Iron Saga Tier List

Use the best mechs in Iron Saga in order to win more battles. Here is the ultimate Iron Saga tier list showcasing the best units/mechs to use right now.

Kidou Sentai Iron Saga, commonly referred to as I-Saga, brings the enjoyment of RPGs and the satisfaction of collecting units (called mechs) together.

Initially, it can be hard to discern which mechs will be useful for the later stages of the game, especially in competitive PvP battles.

To help players, we’ve created a definitive tier list that ranks the mechs in the game from best to worst, according to their PvP potential.

Let’s dive right in.

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Iron Saga Tier List S Tier

These are currently the best mechs in the game.

Doy Jiang GaiTankArguably the best melee mech in its class. It has excellent damage coupled with a last-stand trait that lasts 5 seconds.
MephistoAttacker DiverThe Mephisto is a perfect mix of combat agility and damage potential. It has a decent amount of durability and immunity to debuffs as well.
AsuraAttacker DiverLike the Mephisto, Asura is very fast and can dish out decent damage. The strong durability is set aside for a useful trait that debuffs and damages enemies when the Asura is destroyed.
Huang LongRanged Attacker DebuffThe Huang Long mech is perfect for those who like to play it safe while getting good results. Its long-ranged homing attacks seldom miss, and it can debuff enemies to boot.
ZulongRanged Attacker DebuffThe Zulong is prized as a ranged fighter but in emergency situations, it can defend itself at close range. Its melee attacks can knock back enemies, enabling it to attack them from a distance again.


Iron Saga Tier List A Tier

These mechs are slightly below S-tier. They are excellent on their own and can sometimes surpass S-tiers with the proper setup.

Breaking DawnRanged AttackerThis mech is good for crowd control because it can hit multiple enemies with a single beam. It’s also safe to use since it divides into 2 smaller mechs when destroyed.
Sin 3Attacker DiverThe Sin 3 has excellent attack and speed that lets it compete with the best mechs. It’s best utilized with its G mode strategy – wherein it heals itself. The G-mode setup does require a lot of preparation beforehand, though.
GalahadRanged AttackerThe Galahad is touted as the best ranged fighter in the SS class. Its special move has also one of the highest damage outputs available. It sits in A-tier because of its fragility, but other than that, it’s excellent.
BelialAttacker TankThe Belial is a safe tank option for those who want it. It has an anti-ranged barrier that recharges, and it regenerates its health once it dips below 50%. If you’re looking for survivability, the Belial is your best bet.
PaimonAttacker TankLike Belial, the Paimon has a rechargeable anti-ranged barrier. It is equipped with better crowd control options, with AoE skills that can also paralyze enemy units.
Reno mk2Attacker DiverThe Reno mk2 is a melee powerhouse capable of pressuring enemies even early in the fight with its devastating damage output. This power is balanced out by its very fragile setup. If you have extreme confidence in your offensive skills, then the Reno is the mech for you.
Bat SamuraiAttackerThe Bat Samurai is a breath of fresh air in the melee class. It has high damage output but is not forward about it. It opts instead to bolster its stealth synergies and self-preservation through healing.
DangaiohTank DebuffIf you want to thoroughly annoy your opponents, use the Dangaioh. It’s extremely hard to kill and can bombard you with status effects as well. This mech is perfect for long, drawn-out fights.
SusanooAttackerThe Susanoo is a fast attacker that has a serviceable arsenal of AoE abilities as well. A defensive barrier tops off its all-around toolkit.
TsukiyomiRanged Attacker DebuffThe Tsukiyomi is an A-tier support mech because of its ability to pause time and disrupt enemy waves. It can also preserve itself thanks to a ranged barrier.
ThorAttacker DebuffThe Thor can heal and inflict status effects when it’s put in a tough position. This makes it one of the more annoying mechs to deal with.
GoraigaAttacker DiverA very fast mech with far-reaching AoE attacks to keep crowds at bay. The Goraiga is a bit lacking in the damage department though.
JormungandRanged AttackerA lethal long-ranged mech with the proper setup. Use Wood or Trista as pilots for maximum effect.


Iron Saga Tier List B Tier

These mechs are solid choices in PvP matches. They are not as overpowering as the ones up in the list but that doesn’t subtract from their winning potential.

Xuang WuAttacker DebuffThe Xuang Wu focuses on close-quarters combat using strong attacks and paralyzing throws.
KaguyaAttacker DiverAn agile mech that can dish out fire-element attacks to enemies. A solid source of damage.
Infinity CosmosRanged AttackerAn excellent choice for boss encounters and PvE. Is also solid in PvP content but needs to be piloted by Igarashi to unleash its potential.
Deer StalkerRanged Attacker DebuffThe Deer Stalker has the best dodges in the game. It can attack enemies then quickly back away and leave them inflicted with status ailments.
Nero SRanged Attacker DebuffThe Nero changes into a ranged mech only after its Kai upgrade. Take note of this because this mech is F-tier without that upgrade.
TaotiegaiRanged Attacker DebuffShares some similarities with the Infinity Cosmos. It has decent tanking capabilities as well.
AlbatrossTank DiverThe Albatross is a purely defensive mech that can take hits as well as dodge them. It has a health regeneration buff that increases its survivability.


Iron Saga Tier List C Tier

These mechs are still decent choices for PvP but they require more effort and setup to make viable.

Lancelot GLRanged AttackerGood survivability and abilities. Its lackluster damage and debuffing capabilities pull it down to C-tier.
ZhuqueAttacker DiverThe Zhuque has decent damage and abilities but a fragile frame. There are better mechs that have the same qualities without sacrificing survivability.
GawainRanged Attacker DebuffThe Gawain is a unique ranged mech that can disrupt opponents with debuffs.
AstarothAttacker TankWhile the majority of the Astaroth’s attacks are in melee range, it has a grapple that can close the gap on unsuspecting enemies.
Valk SCTankThe Valk allows its pilot to use consecutive skills. This may seem like an overpowered ability, but the Valk’s poor stats balance it out.
Demon BladeAttacker DiverThe Demon Blade is hard to catch because of its blink ability. It teleports around the battlefield while dealing damage to opponents.
LongdanRanged AttackerThe Longdan is your typical ranged mech that fires missiles and bullets. It can do some decent damage in close-quarters as well.
BrynhildAttacker DiverThe Brynhild is a fast-moving mech that has good synergies with its pilots. Its problem stems from the weapon elements it uses. They are not good at all.
Tao WuAttackerA solid melee mech choice. Highly one-dimensional though.
Tyrant III SRanged AttackerThe Tyrant is a decent long-ranged mech but does not have the tools to deal with melee attackers effectively.
Heavy KongouRanged Attacker DebuffFocuses on disrupting enemies from a very long distance. Not much utility due to its poor damage output.
Tyrant IIRanged Attacker DebuffNot much interesting stuff going on for the Tyrant II. It’s used mainly in PvE scenarios because it has an entirely different setup for PvP.
SpilornisHelicopterHas good damage and range but you can only rely on dodges for survivability.


Iron Saga Tier List D Tier

These mechs have very specific niche uses, which is why you won’t encounter them in PvP often. Some of them perform well in PvE content.

Agaress RSTankThe Agaress has good survivability due to its anti-ranged shields and long-ranged attacks. It has very poor damage though, something that relegates it to D-tier.
Riot PoliceTank DebuffSimilar to the Agaress, but with debuffing capabilities. It also suffers from very low damage.
Baal KSRanged AttackerThe Baal is a drone mech with low damage and shields that are only average.
Artemis QDebuffIf you’ve just begun, the Artemis is a decent pickup. Its disruption capabilities are solid. It falters a lot toward the endgame due to its poor damage and survivability.
Master HeiAttackerA good offensive mech due to its ability to make clones and throw shurikens. It severely lacks survivability due to its fragile nature.
TsukikageAttackerThe decent damage of the Tsukikage can take you far in PvE, but its fragility is a disadvantage in PvP.
BloodwolfRanged AttackerThe Bloodwolf is your typical ranged missile launcher. Underwhelming in most aspects.
BaihuAttackerThe Baihu is just your average melee mech that is not outstanding in any aspect.
Qi Qing LongAttacker DebuffThis mech has low damage and poor survivability but has okay disruption abilities.


Iron Saga Tier List F Tier

These are the worst mechs in the game for PvP. Be aware that you’ll have a difficult time if you use them.

BlackjackRanged AttackerA solid ranged choice for bosses but it completely falters in PvP.
Taylor StarDebuffThe Taylor Star performs poorly across all categories.
FlamewindRanged AttackerHas fire-based missiles going for it, but its fragile state is a disadvantage in PvP.
Tyrant IAttackerThe Tyrant I’s purpose in this game is to be sold off for parts to develop the Tyrant II or III.
KamuiRanged AttackerThe Kamui is not a bad mech – it’s just seldom used in PvP. It is widely accepted as one of the best boss rush mechs available, however.
JuqueAttackerThe Juque’s shotgun playstyle is certainly unique. The problem is that it’s ineffective. Take the scraps of this mech and build better ones.

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