Best Games Like House Flipper

Enjoy playing simulation games like House Flipper? Then join us as we highlight the best games like House Flipper for PC and console!

Games like House Flipper are great for relaxing after a long day and living out your dreams of becoming a home renovation expert.

While the game has been well supported with DLCs that lets players dabble with gardening, luxury furniture, and keeping pets, there are plenty of others just like it.

To help widen your options, we’re highlighting the best games like House Flipper to play in 2024 on PC and console.

We encourage you to bookmark this list and check back in the future for more gaming recommendations similar to House Flipper.

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Our first suggestion to anyone who enjoys House Flipper is The Tenants, another simulation game that sees you renovating and managing properties.

In it, you take on the role of landlord and must sort through a list of tenants to decide which ones are suitable for the many properties under your care.

To achieve maximum profits, you’ll need to ensure apartments are up to code and furnished with stylish décor that will attract the right buyers.

Like House Flipper, the game provides you with several tools for renovating apartments along with an extensive catalog of furniture, paint, and other items to explore.

House Builder is another game like House Flipper where players can become a one-man construction crew while traveling the world and different ages building an assortment of domiciles. 

Every house you construct differs greatly from the next and depends largely on the time period and geographic location you find yourself in.

Constructing houses brick by brick, you’ll acquire a comprehensive comprehension of how substances interact with one another and the elements involved in assembling various kinds of homes.

To this point, the game includes many tools that will be familiar to anyone who’s played House Flipper.

If you enjoyed caring for animals in the House Flipper Pets DLC, then Animal Shelter is a great alternative that lets you do even more with your furry little friends.

Your main goal in the game is to create a welcoming environment for animals in need of a new home by spending time together, providing them with food and toys, and earning their trust.

Once you have a good understanding of each pet’s personality and emotional/physical needs, you’ll be able to match them with the right owner before moving on to the next animal.

Similar to House Flipper, the game lets you browse through a catalog of goods that will provide enrichment for animals as well as a construction mode where you can redesign your shelter.

Planet Zoo is another simulation game that allows players to tend to a broad range of animals by constructing intricate habitats to fulfill their distinctive requirements.

In the campaign mode, players get to travel around the globe meeting diverse wildlife and learning the ins and outs of managing their own zoo-keeping operation.

Much like in House Flipper, players are given an abundance of tools to bring their creative vision to life by modifying terrain, building structures, and providing enrichment.

Players are given the choice to be as involved or hands-off as they would like to in Planet Zoo while still making decisions that will impact future generations of wildlife.

Instead of limiting yourself to a single home or zoo, why not take on an entire city with a simulation game like Cities: Skylines.

Complete with easy-to-grasp controls, tasks, and tools, the game is a good alternative for anyone who’s mastered the art of house flipping and is looking for a new challenge.

In it, you set out to design and manage your own towns by dividing your time across three main categories: Residential, Commercial, and Industrial.

After assembling a rough draft of what you want your city to look like, you’ll get to work adding structures, transportation, and utilities to ensure things run smoothly.

If you feel like you’ve had your fix of furnishing homes, it may be time to take a crack at running your own business, perhaps a gas station?

As its name suggests, Gas Station Simulator sees you buying an abandoned gas station and turning it into a thriving business by renovating, upgrading, and expanding its amenities.

This goes beyond just pumping gas as you’ll find yourself performing other duties such as cashiering, vehicle repairing, janitorial work, and much more. 

Eventually, you’ll be able to use your profits to hire extra staff, offer new services, and customize your station to help it stand out from the competition.

Like House Flipper, PowerWash Simulator provides you with the simple satisfaction of turning dirty messes into sparkling wonders.

The game requires you to promote your recently established cleaning business by accepting contracts to clean various dirty places.

Players are given access to an array of washers, nozzles, and extensions to handle different tasks along with customizable gear to make sure they look stylish while cleaning.

Each job can be tackled at your own pace free from any time constraints or final scores aside from a percentage meter that keeps track of your progress in real-time.

Seeing as House Flipper players are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get dirty, you should have no problem running a messy junkyard.

In Junkyard Simulator, players seek out old and broken down vehicles, furniture, and appliances to either restore or break down into raw materials that can be sold for cash.

Doing so allows you to upgrade your junkyard, purchase new vehicles, fund restoration projects, and ultimately climb your way to success.

Work hard enough and there’s a good chance you’ll come across a valuable hot-ticket item and end up making a fortune.

Next up on our list is Car Detailing Simulator, a game that revolves around making old and beat-up jalopies shine once again.

With just a small amount of cash, players start a new detailing business where they’ll wash vehicles, buff out scratches, clean interiors, and more to earn cash.

Money can be spent upgrading your shop as well as purchasing new equipment to expand the detailing services your business provides.

The sense of satisfaction that comes with making a car look brand new is very similar to the feeling of cleaning up messy homes in House Flipper.

If your favorite House Flipper DLCs were Garden Flipper and Farm Flipper, then you might also enjoy playing a dedicated farming game like Farming Simulator 22.

While it’s a lot more business-orientated than other games in the genre, Farming Sim 22 features great-looking graphics and a wide selection of tools, crops, and equipment to explore.

What’s more, the game gives you the ability to own and operate vehicles, hire NPCs to lend a hand out on the field, and collaborate with other players via online multiplayer.

Following our previous recommendation, Ranch Simulator has you overseeing a family ranch that’s fallen on hard times and is in desperate need of restoration.

To turn a profit, you’ll have to get things back on track by purchasing and raising livestock such as chickens, cows, pigs, and horses.

This will allow you to buy new tools for day-to-day tasks, vehicles to get around, and structures to protect your animals from predators and turn your ranch into a money-making machine.

Outside of your humble homestead lies a living open world where deer and bears roam freely and can be hunted for sport.

After spending a lot of time fixing up old kitchens in House Flipper, why not don an apron and whip up some delicious meals?

In Cooking Simulator, players get to live out their culinary dreams by role-playing as a chef with access to over 80 unique recipes.

Like House Flipper, the game takes a detailed approach to replicate real-world tasks by providing you with an assortment of fully-functional kitchen appliances and utensils.

While getting a hang of Cooking Simulator’s distinct physics-based controls can take some practice, it’s more than worth it to see your savory dishes come together.

Now, if you’re less interested in cooking and instead want to bake up some tasty treats along with a dozen types of bread, buns, and more, then Bakery Simulator is the game for you.

Similar to House Flipper, the game offers you an extensive catalog in the form of a cookbook where you can browse through various recipes before starting to work.

Baked goods will need to be properly stored as well as packaged and delivered on time to demanding customers all over the city by car.

As you turn a profit, you’ll have the opportunity to turn your hard-earned cash into newer baking equipment and larger delivery vehicles to keep up with rival bakeries.

If painting is your favorite part of any job in House Flipper, then you might fancy yourself something of an artist.

To fuel that creative spirit within you, we recommend picking up SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator, which casts you as a unique artist living in the year 2130 aboard a space studio.

You’ll spend your days receiving and fulfilling requests from clients in need of eye-catching works of art to gift to friends and family or themselves.

With a bit of elbow grease and imagination, you’ll use a wide selection of canvases, paintbrushes, spray paint cans, markers, and more to bring your creative visions to life.

What if instead of cleaning up after residents and furnishing their homes in House Flipper, you decided to rob them blind in the dead of night?

Well, in Thief Simulator you can do just that by embarking on a life of crime as a burglar tasked with breaking into the most secured homes in the neighborhood.

This requires you to scout out locations, monitor residents’ comings and goings, and arm yourself with the best hi-tech equipment money can buy.

Once the job is done, you can sell any goods you’ve stolen to the local pawn shop and get cash to purchase new gear and take on even bigger jobs. Just don’t get caught!

One of the most appealing aspects of House Flipper is its relaxing gameplay which frees up your mind to focus on the task at hand.

Another game that shares this mindset is PC Building Simulator, which lays out the process for building a gaming PC in ways even the most novice users can understand.

In it, you set out to build and manage your own PC empire by diagnosing and repairing broken machines along with creating bespoke gaming rigs with high-end parts.

The game is well-supported by recognized PC hardware manufacturers and features a deep catalog of components, cases, and accessories to make your creations stand out.

Finally, if you’ve cleaned up every mess House Flipper has to offer, it may be time to take your cleaning talents to outer space.

In Viscera Cleanup Detail, you take on the role of a space-station janitor assigned to clean up horrific messes in an array of unconventional locations.

This includes getting rid of dismembered bodies after a brutal massacre, mopping up alien guts following a containment breach, and wiping down an anti-gravity chamber.

The game gives you all the tools you’ll need to get down and dirty but it’s up to you to be thorough if you have any hopes of passing your performance review at the end of each mission.

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