Best PlayStation Plus Games 2023

Not sure where to start with your new PS Plus subscription? Check out this list of the best PlayStation Plus games you can play right now!

Finding the best PlayStation Plus games right now can be tricky depending on your current membership status.

This is due to PlayStation Plus’ three-tier structure: Essential, Extra, and Premium, with certain services and games tied to each level.

In this list, we’ll highlight the best PlayStation Plus games available to Essential, Extra, and Premium members.

We suggest checking back in the future to see new recommendations for the best games on PlayStation Plus in 2024!

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PS Plus Essential members can pick up the asymmetrical survival horror multiplayer game based on the cult classic Evil Dead series.

In Evil Dead: The Game, players take on the role of four survivors tasked with exploring, looting, and pushing back against demonic forces.

At the same time, the player controlling the ancient Kandarian Demon must hunt down the survivors and scare them into submission using supernatural powers.

Considering how far and few new skateboarding games get released, PS Plus subscribers will definitely want to pick up OlliOlli World.

In this bright and colorful arcade skater, players create their own character and set off on a thrilling adventure across the skateboarding paradise of Radlandia.

Boasting vibrant 2.5D visuals and a host of dazzling tricks and combos to master, this indie gem is a great addition to any PlayStation library.

Moving right along, Essential-tier subscribers can explore a recreated 1930’s cityscape dominated by organized crime in Mafia: The Definitive Edition.

This full-fledged remake of the 2002 original sees you rising up through the ranks of the Mob in Prohibition-era Illinois.

Players who enjoy the first entry are welcome to pick up the two other games in the Mafia series, both of which were remastered a few years back.

Our first pick for the best PlayStation Plus games included with an Extra membership is the updated Demon’s Souls remake.

Created in collaboration with Bluepoint and Sony with minimal oversight from FromSoftware, this action RPG rekindles the burning flame of the original.

As such, it features completely remade assets with detailed environments and the same demanding bossfights we’ve come to expect from FromSoftware.

Next up is Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, an expanded version of the highly divisive action game with bonus content included.

Best described as a package-delivering sim with extensive platforming and combat mechanics, this one definitely isn’t for everyone.

However, if you’re a fan of Hideo Kojima’s past outings or simply enjoy trying out new games, you may be pleasantly surprised by what Death Stranding has to offer.

Best known for immersive sims like Dishonored and Prey, Arkane Studios really hit a home run when designing Deathloop.

In it, you take on the role of a hitman forced to play out the same day again and again on a remote island until he can take out 8 targets in a single loop.

This requires expert knowledge of the island’s layout and each target’s routine as well as mastery over a vast arsenal of weapons, abilities, and tactics.

Whether you’re a longtime Dragon Quest fan or want to lose yourself in a lengthy JRPG with unique characters, Echoes of an Elusive Age is worth checking out.

The story centers on a reincarnated hero who sets off on a grand adventure while pursued by a relentless army.

Banding together with a host of loyal companions, you’ll unravel the hero’s mysterious past while battling foes, completing quests, and playing mini-games.

Regarded as one of the best open-world games released in the past decade, Horizon Zero Dawn has no shortage of exciting things to do and places to see.

It’s all presented from the perspective of Aloy, a female hunter on a mission to unlock her past while navigating a post-apocalyptic world overrun with machines.

Aiding her in her quest are her trusty bow, spear, and a slew of stealth-driven tactics that can be leveraged to take down even the toughest of enemies.

Like many Rockstar games, Red Dead Redemption 2 is stuffed to the brim with interesting storylines, characters, and locations to explore.

This makes it an absolute must-play for anyone who likes open-world games as well as a good cowboy western tale.

Thankfully, PS Plus Extra members can experience the game in all its glory by picking up Red Dead 2 as part of their subscription.

Developed by BlueTwelve Studio, Stray is a standout adventure game that casts you as a curious cat exploring a seemingly abandoned cyberpunk world.

Making your way around the game’s mysterious neon-drenched setting, you’ll encounter a host of characters and dangers all from the perspective of a small feline.

This leads to many interesting puzzles and platforming challenges that serve as cinematic set pieces for Stray’s emotionally-compelling narrative.

Functioning as a standalone expansion to Marvel’s Spider-Man, Miles Morales shifts its focus to the up-and-coming crime-fighting teen.

With the city in need of a hero, Miles steps up to don the mantle of Spider-Man while coming to grips with his own personal struggles.

The sequel features a revamped open world with expanded traversal and combat that makes for a superhero dream come true.

Ditching its turn-based roots in favor of real-time action RPG combat, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade breathes new life into the classic title.

This is further complemented by fully realized 3D environments that do a great job of showcasing the PS5’s graphical potential.

So, even if you’re not a Final Fantasy fan, you may want to pick this one up or hold out until Square Enix gets around to finishing part two…should be any day now.

Another notable Director’s Cut of a critically-acclaimed title that comes included with PS Plus Extra, Ghost of Tsushima is single-playing gaming at its finest.

Played from the perspective of an aging samurai, it has you exploring a vibrant island while caught in a struggle between sacred traditions and new tactics.

Things only get more complicated when Mongol invaders take over, forcing your character to pick up his blade and fight.

In the realm of third-person shooters, Remedy has managed to strike gold twice with games like Alan Wake and more recently, Control.

PS Plus Extra subscribers can pick up the latter for free thanks to the Ultimate Edition currently included with the service.

Set in a government facility designed to house paranormal objects, it sees you waging war with otherworldly enemies using telepathic powers and a shape-shifting gun.

Carrying on, our next suggestion for the best PS Plus games is Housemarque’s roguelike sci-fi shooter Returnal.

In it, you assume control of an astronaut who ends up stranded on an alien planet searching for a mysterious signal.

Things quickly spiral out of control and you find yourself trapped in a time loop that can only be broken by defeating an onslaught of enemies and bosses.

The second Marvel title worth signing up to PS Plus to play is Guardians of the Galaxy, a single-player reimagining of the ragtag team of unlikely heroes.

Played from the perspective of Star Lord, the game tasks you with leading the oddball crew across the cosmos while inadvertently stirring up trouble.

Gameplay puts a cooperative spin on standard third-person action by having you rely on your fellow Guardians to solve puzzles, cue up combos, and deal massive damage.

Ranking at the top of our list for the best PS Plus Premium games, the God of War Saga is an absolute must for fans of the hack-and-slash series.

This goes double for players who have only experienced 2018’s God of War reboot or its follow-up God of War: Ragnarök.

In it, we follow the Spartan soldier-turned-deity as he embarks on a bloodthirsty journey to exact revenge against the Greek Pantheon.

Another classic franchise in the PS Plus catalog, The Sly Collection is good for a burst of good old PlayStation nostalgia.

Spanning three games, this collection brings together the comic book noir raccoon crook’s greatest capers in one satisfying stealth-action package.

While some entries hold up better than others, the mix of witty writing, colorful characters, and tight platforming controls are worthy of a revisit.

Playing through every Kingdom Hearts game requires a PS Plus Premium membership as well as a lot of time and patience.

This is due to the series consisting of 8 games totaling about 200 hours of adventuring through various Disney worlds with Sora, Goofy, and Donald.

Considering this is the first time the entire series has been made available on a single platform, we’d say it’s more than worth the effort.

As one of the first games to require the DualShock’s dual-analog controls, Ape Escape occupies an interesting space in PlayStation’s history.

To celebrate its charming yet bizarre puzzle-action gameplay, we’ll happily recommend it to any PS Plus Premium subscriber.

The premise is simple: run around trying to catch escaped apes using a net and various other tools.

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