healer in the game. The problem is that damage reduction is better than emergency healing in this game, effectively decreasing Ikumi’s viability.
Hanekawa TsubasaShe has really good abilities on paper, but in practice, she only performs well with good DPS units. This gives her a niche use case that won’t fit teams who lack the offensive potential.
Nanoha TakamachiAn effective all-rounder, Nanoha can dish out good damage while having decent survivability.
Mami Tomoe (Swimsuit Version)She’s a great DPS unit that can buff her own attack and provide sustained damage with her burn. She lacks crowd control capabilities – something that could have propelled her to A-tier if she had them.


C Tier 4

These are good units with clear flaws in their toolkit. They can shine in difficult content with a lot of preparation on the player’s part.

Konoha ShizumiSince the higher tiers are stacked with excellent support units, Konoha is relegated to this mid-tier. She’s a decent support unit and a good tank but can’t shine on either one.
Eternal SakuraShe’s a pedestrian unit whose only advantage is her DPS output. That said, she doesn’t have the crowd control ability to add to her versatility.
Mitama YakumoIt sucks that Mitama has a great arsenal of support skills but all of them have drawbacks when you use them. She can buff your units but at the same time curse them or lower their defenses. You’re better off with other supports who don’t actively handicap your team.
Fate HarlaownFate is your typical glass cannon. She can deal obscene damage to enemies, but she can’t survive the same amount on her. With great all-rounders in the higher tiers, there’s not much space for her in your roster.
Hagumu AzumiShe has great damage potential. That’s about it, honestly.
Amane Sisters (Swimsuit Version)They are extremely useful in a few fights where enemies spam status ailments at your party. Outside of these, the sisters are underwhelming.


D Tier 4

You can still make these units shine in the endgame, but that would require significant investment, optimal party composition, and a bit of luck. Use these if the only choice is between them or F-Tiers.

Yukika NanaseHer being a light element unit is a bonus, but Yukika lacks the power and utility to compete with other magical girls.
Iroha TamakiIf you don’t have Iroha – Yachiro, then this unit is an S-tier because she’s the only other unit that can revive. Even then, she’ll struggle with difficult content because of her poor stats.
Momoko Togame (Sister Version)She can deal high damage, but there’s a catch. To achieve this, you need to build up charges. If that’s the case, then you’re better off with strong attackers right off the bat.
Yuuna KaharuYuuna has a serviceable attack but very poor defense. Her ability to inflict status ailments just barely prevents her from being in F-Tier.
Nanaka TokiwaHer buffs to critical hit and evasion are a welcome addition to your team. But those poor stats just remove a lot of her viability.


F Tier 2

All other magical girls that are not included above – and they are a lot—are considered bottom tier. They have little to no place in the endgame and would most likely hinder your party than help it.

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