How To Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Issues

Does your audio screenshare in Discord suddenly stop working? This fix is easier and more effective than the other ones you'll find anywhere else.

One of the problems most Discord users report is the “no audio” bug during screen sharing sessions.

Discord has been aware of this bug since mid-2019 and as of this date, they have released several patches that address the issue, and will likely continue doing so until this problem is completely fixed for all users.

In this short guide, we will share Discord’s suggested fix with you but also some of our own solutions that are sure to help you resolve this issue once and for all.

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Discord’s Suggested Fix

This tip is intended for those who are having audio issues when screen sharing their web browsers. It’s a good idea to try this fix first as it’s suggested by the Discord support page itself. If your Discord has been plagued by the no-audio bug, do the following:

  1. End your screen share session and refresh the Discord app by hitting Ctrl + R.
  2. Close your web browser and reopen it. Once opened, try playing audio in the browser first (Youtube is great for this) before your screen share session.
  3. Enable screen share and see if there is audio.

Try These Other Solutions

While waiting for the complete fix from Discord, you can try some of the solutions listed here. Different solutions may apply to different users, so work your way down the list and see what solves the problem for you.

Make Sure Discord Is Updated

As a standard, make sure Discord is updated to the latest version before trying these fixes. To update it manually:

  1. Open Discord.
  2. Look for the icon in your system tray.
  3. Right click it, then select “Check for updates”.
Discord Check for updates

When all that’s done, you can experiment with any of the solutions below.

Solution 1: Add The Program To Your Game Activity

  1. Go to your Discord user settings.
    Discord Screen Share No Audio Open User Settings
  2. Click on “Game Activity.” Then, on the window that appears, click “Add it!” beside the Not seeing your game? text.
    Discord Screen Share No Audio Add Program To Game Activity
  3. In the search box that appears, find the programs you’re having audio issues with and add them. Restart Discord and try screen sharing again.
    Discord Screen Share No Audio Find program to add

Solution 2: Restart Your Computer

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?” seems like a simplistic solution, but you’ll be surprised how many issues are resolved thanks to a simple reboot.

Once you’ve restarted your PC, relaunch the Discord app and try screen sharing again.

Solution 3: Launch Discord With Administrative Access

Running the Discord app as an administrator allows it to bypass some restrictions brought about by your system’s firewall. As with other programs, doing this can potentially fix issues you’ve been having.

To do this, right-click on the Discord icon on your desktop and select “Run as administrator.”

Solution 4: Adjust Discord Audio Settings

  1. Open your Discord user settings.
    Discord Screen Share No Audio Open User Settings
  2. Select Voice & Video.
    Discord Screen Share No Audio Voice and Video Settings
  3. Under “Voice Settings,” make sure your input volume slider is not set to a low value.
    Discord Screen Share No Audio Voice Volume Input Slider
  4. If the problem persists up to this point, you can also switch the input mode to “Push to Talk.” By default, Discord’s screen sharing automatically recognizes audio inputs from your microphone or sounds from the apps you’re sharing. “Push to Talk” means you manually toggle a button in screen share mode before audio can be transmitted.
    If Discord is having trouble recognizing audio input automatically, this might be a workaround for that.
    Discord Screen Share No Audio Push To Talk
  5. If none of these work, scroll down to the bottom and choose “Reset Voice Settings.” This would reset all audio settings back to default, so it’s worth a try.

Solution 5: Update Your Audio Drivers

This issue may be caused by not having the latest drivers for your speakers/microphones. If you’re on Windows, follow the steps below to update your audio drivers manually.

  1. Go to your Windows search bar (Windows key + S) and search for “Device Manager.”
  2. Once the Device Manager window is open, expand the “Sound, video and game controllers” selection. A list of all associated audio hardware will be available.
    Windows 10 Updating Audio Drivers
  3. Right-click, then select “Update Driver.” In the next window that appears, select “Search automatically for updated driver software.” Windows 10 Updating Audio Drivers Automatically
  4. Once Windows has finished updating, restart your system and try screen sharing in Discord again.

Solution 6: Clear Discord Cache

Modern programs create a cache folder in your computer’s roaming data directory to optimize performance the more you use the program. The constant creation of temporary files may be what corrupts your Discord data and leads to the audio issues.

Follow these steps to clear your roaming data for Discord:

  1. Exit Discord. In your desktop, press Windows key + R to bring up the Run function.
  2. In the search box, type %appdata% and hit Enter.
    Windows 10 How To open App Data folder via Run
  3. In the window that opens, right-click on the “Discord” folder and hit Delete.

It’s important to note that deleting this folder will not negatively impact your program. Discord will automatically create another folder in the same location the next time you run it, only this time, the cache will be a fresh one.

Solution 7: Re-install Discord

If none of the solutions above work for you, it may be worth re-installing Discord itself. In Windows 10, uninstalling apps is a breeze.

Just follow the directions below:

  1. In the Notification Panel of the taskbar, click “All Settings.”
    Windows 10 Notifications All Settings
  2. Go to “Apps.”
    Windows 10 Setings Apps
  3. In the Apps window, type “Discord” in the search bar. Once it shows in the selection, click it and choose “Uninstall.”
    Discord Uninstall Discord
  4. Go to the official Discord page in your web browser and download the latest version. Launch the installer and follow the instructions.
  5. With a fresh installed Discord, try screen sharing once again.


The no-audio issue when screen sharing in Discord is more likely a problem with incompatibility with Discord’s audio infrastructure. The best scenario would be for the Discord team to release a patch that completely rids users of this problem.

While that’s still in progress, hopefully the solutions above helped you find a workaround for the issue.

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