How To Find Your Minecraft World Seed

Are you playing Minecraft and not sure how to find your Minecraft world seed? Here's a simple guide on how to find the world seed in your Minecraft client.

You have probably seen a lot of beautiful landscapes and stunning overworld generation while exploring your world in Minecraft.

Every Minecraft world is randomly generated wherein a unique string of values, made up of characters including positive and negative integers, or seed is used as a starting point of the generation.

The seed can be used again and again to generate the same world if you want. This is important if you want to start over the game and especially for builders that want to replicate their different builds in the same landscapes.

In this short guide, we will go through quickly about finding your unique world seed in Minecraft.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the guide!

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Minecraft World Seed

Minecraft World Seed

The easiest way to find your world seed is to simply type /seed in the command console while playing the game.

One way to bring up the command console press the backslash or / button. Another way is to open the chat by pressing the default T key. The seed will then be displayed on the screen.

Quick Tip: The seed number can be easily copied by clicking on the number shown in the chat. You can then paste it somewhere using the keys CTRL + V or CMD + V together for Windows and macOS users respectively. When the mouse cursor hovers over the seed, a text will popup saying “Click to Copy to Clipboard.”

Copying the seed allows players to share the seed with their friends. The seed can be entered in the options when creating a new save file. The new save file will generate the seed without fail.

Other than that, if you are playing in a single-player world, you can use the Re-create world option as well to see the seed of the save file you want to copy. The save file of the world can be reused multiple times quickly using this method.

Furthermore, the world seed can be easily found on the world options screen in the Bedrock Edition of the game. However, it is not available in the Java edition.

Nevertheless, you can input any random string of characters you like in the blank space for the world generation in the world options when creating a new world. The seed can be any word or a secret set of numbers that is known only by you and your friends.

You can also leave the world generator seed blank to let the game generate any random seed for any random world. Besides, Minecraft is programmed to have 232 possible worlds or more than 4.2 billion unique worlds for the Bedrock Edition of the game and 264 or 18.4 quintillion unique worlds that can be generated for the Java Edition.

Also, it is important to note the version of the game where the seed is taken from since each version of the game may generate different worlds using the same seed.

Minecraft World Seed Viewers

Minecraft World Seed Viewers

If you want to start over in your own single-player Minecraft world or if you have found a majestic landscape that you want to explore or be part of your build, using an online Minecraft world seed viewer is a great way to plan out your project especially if it is a massive one that will encompass multiple biomes.

Other than that, you can also use these seed viewers to look for slime chunks or naturally-generated structures without having to explore the map. It also includes detailed information about biomes and other hard-to-discover locations.

As long as you have the seed and you input the correct world specifications for the map, you can easily check and view any seed through any version and edition of the game.


That’s it! That is how you can find your Minecraft world seed.

Remember that the worlds generated by the same set of seeds may still vary when playing it on different versions or editions of the game. Hopefully, this guide helped you in finding the unique seed of your own beloved Minecraft world.

If you are interested, check out this other guide to see the Best Minecraft Seeds in 2022. Good luck and have fun!

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