AndaSeat Jungle 2 Review

Is the AndaSeat Jungle 2 gaming chair worth the money? Is the quality good? What about the footrest? Here's the ultimate review of this gaming chair.

Bottom Line

The AndaSeat Jungle 2 is a nice gaming chair for people up to 180cm or 5″11′. It looks nice and isn’t too expensive, plus it has a footrest so if you’re into that, then this is a good option for you.

Gaming chairs come in all different designs, functionalities, and price points. These 3 points are most relevant to consumers when shopping for a gaming chair, especially if your gaming involves long sessions.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the AndaSeat Jungle 2 gaming chair, a chair that has a stylish and slick look at an affordable price. I’ll be giving my final verdict as to how well this gaming chair performs to expectations and how easy it is to get set up.

Let’s get started.

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Packaging & Assembling

AndaSeat Jungle 2 Gaming Chair

The AndaSeat Jungle 2 is a very compact chair, so it didn’t come in a large box. Once opened, the contents within the box were easy to get out and ready for assembly.

Assembling the AndaSeat Jungle 2 was easy since it only came with only 23 pieces. Generally, if you are a handy person, setting up the chair should be relatively easy without the manual, but one is provided if needed.  


AndaSeat Jungle 2 Gaming Chair With Footrest

The design of the AndaSeat Jungle 2 gives off a luxurious feel and look with its black leatherette finish.  Couple this with its ergonomic design and nice fit, and the design is one of its best features.

Here is a short list of what the AndaSeat Jungle 2 chair features:

  • Sturdy retractable footrest
  • Design work nicely put together that the chair can be a gaming or office chair
  • Supported posture with lumbar pillows at the lower back and head level
  • Arm support that can be easily adjusted with a few clicks (2 different sets of adjustments: up & down, left & right)
  • Reclining feature which allows it to be a very versatile chair for things other than gaming (90 to 160 degrees)
  • The leather and material are nice and smooth (scratch and stain resistance)
  • The movement of the chair’s wheels is smooth (60 mm wheels making it quite durable)
  • Steel framework ensuring stability and sturdiness
  • Adjustable base (17” to 20”)

Although the AndaSeat Jungle 2 boasts a lot of good design features, there is a glaring issue; it is designed for people who are up to 5ft 11in (180cm). So, if you are on the taller side, this chair may not be the best choice.

There is also a retractable footrest which is a nice feature but not sure if it is a necessary one. The chair also only comes in black and one size which can be annoying if you’d like a more colorful/adjustable size option.

Overall, the AndaSeat Jungle 2 has a very nice design with little to complain about!  


AndaSeat Jungle 2 Gaming Chair Comfort

In terms of comfortability, the chair does well. It has a high-density foam and lumbar pillows at the head and lower back level to help maintain a great posture. Since the chair is of compact size, people who are taller/larger may feel a bit uncomfortable. Otherwise, the average person should find this to be a great chair.

The steel frame makes this a sturdy chair that will make you feel anchored no matter how much you move. Unfortunately, there is a drawback with the armrest as it is only 2-dimensional with movements up & down and left & right only rather than 4-dimensional found in similarly priced chairs.

Although there are a few drawbacks, these can be overlooked as they are not deal-breakers.


The price of the AndaSeat Jungle 2 is around $250.

The chair comes with a warranty of up to 6 years, along with shipping insurance, and assistance if needed for assembly from TaskRabbit. With the features this chair brings and its versatility, this chair’s price point makes it an affordable and attractive gaming chair (even as an office chair too!).

Final Verdict

AndaSeat Jungle 2 Chair Review

The AndaSeat Jungle 2 really is a gamer’s budget chair with great qualities. It provides all the functionality to make gaming feel so seamless. Especially if you have long gaming sessions.

It allows for use in a gaming and office setting with its slick and aesthetically pleasing design. At the same time, this chair caters to individuals with a budget trying to get the biggest bang for their buck.

This chair is not for you if any of the issues may cause you too much of a problem:

  • The adjustable arm holder is only 2-dimensional and not 4 dimensional
  • The head and lower cushion are made of density foam instead of memory foam
  • This chair may be uncomfortable for taller and larger individuals
  • There is an unnecessary footrest that limits foot room

If the above is not an issue for you, this is a great budget-friendly chair to consider!

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