Best Games Like Left 4 Dead

Do you love Left 4 Dead? Here's the ultimate list of all the best games like Left 4 Dead. We're sure that you'll find your next game on this list.

The Left 4 Dead games are considered the best co-op shooters and zombie games in general. And while the game’s community is still active in 2024, a majority of fans have moved on to new titles.

So whether you’re a nostalgic fan looking for something new or just enjoy games with zombies, co-op, and violence, we’ve got you covered.

Here we’ve highlighted some of the best games that manage to scratch that same ‘Left 4 Dead’ itch.

Make sure to check back as we’ll be updating this list in the future with new games.

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World War Z offers L4D-style gameplay at a time when Valve doesn’t seem interested in making zombie shooters. 

The game has squads of up to four players taking on missions across the globe in zombie-infested cities where scavenging for supplies and watching your teammates’ backs is essential for survival.

Aside from massive hordes of zombies, you’ll frequently bump into special enemy types that share a striking resemblance to some of the zombies in L4D, such as the “Lurker,” who hides around corners waiting to pounce on players, feels very similar to the “Hunter.”

Additionally, the game features a class system that allows you to choose a specialization and level up to unlock more skills.

Fans of L4D may enjoy Vermintide 2’s more co-op focused gameplay, which has up to four players fighting in brutal and bloody battles with waves of rat-like men called the “Skaven.”

The game includes five different character classes, each with their own special abilities and ways to play.

The gameplay revolves around exploring maps across a wide range of environments like damp swamps and lush forests, encountering enemies to be eliminated via the game’s satisfyingly meaty combat.

Here you’ll find a large selection of medieval weaponry for each character, ranging from large two-handed broadswords to rapid-fire repeaters.

Call of Duty games are wildly popular for several reasons, including their cooperative multiplayer component Zombies, which has been expanded upon in Black Ops 4.

The game mode now features a broader range of customization that allows for tailored playstyles as well as adjustable modifiers for zombie behaviors like speed, health, damage, and more.

Black Ops 4 is also the first game to include two separate storylines for Zombies set in unique and exciting locations throughout history. 

For example, “Voyage of Despair” set on the well-known Titanic passenger liner and “IX” takes place in an arena in Ancient Rome.

Having to go up against L4D, which had released just one year earlier, the first Killing Floor game didn’t get as much attention as it deserved.

However, the series has gone on to establish a community of dedicated players, prompting developer Tripwire Interactive to release a sequel, Killing Floor 2, in 2016.

The game differs from Valve’s shooter in a few ways, such as adding the ability to play with six players versus the standard four, as well as featuring more fast-paced and aggressive combat.

Additionally, Killing Floor 2  will constantly receive updates and new content in 2024.

State of Decay 2 is a zombie survival game that focuses on managing resources and a community of survivors living in a post-apocalyptic open world. 

The game requires you to construct a base and enlist randomly created characters whose abilities can be enhanced as you progress through the game.

The sequel features a host of improvements over the first State of Decay, such as more fleshed-out survival and resource management systems as well as combat that feels more responsive.

That being said, the game does feature permadeath, and keeping a steady supply of food and resources for your survivors can be challenging, so be prepared.

Days Gone seeks to provide its take on a post-apocalyptic world that’s been devastated by a zombie plague.

In it, you play as Deacon St. John, a gruff bounty hunter who is coping with the loss of his wife while trying to survive in a dangerous world brimming with ‘Freakers,’ which we’ll just say are zombies.

Deacon’s main means of transportation is his motorcycle, which has to be refueled and repaired from time to time, adding some light survival mechanics. 

Set in the Pacific Northwest, Days Gone features a dynamic weather system as well as a day/night cycle that affects zombie behavior that makes the overall gameplay experience more immersive than you’d expect.

Deep Rock Galactic is a co-op focused first-person shooter that has players controlling foul-mouthed dwarves and completing contracts for an intergalactic mining company.

Missions are focused on exploring diverse underground biomes filled with antagonistic creatures while collecting valuable resources that can be used for upgrading equipment and acquiring new skills.

The game features four different classes, each fulfilling a specific role in supporting teammates and ensuring survival. Developer Ghost Ship Games has been supporting the game ever since release, frequently adding new maps, enemy types, and timed events for players to check out.

Generation Zero is an action game that takes place in the 1980s in Sweden and has you controlling a teenager who, after returning home from a trip, finds the land surrounding their countryside home occupied by dangerous robots. 

The game supports up to four player co-ops in which you and a team scavenge for weapons and supplies while unraveling the mysterious disappearance of the entire population.

While you won’t find any zombies, Generation Zero features several different enemy types, including dog-like machines called “Runners” that charge at you once detected.

Combat is flexible and allows for a variety of playstyles, giving you tools and abilities that support both stealthy and “guns blazing” approaches.

Strange Brigade is a third-person shooter that emphasizes cooperative gameplay, tossing squads of up to four players into ancient tombs filled with mystical enemies and environmental hazards. 

In it, you take on the role of a 1930s adventurer on a quest to find treasure and unravel the mysteries of ancient civilizations.

During missions, you’ll encounter mummies, minotaurs, gigantic scorpions, and more enemies who seek to prevent you from retrieving ancient relics that hold a mysterious power. 

Finding these relics rewards you with new “amulet powers,” which can give you an edge in battle or help make explorations easier.

Dying Light 2 is an upcoming zombie game that looks to build upon the enticing gameplay that made the original so popular.

The sequel has players controlling a new protagonist named Gazi and is set in a new European-based location called ‘The City,’ which is four times the size of the first game’s map.

For the sequel, developer Techland is emphasizing the creation of a player-driven story, where decisions impact the world both narratively and physically.

However, we can expect the game to include some sort of co-op or multiplayer component upon release.

GTFO is an upcoming co-op horror shooter that gives off majorL4D-vibes while also setting itself apart through its more challenging gameplay that requires attentive planning and team coordination.

The game has you controlling one of four playable characters being held prisoner by a sinister entity known as The Warden. You and your team will be forced to obey The Warden’s commands to escape and explore underground complexes brimming with terrifying monsters.

The first-person shooter will entail randomly-generated environments set in dim mining caves and advanced labs.

Here, players will have to communicate to solve puzzles, find supplies, and eliminate waves of enemies while dealing with environmental hazards like toxic gas and EMP waves that disrupt gadgets.

Developed by Turtle Rock – the same studio that made L4D and L4D2 – Back 4 Blood seems like it will finally deliver an authentic L4D experience that fans have been wanting for years.

The game is designed to be a spiritual successor and carry over a lot of concepts and mechanics from the original while incorporating some new features you’d expect from more modern games.

For one, B4B will have a PvP component in addition to a PvE campaign. The studio is heading into this project with a lot more experience under their belt.

They learned a lot from the development of their last project: the asymmetrical multiplayer game Evolve. While little is currently known, we expect more information to be revealed as things progress.

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