How To Make A Lightsaber In Minecraft

Wondering how to make a cool lightsaber in Minecraft? Here's a super simple guide that shows you exactly how. May the force be with you!

Star Wars is a popular movie franchise that features the use of lightsabers as the primary weapon of Jedis and Sith Lords. Crossovers between movie and game franchises have been happening ever since.

In Minecraft, there are skin packs that are available for players to become main characters from the franchise. There are Darth Vader skin variations, skins of Yoda, Ashoka Tano, and even R2D2 among others.

Lightsabers, fortunately, are possible to also be included in vanilla Minecraft.

In this short article, we will go through quickly about making a lightsaber in Minecraft. Without further ado, let’s get started with the guide!

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Lightsaber In Minecraft Education Edition

Lightsaber In Minecraft Education Edition

First of all, there are no actual lightsabers implemented in the vanilla version of the game. There are a bunch of mods that allow players to craft and make lightsabers, especially in the Java Edition of Minecraft.

However, adding mods to the game is not considered vanilla anymore.

Nevertheless, there is a way to sort of craft and use a “lightsaber” in vanilla Minecraft. You can make a glow stick in the Education Edition of Minecraft.

Here are the steps to craft a lightsaber (glow stick) in Minecraft Education and Bedrock Edition:

  1. Gather the following chemical compound materials:

    • 68 Carbon
    • 89 Hydrogen
    • 3 Nitrogen
    • 4 Oxygen
    • 1 dye (Color of your choice)

    These materials are available in the creative inventory or you can make them yourself using the element constructor.
  2. Turn the materials into the following chemical and items:

    • 6 Polyethylene
    • 1 Hydrogen Peroxide
    • 1 Luminol

    These items are crafted in a compound creator as seen below. Use the items in Step 1 to craft the items in Step 2.

    Compound Creator GUI

    Polyethylene can be crafted using 10 Carbon and 20 Hydrogen elements in the compound creator. You need at least 6 of these to make a glow stick.

    Making A Lightsaber In Minecraft Education Edition

    Hydrogen Peroxide is made by placing 2 Hydrogen and 2 Oxygen elements in the compound creator.

    Making A Lightsaber In Minecraft Education Edition 2

    Lastly, luminol compounds are made using 7 Hydrogen, 8 Carbon, 3 Nitrogen, and 2 Oxygen elements placed in the compound creator.

    Making A Lightsaber In Minecraft Education Edition 3

  3. Once you have gathered all the elements and have crafted all the needed compounds, combine them with the dye of your choice on the crafting table.

    Place the dye in the middle slot, the hydrogen peroxide in the top slot, and the luminol in the bottom slot. Finally, the remaining 6 slots should be filled with polyethylene.

    You can also follow the crafting recipe below:

    Minecraft crafting recipe

    Other than crafting, you can also use commands to get glow sticks. The syntax of the command for each color of the glow stick can be seen in the Minecraft Wiki.


That’s it! That is how you can make a lightsaber (glow stick) in Minecraft.

If you are on the lookout for the best gear in Minecraft, check out this other guide to see the Best Minecraft Enchantments in 2022. Good luck and have fun!

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