Mic Not Working On Discord? Here’s The Fix

Discord Microphone Not Working

Do you talk but your microphone is not working on Discord? People can’t hear you? Luckily, there’s an easy fix for it and here it is.

Discord Not Updating? Here’s The Fix

Discord Not Updating Fix

Is your Discord not updating? There are multiple fixes that you can do to update your Discord and here is a nice collection of the easiest ones.

How To Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Issues

Discord program

Does your audio screenshare in Discord suddenly stop working? This fix here is very easy and better than the other ones you’ll find anywhere else.

How To Increase Mic Volume On Windows 10

How To Increase Mic Volume Windows 10

Unfortunately, not all microphones are created equal. Baseline volume levels differ significantly between models, and while one may sound more than adequate, another may be vastly underpowered. The issue can be particularly pronounced when using microphones with communication applications such as Skype. For gamers, the issue can be quite debilitating within the high octane context

Discord Won’t Open? Here’s The Fix

Can't Hear On Discord

A rather bizarre issue haunts Discord, given that upon launching, the app fails to open or, in some cases, displays the classic grey Discord window without any functionality. The great minds at Discord have been scratching their heads in frustration at what is causing this with – as of the time of writing – no

How To Add Roles In Discord

Discord program

If you manage a Discord server, you must know how to add and modify roles in Discord. It’s very easy if you know where to look so here’s a simple guide.

Can’t Hear People On Discord? Here’s The Fix

Discord Can't Hear One Person

Can’t hear your buddies on Discord? We’ve got you covered. The problem is more than likely related to audio settings. Here are eight fixes that should see you back to chatting in no time. Fix 1: Restart Discord Let’s start with the favored solution of IT technicians around the world: close Discord and open it

Discord No Route Error? Here’s The Fix

Discord Rtc

Overall, Discord is a pretty reliable application loved by gamers and subcultures around the world for its community building tools. However, it is susceptible to a common issue when it comes to connecting to voice channels. Today, we take a look at such an error called the “Discord No Route error,” since Discord coughs up

How To Delete Your Discord Account

How To Delete Your Discord Account

Discord is an online social platform built by gamers for gamers. As such, it comes with a plethora of features and tools that help players do what they do best. However, if you’ve tired of Discord, you don’t like their privacy policies, or you’re just looking to start over, you might end up just wanting