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Ready to score your next hole-in-one? Then check out this list of the best golf games on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Like many sports game adaptations, golf has had a persistent presence in gaming throughout the years that shows no signs of slowing down.

From golf sims that take themselves more seriously to casual arcade golf games designed for goofing around, players have many options at their disposal.

In this list, we’ll go over our top picks for the best golf games to play on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch in 2024.

For more gaming suggestions, make sure to check out our vast library of curated lists, and comment below with your favorite golf game of all time!

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First up on our list of enjoyable PC golf games is GolfTopia, which tasks players with designing and managing their own innovative golf course business.

This requires you to pay close attention to your guests’ wants and needs as well as experiment with different course layouts, terrain options, and amenities to make courses more appealing.

Along the way, you’ll receive help from an army of robot workers that can be assigned to different roles to ensure the business runs smoothly.

Our next suggestion takes a more relaxed, single-player approach to the sport that’s suitable for players of all ages and skill levels.

In A Little Golf Journey, you set out to restore color to a bland world by completing a series of golf challenges spanning numerous diorama-inspired courses with unique mechanics.

There are a total of 10 courses and 100+ holes teeming with secrets, rewards, and bonus challenges to discover as you work your way through the story.

Turbo Golf Racing is what you get when you mash up arcade golf and soccer with super-powered cars that look like they’ve been pulled out of Rocket League.

Each race has up to 8 players competing to slam their oversized golf balls into a hole before their opponents do the same by using a mix of speed, aggression, and explosive power-ups.

The game offers a wide selection of courses along with car customization and an upgrade system that revolves around unlocking “cores” to assign new abilities to your vehicle.

Another golf racing game designed for quick sessions, Golf Gang is a fast-paced mini-golf party game that sees you rushing to sink your ball before the other players.

Playable with up to 8 people, it features three distinct game modes with hundreds of holes and countless multiplayer modifiers that introduce ridiculous mechanics.

These can range from low gravity golf to explosive collisions, bullet time, and many more that will have you and your golfing buddies shouting at your screens.

Possibly the first and only mini-golf roguelike deckbuilder, Golfie has you playing through procedurally-generated levels while building a deck of crazy card abilities.

While there are a total of 18-hole types, the routes vary each run, resulting in no two playthroughs feeling the same.

On top of that, Golfie offers daily challenges, endless/seeded runs, and an ever-increasing pool of cards and customization options to keep you coming back.

After a few misfires with the PGA license, 2K has managed to bounce back with a certified hit in the form of PGA Tour 2K21, the latest installment in the realistic golf sim.

Touting superb graphics, challenging simulation-driven gameplay, and scaling difficulty options, the game is one of the most faithful golf adaptations we’ve seen in recent years.

What’s more, it features a wide array of real-life PGA Tour pros to play as throughout tournaments and courses based on real locations.

Going back to more casual golf games, Golf With Your Friends is a fun arcade mini-golf title that only gets crazier the more players you bring along for the ride.

It offers a very low-stakes take on the sport that introduces some clever mechanics and eye-catching themed courses that are sure to dazzle you and your friends.

There are three modes included along with a custom-level editor tool and extensive customization options to help your ball stand out from the rest of the competition.

Golf Around! is another multiplayer mini-golf game that supports up to 12 players and features an assortment of crazy courses, themes, and game mechanics.

These include everything from a snowy mountain to a cyberpunk city, a medieval castle, and more ridiculous settings you can explore alone or with friends.

There’s even a level creator with Steam Workshop support that allows you to browse through and play different community-made maps.

Next up on our list is Fore Score, a multiplayer party game that puts a competitive spin on mini-golf wherein players take turns putting the ball and placing hazards on the course.

The goal is to score the most points by finishing first while also preventing your opponents from sinking their shots by dropping obstacles in their way.

The game keeps things fresh by randomizing the hazards for each round and awarding bonus points to players that reach certain milestones.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to play golf in a post-apocalyptic world, then Golf Club Wasteland has the answer for you.

In it, players explore the desolate ruins of Earth after a great catastrophe wipes out most of humanity aside from a handful of wealthy elites that flee to Mars.

What little of the planet remains gets transformed into a series of puzzle-like golf courses for you to navigate and overcome using just your wits and a putter.

Inspired by old-school golf games, Brendan Keogh’s Putting Challenge offers a casual golfing experience that focuses on “all the parts other golf video games cut out.”

The result is a relaxing open-world golf game where up to 4 players can get together for a round of mini-golf, a full 9-hole course, or a competition to see who can hit the ball the furthest at the driving range.

Getting around the world is an activity in itself as the game provides you with bicycles and a luxury 4-seater golf course for those who like to travel in style.

Arcane Golf is a retro-inspired puzzle mini-golf game that takes place in a fantasy world full of magic, mysteries, and danger.

In it, players must guide a sorcerous ball through elaborate dungeons with unique themes, traps, monsters, and objects to overcome.

The game features 250 distinct levels designed to test your aim, reflexes, and puzzle-solving skills using simple and intuitive controls.

Serving as the sixth entry in the long-running Mario Golf franchise, Super Rush is a casual sports party game that’s perfect for playing with friends or the whole family.

In it, iconic Mushroom Kingdom characters have gathered for a couple of rounds of golf spanning both familiar and new game modes.

One of the more notable additions is Speed Golf, a fast-paced mode wherein players race to finish each course in the shortest time possible, rather than the fewest strokes.

We’ve covered a lot of golf games so far in this list but none are as meta as What the Golf’s parody of the entire genre designed “for people who hate golf.” 

Best described as a mini-game collection that pokes fun at the mechanics and structure of traditional golf games, each level includes references to popular video game tropes.

While it may not be the best option for someone that wants an actual golf game, it works perfectly as a palette cleanser between other entries on this list.

Golf Peaks is a soothing puzzle game about ascending mountains simply by playing golf in atmospheric stages with simple visuals.

The game includes over 120 handcrafted puzzles and a card-based movement system that forces you to think carefully about each stroke.

New puzzle mechanics are introduced regularly and require zero previous knowledge about golf rules; best yet, 1% of revenue from all copies sold is donated to the Animal Rescue Polska foundation.

Released in 2017 for the Nintendo Switch, Golf Story is a beloved indie golf game that combines great storytelling with RPG mechanics and fun golf gameplay.

In it, you take on the role of an underdog on a mission to prove himself and show the world he has what it takes to become a golfing legend.

Throughout the game, players will face off against challenging opponents, explore unique golf-inspired mini-games, and get to meet a cast of wild characters.

If you’ve ever felt like golf was missing a little something extra, perhaps…I don’t know…guns? Then Nice Shot! is the golf game you’ve been waiting for.

Instead of traditional golf clubs and putters, it sees you wielding an assortment of sub-I mean “sand” machine guns, “4-iron” sights, and “putting” revolvers.

There are 10 guns in total and four 18-hole courses to play through in both a single-player campaign and multiplayer gun-meets-golf PvP.

Everybody’s Golf is a PlayStation-exclusive golf game created by Clap Hanz, acting as a spiritual successor to the Hot Shots Golf franchise.

In it, players get to create their own cute cartoon-like golfer before heading out on the green for tournaments and online matches against players around the world.

Positioned as an accessible option for casual golfers, the game features adjustable difficulty options, easy-to-grasp controls, and arcade-inspired gameplay.

Much like Golf With Your Friends, Golf It! combines mini-golf fun with online multiplayer across seven courses and a robust map editor.

With over 2,000 unique objects to pick from, players can create the golf course of their dreams and challenge their friends to see who the better golfer is.

Golf It! also supports Steam Workshop, meaning maps can be uploaded or downloaded from the community to ensure you never run out of content.

To wrap things up, we’re including the crazy and competitive multiplayer golf game Party Golf where 1-8 players can face off in over 100 game modes.

Many of these implement absurd power-ups that can completely break the game but make for a fun, rage-inducing evening of shouting at your friends.

The options for customizing settings, rules, objects, and scoring for each game are practically limitless so long as you have the right group of imaginative (and sadistic) golfers.

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