Best PlayStation Now Games 2022

Considering a PlayStation Now subscription? Here, we'll show you the best games included with PS Now!

When Sony announced they were planning to launch their own game streaming service back in 2014, many were unsure of its viability.

With internet speeds fluctuating drastically from home to home, PlayStation Now was seen as an interesting but impractical option for a majority of console owners.

Thankfully, the service has continued to evolve over the years, adding the option to download select titles across 750+ new and classic PlayStation games.

In this list, we’ll highlight the best PlayStation Now games to play in 2022, including the best PS Now games on PC, PS4, and PS5.

We’ll be updating this list in the future with new titles, so make sure to check back and let us know if we missed any of your favorite games included with PS Now!

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Considered by many to be Naughty Dog’s magnum opus, The Last of Us was a swan song for the PS3 console and brought video game story-telling to new heights.

Even now, seven years later, the game’s emotionally powerful narrative focusing on Joel and Ellie’s journey through a zombie-filled world still holds up.

A remastered version was released in 2014 with better graphics and UI improvements, making it the definitive way to experience the original TLOU today.

While there’s a good chance you’ve either already played or have been consciously avoiding it, TLOU is without a doubt one of the best experiences available to PS Now subscribers.

Journey played a significant role in shaping how indie games are perceived today and in many ways, is still ahead of its time.

Released in 2012 by indie developer ThatGameCompany, it sees you controlling a silent protagonist on a quest to reach a mountain beyond a vast desert.

Along the way, you will encounter towering monsters, stunning landscapes, and other players on the same journey.

While you’re not able to speak or send each other messages, the game allows you to collaborate by solving puzzles together in order to progress.

The Fallout series is known for its unique 1950s America post-apocalyptic setting, well written characters, and extensive RPG mechanics.

Whereas previous games saw you exploring the decayed ruins of Washington, D.C. and later Las Vegas, Fallout 4 transports you to the irradiated remains of Boston and its neighboring regions.

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It features refined shooting mechanics and some of the meatiest questlines the series has to offer, allowing you to immersive yourself in its mysterious sci-fi plot.

There’s also a settlement building mode where you can create small towns and attract denizens to lend their hand in battle or pick up a shovel and get to gardening.

Dishonored 2 picks up years after the events of the first game and features two playable characters: Corvo from the original Dishonored along with his daughter Emily.

Both protagonists come equipped with their own supernatural abilities that are fun to mess around with as you navigate enemy-occupied mansions and restricted city-blocks.

The game is designed with the curious player in mind, with every challenge having multiple solutions that allow for various playstyles.

While you can still go in ‘guns blazing,’ Dishonored 2 rewards you for using a non-lethal approach with a more satisfying conclusion to the main story. 

By this point, Hollow Knight has pretty much solidified its place in the Metroidvania hall of fame.

In it, you play as a silent sword-wielding knight on a quest to unlock the mysteries of Hallownest, a dark and dangerous kingdom that offers great rewards to any brave enough to explore its treacherous environments.

The 2D action-platformer does an excellent job of finding new ways to use its Metroidvania format to encourage exploration by providing massive environments filled with goodies.

Additionally, experimenting with different load-outs opens up new opportunities to min/max and reach hidden areas.

What Phantom Pain lacks in cohesive storytelling, it makes up for with solid stealth mechanics and entertaining gameplay.

The game serves as the ninth installment in the Metal Gear series, and notably the last project to be developed by Kojima Productions.

Set after the events of Ground Zeroes, the game has you playing as Big Boss, who, after waking up from a coma, enlists a group of mercenaries to help him exact revenge on those that put him in said coma.

While you’re more than welcome to approach every encounter with brute force, the game rewards you for taking non-lethal measures when infiltrating enemy bases and rescuing prisoners.

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered is the best way to play the first entry in the classic tactical RPG series, with all DLC included and support for 60 fps.

Set during the early days of WWII, the game sees you leading a battalion of soldiers with the goal of protecting your nation’s natural resources and overcoming an enemy invasion.

Movement takes place in real-time and sees you using action points to get a unit into position before targeting an enemy, at which time freezes, allowing you to land headshots and perform other maneuvers.

The game has been praised for offering players a multitude of ways to strategize during battles and for its interesting map designs.

Bloodborne maintains the high level of difficulty FromSoftware is known for injecting into their games while featuring more fluid, fast-paced combat than Dark Souls.

Decrepit, Victorian era-inspired environments pair nicely alongside your character’s gruesome attacks which send enemies’ blood shooting out as you methodically slash away with an array of blades and axes.

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Just like with the Souls series, Bloodborne features a number of well-designed enemies and intense boss battles that will leave you sighing with relief once you’ve managed to get past them.

The game does a great job of immersing you in an unsettling world where danger lurks around every corner and the only way to escape is to kill first, ask questions later. 

When it was first announced, Arkane Studios’ Prey was criticized for being a confusing and messy reboot of a series that had long since spun into obscurity. 

And while we can debate whether or not it was necessary even to name the game Prey given how much it differs from the original, it’s much harder to argue the merits of its writing and enemy designs.

You take on the role of Morgan Yu, a human aboard the Talos 1 space station, which becomes overrun by a species of violent aliens known as the Typhon. 

Battling the Typhon can be daunting at times, especially when dealing with Phantoms or those pesky shape-shifting Mimics.

Before Arthur Morgan, we had John Marston, a man forced to bear arms and hunt down his old gang after federal agents threaten his family.

Outside of the main story, the game has you taking part in a variety of activities you’d expect to encounter in the Old West, such as animal hunting, dueling, and bounty hunting to name a few.

The game’s been highly praised for its powerful story as well as its use of a morality system, which sees characters responding to the player based on how many good (or bad) deeds they’ve committed.

If you’ve never played the original Red Dead Redemption, PS Now is a great way to experience it on current-gen consoles.

Styx: Shards of Darkness is the sequel to Cyanide Studio’s 2014 game Styx: Master of Shadows. The game has you playing as the title protagonist, Styx, a badmouth goblin skilled at assassination.

Just like the first game, Shards of Darkness focuses on stealth gameplay and has you sneaking around enemy bases, skillfully taking down targets.

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Styx has a variety of tools and abilities in his arsenal to navigate the environment. He can turn invisible, create his own clones, set traps, and use his “Amber Vision” to scan areas and find useful items.

Shards of Darkness features a more fleshed-out upgrade system than the previous game as well as larger levels packed with interesting environmental puzzles to solve.

Equal parts side-scrolling platformer and 360-degree shoot-em-up, Rive offers an addictive and rewarding experience centered around the phrase, “Wreck, Hack, Die, Retry!”.

The game sees players navigating a versatile spider-tank through treacherous environments while battling waves of mechanical enemies.

The main standouts are Rive‘s fluid controls and shooting mechanics, which result in chaotic shootouts that demand precise dodging and aiming.

Additionally, upgrades keep things interesting and allow you to expand the spider tank’s arsenal by acquiring new abilities and equipment such as hacking enemy turrets and a magnet for collecting loot.

Project Cars 2 is a motorsport racing sim that totes an impressive catalog of 140 tracks in 60 different locations and 189 cars to race in.

In addition to looking absolutely stunning on a PS4 Pro, the game also introduces new dynamic weather and track temperature systems, resulting in a more immersive racing experience.

New race types such as off-road and rallycross make the sequel feel a lot more versatile than the original, making it appealing to a wider demographic of players.

However, if realism is your thing, Project Cars 2 uses a LiveTrack 3.0  physics engine to render realistic track conditions that will put your racing skills to the test. 

Dandara sticks out among all the other 2D action-platformers released this generation by taking some big risks; and thankfully, sticks the landing.

Where Dandara differs from other games is its unique traversal, which sees you leaping from one surface to any other in your reach, regardless of gravity or direction.

While exploring caves you’ll encounter enemies that will grant you salt upon defeating them and can be used to purchase upgrades.

Don’t expect much hand-holding as Dandara has a steep but ultimately rewarding learning curve.

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