How To Unlock Characters In Risk Of Rain 2

There are a lot of characters that you can play as in Risk of Rain 2. Here's the ultimate guide on how to unlock characters in the game.

After four expansions, the list of unlockable characters in Hopoo Games’ roguelike Risk of Rain 2 has grown considerably, now totaling nine Survivors with one more planned to release alongside the upcoming 1.0 Launch Update.

Each Survivor comes with its unique toolkit and can be unlocked in a variety of ways, some more straightforward than others. This can make it difficult to figure out how to unlock characters in RoR2.

Here, we’ll be explaining the methods for unlocking every playable character in the game as well as offering tips to speed up the process.

Make sure to check back as we’ll be keeping this guide updated following the release of the tenth Survivor when Risk of Rain 2 releases from Early Access.

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How To Unlock The Commando

Risk of Rain 2 Commando

Longtime Risk of Rain fans will instantly recognize the Commando as the main protagonist from the first game. Sporting a brand-new 3D model, the Commando appears in RoR2 as the first playable character.

Although the Commando is available from the start, you’ll have to play at least one game as him to unlock his guide entry.

How To Unlock The Huntress

Risk of Rain 2 Huntress

To unlock the Huntress, you’ll need to earn the ‘Warrior’ achievement by successfully clearing stages one, two, and three in a single run without dying. Note that a stage is only considered cleared if you’ve activated the teleporter and defeated the boss.

This can be done on any difficulty setting in either single-player or multiplayer. If you find yourself having trouble completing all three stages, we recommend bumping the difficulty down to ‘Drizzle’ (Easy).

How To Unlock The MUL-T

Risk of Rain 2 MUL T

To unlock the MUL-T, you’ll have to earn the ‘Verified’ achievement by clearing the first stage a total of five times, making sure to trigger the teleporter and eliminate the boss each time. The best way to do this is to complete the first stage and exit out over and over again until MUL-T becomes available.

How To Unlock The Engineer

Risk of Rain 2 Engineer

To unlock the Engineer, you’ll have to earn the ‘Engineering Perfection’ achievement by clearing a total of 30 stages. Thankfully, the game tracks this cumulatively, meaning you don’t need to clear all 30 stages in a single run.

Feel free to follow the previous method and farm the first stage repeatedly, or just play the game normally.

How To Unlock The Artificer

Risk of Rain 2 Artificer

To unlock the Artificer, you’ll have to earn the ‘Pause’ achievement by finishing five tasks. First, collect at least 11 Lunar Coins, a rare type of currency that has a chance of spawning any time you kill an enemy. Next, search each stage until you find a Newt Statue, which appears blue.

Once you’ve found one, approach it and spend one Lunar Coin to spawn a blue orb. Proceed to activate the stage’s teleporter as you usually would, but don’t immediately enter once it becomes available. Instead, wait for a Lunar Portal to open up beside the teleporter.

Enter that portal, and you’ll be transported to a sub-area called the Bazaar Between Realms. Here, you can spend 10 Lunar Coins on the Bazaar’s mysterious crystal and unlock the Artificer in the process.

How To Unlock The Mercenary

Risk of Rain 2 Mercenary

To unlock the Mercenary, you’ll have to earn the ‘True Respite’ achievement by completing four tasks. First, during a single run, continue to clear stages until the game cycles back to the starting stage. On your second visit, the area will be littered with white Celestial Portals.

Enter one of these portals, and you’ll be transported to a new area where you’ll have to solve a jumping puzzle to reach the bottom. At the bottom of the area, you’ll find a massive pillar. Interact with the pillar and your character will instantly die, ending your run and unlocking the Mercenary in the process.

How To Unlock Rex

Risk of Rain 2 Rex

To unlock Rex, you’ll have to earn the ‘Power Plant’ achievement by completing three tasks. First, retrieve the battery pack from the back of your escape pod at the start of a fresh run. Once you have the item in your inventory, the goal is to keep it with you until you reach the fourth stage, the Abyssal Depths.

However, there’s a catch to carrying this item. If your Survivor’s health drops below 50% at any point, the battery pack will explode, instantly killing you and ending the run. Therefore, we recommend playing as safely as possible, making sure to purchase any defensive or healing items you come across during your run.

If you find yourself taking too much damage, try to maintain a safe distance from enemies by using ranged characters like the Huntress or Commando. Once you reach the Abyssal Depths, make your way to the highest part of the stage using the jump jets located on the ground.

At the top, you’ll find a deactivated Rex resting on a small platform. Insert the battery pack into Rex to unlock him as a Survivor.

How To Unlock Loader

Risk of Rain 2 Loader

To unlock Loader, you’ll have to earn the ‘Guidance Offline’ achievement by defeating the Alloy Worship Unit boss in the Siren’s Call stage. However, the catch is, the boss will only spawn if Siren’s Call is your fourth stage visited.

This means you’ll have either keep playing until you get a lucky roll, or complete a third stage and access Siren’s Call directly via the portals in the Newt Shop.

Once you’re in Siren’s Call, start looking for and destroying blue vulture egg nests scattered throughout the stage. If you destroy enough, a message will appear on screen that reads, “You hear a distant whirring…” Keep destroying nests until a second message appears that reads, “The whirring grows loud…”

This will trigger the Alloy Worship Unit to spawn in the middle of the map. Defeat this boss, and you’ll receive the ‘Guidance Offline’ achievement, unlocking Loader in the process. 

How To Unlock Acrid

Risk of Rain 2 Acrid

To unlock the Acrid, you’ll have to earn the “…To Be Left Alone,” achievement by stabilizing the cells located in the Void Fields, a stage which is only accessible via the Bazaar Between Time hidden realm.

Beneath the path that guides you to the Bazaar, you’ll notice a series of large beams that you can drop down onto. Continue descending until you reach a tunnel emitting a yellow light and shrouded in fog.

Enter the tunnel, and you’ll find a black portal that will transport you to the Void Fields. Once you’re inside the stage, start searching for Void Cells, indicated by purple beacons appearing in the sky. You’ll have to charge nine of these Void Cells by approaching them and surviving until the process is complete for each one.

Every Void Cell has a surrounding safety zone you can stand inside to heal while it charges. Stepping outside the safety zone during the charging phase will cause you to take damage and expose you to enemies who will continuously spawn.

Enemies will have a chance of dropping both white or green rarity items for the first eight cells and a red item for the last one. 

Once a cell is fully charged, enemies will immediately despawn and the safety zone will continue to shrink until it disappears completely, giving you a couple of extra seconds to restore your health.

To find the next cell, search for another purple beacon in the sky. For each charged cell, an item will drop that can help buff your Survivor.

After all nine cells have been charged, you should receive the “…To Be Left Alone” achievement, unlocking Acrid in the process.

If you find yourself overwhelmed during the challenge, locate the nearest Void Portal and use it to exit the area at any time. However, you won’t be able to return since the Void Fields can only be visited once during a single run.

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