Secretlab Throne Review

We're reviewing the Secretlab Throne gaming chair, which is their smaller flagship model. Is it worth the somewhat steep asking price? Find out here.

Bottom Line

An updated classic, the Secretlab Throne is the epitome of stylish and comfortable affordability targeting the shorter gamer.

Highly recommended for anyone in the market for a quality gaming chair.


Today, we put on our reviewing goggles and turn a critical eye toward the Secretlab Throne gaming chair, which beyond being the company’s flagship product, was also the first it ever put to market. An emblematic classic in many ways, but, in true Secretlab fashion, the gaming chair has been continuously updated over the years into a refined, fan-favorite with much to offer the avid gamer.

We got our hands on the revamped 2018 edition that is very much an improvement on what was originally a spectacular contender within the gaming chair sphere. What’s changed, and is it worth your hard-earned money?

StyleOffice/Gaming, Bucket Seat
Sitting Dimensions45 cm x 36 cm
Backrest Dimensions84 cm x 60 cm
Max Capacity100 kg
ColorsSpectre White, Flash Red, and Rush Purple, Coal Pink
Build MaterialsSteel, PRIME PU Leather, SoftWeave, Cold Cure Foam, Reinforced Aluminum
Price RangeEntry-level

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Secret Lab Chair

The Secretlab throne is a racing-style chair, thus differing from the overstated and, at times, obnoxious look of the competitor chair. The Throne, as a result, is now far more focused on comfort and practicality than ever before without taking away from its sleek profile.

It is practical in the sense that the shape is suited to the human body with ample support and weight distribution rather than focused on an overly broad and pronounced bucket that invariably leads to discomfort over time. These factors highlight the fact that the Throne is designed to keep the user comfortable.

A robust steel frame does all the heavy lifting and, as a result, ensures the stability of the base and its affixed single cut of high-density cold cure foam. For those that don’t know, cold cure is prized in the automotive industry for its longevity, comfort, and ability to retain its shape after prolonged use.

The mold and design of the foam strike a happy equilibrium between resilient density and cushioning, so it isn’t too soft or too firm. In our tests, we didn’t detect even the slightest inkling of the frame poking through to bruise our fragile backsides.

Secret Labs

On top of the foam is a high-quality layer of PRIME PU leather that Secretlab claims to be stain-resistant and water durable. Armed with a towel, we chucked half a glass of water onto the seat, and rather than seeping into the fabric, it sat on the surface, giving us ample time to dab away any moisture.

The PU leather is a proprietary product from Secretlab packing flexibility, durability, and importantly comfort. The Throne is also available in SoftWeave Fabric; a 350GSM short-yarn amalgamate that is both soft to the touch and durable.

Secretlab Chairs

The PU leather offered by Secretlab is a cut above the fabric usually found in gaming chairs, but as with all PU leather, it is prone to ripping and shedding over time. Let’s be clear; this isn’t an attack on the Throne, but rather a reality when it comes to PU leather. As such, the SoftWeave model is a better investment for both longevity and overall comfort.

One, if not, the most significant change with the 2018 edition are new velour head and lumbar support pillows. Lumbar pillows are generally hit or miss, and we often go without. Still, in the case of the Throne, this humble, incredibly plush, little bundle of joy heightened comfort levels beyond expectations, partly due to the utilization of memory foam that does well to fill that pesky arch between the lower back and the backrest.

Secret Labs Chairs

The base of the Throne is made of reinforced aluminum that sits atop a set of durable 6 cm PU casters engineered for ease of movement and minimal scarring of surfaces. The use of corrosion/rust-resistant aluminum is also a subtle design choice that says a lot about Secretlab’s dedication to an overall quality product.

The Secretlab Throne is available in three color schemes; Spectre White, Flash Red, Rush Purple, and unique to the SoftWeave edition, Coal Pink. Visually, the Throne is an attractive chair, and upon closer inspection, the quality of the stitching and overall professional look leaves very little to nag about even for the most critical user.


Secret Lab Chair Review

The functionality of the Throne doesn’t offer any superfluous features it and provides the very best of what it can do.

The Throne sports a set of 4D armrests with an ever so subtle concave form that makes quite a difference when trying to find that elusive position for your forearms. Moreover, the rests are fully adjustable in all directions to pinpoint that ideal fit.

Secretlab Throne

The backrest can be reclined up to 155 degrees, which we found perfect for a little existential ceiling gazing after a losing bout of Apex Legends. There’s also a full-tilt mechanism that can either be turned on or off, allowing a certain amount of rocking sway if you are that way inclined.

Finally, a Class 4 hydraulic piston is responsible for vertical adjustments, and we found it both responsive and versatile within the confines of the height restrictions of the Throne.


Secretlab Gaming Chair

The Secretlab Throne is unabashedly marketed towards the diminutive gamer with a recommended height between 145 – 165 cm (max 180 cm) and weight of 60 kg (max 100 kg). As such, judging comfort needs to be proportionate to the target market. A taller user, for instance, will struggle with the Throne’s shallower seat.

If you do fall within the specified height, the Throne is one heck of a comfortable chair. The foam provides constant support over time with little to no caving, and the natural ergonomic shape of the chair offers support to ward off aches and pains. The lumbar support pillow is the star of the show so much so that we’ve begun carrying it over to other seats because of how great it is.

As above, the PU leather version isn’t as comfortable as the SoftWeave iteration, but it is among the most comfortable in the PU category. In hotter climates, prolonged gaming sessions will lead to that familiar leather hot and bothered feeling, but this comes with the territory.


Secret Lab Gaming Chair

As recommended by Secretlab, assembly is a two-person job. It can be done single-handedly, but aligning the parts and inserting screws is much easier when there’s another pair of hands at your disposal.

The instructions are great with a full-color step by step guide. Piecing the chair together is straightforward and works on a ground-up basis, starting with the wheels and base, then moving to the seat and then backrest before joining all the pieces together. Secretlab also provides the tools required for the job.


Secret Labs Chair Review

As with most Secretlab products, the Throne has a standard two-year warranty that covers defects and manufacturing issues but excludes wear and tear. The length of the warranty hints at Secretlab being confident in the Throne withstanding the test of time because two-years is a long time in the gaming world and can easily equate to thousands upon thousands of hours of use.

As for direct support, Secretlab offers a fairly robust support system on its website via online forms, regardless of the type of claim. A phone line would be a welcome addition, but from our experience, response times are extremely quick, and the help provided is of the highest caliber, so we can’t complain all that much.


For what is ostensibly an entry-level product, the Secretlab Throne warrants its price tag and more. We have here the gold standard for budget chairs where craftsmanship, choice of materials, and smart design convene into a stylish and comfortable chair, aptly equipped to weather the trials and tribulations of even the most feverously lengthy gaming sessions. We have to praise Secretlab for taking the brilliant foundations of the Throne and imbibing it with novel features that make it even better.

The Throne is geared towards smaller users, and as such it does limit who can benefit from its qualities, but Secretlab caters for taller gamers with the Omega and Titan series, so no harm is done in that respect.

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