How To Make A Minecraft Enchanting Room

Here's the ultimate guide on how to make a Minecraft enchanting room. We show you exactly how to make it with ease.

Every starter base in Minecraft should include one of the most important rooms that can be constructed. There should be an enchanting room with a fully functioning enchanting table and a lot of bookshelves.

This room not only allows players to upgrade their gear with the available highest-level enchantments but also gives their base a pop of life since it can imitate real-life study rooms or libraries that make every house have a sophisticated look.

In this article, we go through everything you need to know on how to make an enchanting room in Minecraft.

Let’s jump right into the guide!

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How To Make An Enchanting Room In Minecraft

Minecraft Enchanting Room

The centerpiece of every enchanting room in Minecraft should be the enchanting table surrounded by the appropriate number of bookshelves for it to give its maximum level enchantments.

As long as you have enough resources to craft the enchanting table and as many bookshelf blocks as you like, you are good to go in building the minimum and most basic enchanting room.

The details to build the centerpiece can be seen in the article for the required number of bookshelves to have the maximum level of enchantments.

Best Enchanting Room In Minecraft

Even if you only need 15 bookshelf blocks and the enchanting table to start an enchanting room in Minecraft, that does not mean you cannot get creative with your build.

The best enchanting room will be the one that is easily accessible, the most efficient, and the most convenient.

Therefore, the best enchantment room can be constructed with the addition of the following recommendations.

Storage For Enchanting Room

Ample storage space is one of the key aspects of having the best enchanting room. This is a must in every enchanting room to be able to stow away required enchanting materials such as lapis lazuli and extra books.

You can set up an Ender chest somewhere in the room for reliable storage of anything. Aside from that, if you are already in the late game stage of Minecraft, you can also use shulker boxes as additional storage that can be stowed away in your Ender chest.

However, barrels are the most compatible storage blocks for enchanting rooms. The design of a barrel as well as its wooden texture allows it to blend easily with surrounding bookshelves and other wooden materials.

Barrels can be easily incorporated into the walls, ceilings, and floors of the enchanting room. Thus, they are one of the best storage blocks to use in an enchanting room.

Each barrel only costs 6 planks and 2 slabs of any type of wood for the Java Edition of Minecraft. On the other hand, it only costs 6 sticks and 2 wooden slabs of any type for the Bedrock Edition.

The crafting recipes for each are as follows:

Minecraft crafting recipe barrel

Light Source For Enchanting Room

The next thing your Minecraft enchanting room needs is sufficient lighting. Any sources of light can be added to the room to brighten it up.

This includes the typical coal or charcoal torches, campfires, redstone lamps, glowstone blocks, and netherrack fire points. The most applicable for a wooden and medieval-themed enchanting room, however, is lanterns.

Lanterns can be placed on the floor, on top of bookshelves, or hanging from the ceiling. This light source is very versatile in terms of incorporating it into any room design.

You only need one coal or charcoal torch or its soul counterpart and 8 iron nuggets taken from 1 iron ingot. The torch is placed in the middle slot of the crafting table interface.

The iron nuggets are then placed surrounding the torch. The crafting recipes for lanterns are as follows:

Minecraft crafting recipe lanterns

The soul counterpart of the torch is crafted using soul soil added in the normal torch recipe of sticks and coal.

Adding enough light sources does not only brighten up the design of the room but it will also help you keep the Minecraft mobs from spawning in the dark areas of the room.

Ample lighting will spawn the mobs far away from your enchanting room. This will prevent any surprise creeper explosions that can destroy your base.

Some players, however, prefer that light sources be hidden somewhere along in the room. There are a lot of transparent or translucent blocks in the game that allows light to pass through and brighten up the room.

The most commonly used blocks to hide light sources are leaf blocks. They provide a natural look to the enchanting room similar to that of an enchanted forest.

Other transparent blocks include glass blocks, cake, and cauldrons among others. Some of which can be seen in the image below.

Minecraft transparent or translucent blocks

Enchanting Room Design

In terms of the overall design, there are a lot of Minecraft enchanting room design templates that you can choose from and copy to your own base.

It would be up to you to choose from any of the available designs shared in the Minecraft online community. But, remember that you should base your decision on your own need and the availability of your resources.

Here are some of the designs that we think are very good and compact.

Minecraft Enchanting Room Design from Typface

The first one is from Typface. As you can see, barrels are used in the build as well as the lanterns.

Minecraft Enchanting Room Design from The Nerd Stash

The second one is from The Nerd Stash wherein an Ender chest can be seen as the primary storage space for the enchanting room. Other than that, a grindstone can be seen as well to strip off any enchantments from an item.

Minecraft Enchanting Room Design from u/Significant-Estate65

This last one is from u/Significant-Estate65 shared in the Reddit community of Minecraft. Similar to the first one, the room uses barrels and lanterns as its primary storage space and source of light.

Furthermore, the most interesting about this build is the position of the bookshelves. As you can see, they are in the background instead of surrounding the enchanting table.

As long as 15 bookshelves are within the area of effect of the enchanting table, maximum level enchantments will still be available for you to choose and imbue onto your gear.

As such, you can also put more bookshelves in the room to have some sort of a library vibe. Aside from that, you can place wooden or stone brick stairs blocks as reading chairs to add more ambiance to the room.

Extra bookshelves will not affect the enchanting table and it would not hurt to expand the room more as long as the 15 main bookshelves are near the enchanting table.

Remember that there should be a space between the enchanting table and the bookshelves for it to work. Other than that, your enchantment room is ready to use in your gameplay.


That’s it! We hope that this article helped and inspired you to build the perfect enchanting room for your Minecraft projects.

By following this guide, you will be able to prevent aggressive mobs, especially creepers, or any animals from spawning around your room thanks to ample lighting.

You will also find the enchanting room very convenient and hassle-free as it will already have within reach the proper resources for enchanting by including the storage blocks.

Also, remember that you can use any blocks for designing your own enchantment room and not just wooden blocks. The popular building materials are usually stone brick blocks, cobblestone blocks, and even concrete blocks.

In Minecraft, there is no limit to our imagination. Good luck and have fun!

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