How Many Bookshelves Do You Need For Level 30 Enchantments In Minecraft?

Playing Minecraft and not sure how many bookshelves you need in order to get level 30 enchantment? Here's a guide that shows you everything you must know.

One of the main mid to late game features in Minecraft is Enchanting.

The multitudes of weapons and tools as well as pieces of armor found or crafted in the game can be upgraded to provide more protection to the character, deal more damage to mobs, and dig blocks or harvest resources faster among other unique enhancements.

There are two main things you need to prepare to get started in acquiring the maximum level enchantments in Minecraft. The first item is an Enchanting Table and the second is a lot of books and bookshelves.

We will go through everything you need to know about getting the most out of enchanting in Minecraft.

Let’s begin the guide!

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Enchanting In Minecraft

Minecraft System Requirements

Enchantments in Minecraft have multiple levels that can be used for each of the weapons, armor, and tools you can craft in the game. The lowest is a level 1 enchantment and the highest can go up to level 5 depending on the type of enchantment.

For example, Sharpness and Efficiency enchantments can go up to level 5. Armor enchantments such as Protection and its variants can be upgraded until level 4 only.

On the other hand, Unbreaking and Fortune enchantments can only have up to level 3. While other enchantments such as Knockback and Fire Aspect can only reach up to level 2.

A summary of the levels of all Minecraft enchantments is also available on the Minecraft Wiki page.

Players can use their experience (EXP) levels, which are obtained from killing enemies and absorbing the dropped experience point orbs, indicated on top of the interface hotbar to acquire different level enchantments from an Enchanting Table.

When using the Enchanting Table, the interface changes to show 2 slots, 1 for the item you plan to enchant, and the other slot is for lapis lazuli. Lapis lazuli is the blue mineral found in caves that are deep enough.

Other than the 2 slots, there will also be 3 choices of varying enchantments. The top choice has the lowest level requirement wherein only 7-8 EXP levels are needed to get basic level 1-2 enchantments.

The middle choice includes mid-tier enchantments that require 13-18 EXP levels. While the bottom choice requires 30 EXP levels to get the highest-level enchantments depending on the item being enchanted.

The enchantments that you can get vary from each item used unless it is reset by getting top choice enchantments using a book. You will need to pay the appropriate number of levels (1-3 levels) and lapis lazuli (1-3 units) for each of the choices.

The main problem is you also need to surround the Enchanting Table with bookshelves so that it can provide you with the most useful and powerful level 30 enchantments.

How Many Bookshelves Do You Need?

Minecraft bookshelves

As stated earlier, you need two main things to get started in enchanting, an Enchanting Table and lots of bookshelves. You need a minimum of 15 bookshelves to get Level 30 enchantments in the Enchanting Table in Minecraft.

The resources needed to craft an Enchanting Table are quite difficult to obtain. You need 1 book, 4 blocks of obsidian, and 2 diamonds.

On the other hand, bookshelves are made with 3 books and 6 wooden planks of any type. Books can be crafted by using 1 piece of leather with 3 sheets of paper.

The crafting recipe for each is as follows:

Enchanting Table Recipe

Enchanting Table Recipe

Book Crafting Recipe

Book Crafting Recipe

Bookshelf Crafting Recipe

Bookshelf Crafting Recipe

Therefore, you need a total of 138 sheets of paper and 46 pieces of leather to make 46 books, 90 wooden planks of any type, 4 blocks of obsidian, and 2 diamonds to get maximum level enchantments with the minimum resources.

After crafting the Enchantment Table and 15 bookshelves, you need to place them in a way that the table sits in the middle and the bookshelves surround the Enchanting Table. There should always be space for air between the table and the bookshelves for it to work.

You will know that the placement of the bookshelves is working because runes or glyphs can be seen flying to the book on the Enchanting Table from the bookshelves.

The image below shows a 1-block tall placement of bookshelves that provides level 30 enchantments:

1 block tall placement of bookshelves providing level 30 enchantments

The decision is yours to make whether you should put more bookshelves around the Enchanting Table to allow a more aesthetic look or just copy the image above as is. Besides, there is no limit in Minecraft other than our time and creativity.


That’s it! That is how many bookshelves you need to acquire level 30 enchantments in Minecraft.

Remember that you will need to have an EXP level of 30 to see and instill the level 30 enchantments found in the Enchanting Table to your item of choice and that 3 EXP levels will be deducted. You may need to kill more enemies to enchant a lot of items.

We hope that this guide helped you in getting the maximum level enchantments such as those ultimate upgrades you can put in your sword in Minecraft. Good luck and have fun!

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