Fortnite vs Realm Royale – Which One Is The Best Battle Royale Game?

Wondering if you should play Fortnite Battle Royale or Realm Royale? Here's the ultimate and definitive comparison of Fortnite and Realm Royale! Find out the similarities and differences, and discover which game is best suited for you!

You’ve probably already heard about PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) and Fortnite Battle Royale, but there’s a new Battle Royale game in town – Realm Royale.

Based on the Unreal 4 Engine, this game is just like Fortnite and PUBG. Which Battle Royale game should you play?

We’ll now discuss the pros and cons of each game to help you understand both games better.

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The Pros:

  • Huge Playerbase
  • Well Optimized
  • Casual Gameplay
  • Building Mechanism Adds Higher Skill Ceiling
  • Quests
  • Great skin selection

The Cons:

  • Too Building-Oriented
  • No Character Customization

Realm Royale

The Pros:

  • Mix of RPG and Battle Royale
  • Multiple classes
  • Forge your own gear
  • Chickens
  • Very casual gameplay
  • Mounts

The Cons:

  • Poorly Optimized
  • No Proper Website For The Game
  • No Leaderboards
  • No Skins
  • No Solo Mode Yet

In terms of players, Fortnite has a clear lead. Realm Royale is relatively new and is only out in Alpha mode. Furthermore, there are no PS or XBOX versions for Realm Royale available at the moment.

We will now discuss the aspects the games share, and we’ll look at their similarities and differences. Let’s start with an obvious one: graphics!


fortnite vs pubg

Graphics-wise, Fortnite and Realm Royale are very similar. They both offer casual, cartoonish graphics that makes them popular among younger audiences.

Unlike PUBG, you can easily spot enemies in both Fortnite and Realm Royale, so there’s no difference there.

One major difference is that in Realm Royale, you can see the bullet trajectory for a short period. Therefore, in Realm Royale, it’s easier to find out where you’re getting shot from.


When comparing the shooting mechanics, you’ll notice some obvious differences. There is minimal bullet drop in Realm Royale, and it appears that most weapons, if not all, are hitscan.

In Realm Royale, you can get armor that boosts your survival rate; while in Fortnite, when you have the blue armor on, you can double your survival rate. There are a lot more weapons in Fortnite than there are in Realm Royale at the moment. There’s even melee weapons in Realm Royale, such as swords and daggers.


realm royale vs fortnite battle royale

In terms of gameplay, there are some significant differences.

Let’s start with the lobby area, where you wait for the game to start. In Fortnite, all you can do is wait and walk around to try different weapons, while in Realm Royale, you can select your class.

There are currently a total of five classes in Realm Royale, and each one of them has different weapons and skills. Plus, at the moment, you can only play Duo and Squad in Realm Royale.

After you jump off the battle bus (Fortnite) or the airship (Realm Royale), you’ll automatically use your umbrella at a specific height over the ground in Fortnite. In Realm Royale, instead, you’ll directly land onto the ground with a real “superhero” move. So if you’re used to playing Fortnite, and you just started playing Realm Royale, then make sure to keep this in mind.

Let’s talk about building. Fortnite is all about building. In Realm Royale, instead, there are no building features.

Moving on, in Realm Royale, you also have mounts, while in Fortnite, we have the shopping cart, the jetpack, and the jump pads to travel faster.

When you lose all your health in Fortnite, you will be knocked down, and a teammate can revive you – if you’re not playing Solo. It takes 10 seconds to revive a player in Fortnite, and both parties have to be standing still during this period. In Realm Royale, you turn into a chicken, and you will make actual chicken sounds while you run for your life. You will automatically be revived after 30 seconds if you haven’t been killed yet.

The Arena

fortnite vs realm royale

By looking at the map comparison above, you’ll notice that there are distinct areas in Realm Royale’s map. There’s a desert, an icy area, a rocky area, and a regular grass area.

In both maps, dozens of treasure chests are scattered around the map. In Fortnite, you’ll hear a sound when you’re near one, but you won’t hear anything in Realm Royale.

Furthermore, in Realm Royale, there are also “Forges,” where you can forge high-tier potions, gear, and skills. If a Forge is active, there will be smoke coming out of the top. If you see smoke, then be prepared to fight!

You need shards to forge items, and you can get these by disenchanting armor, skills, and weapons found on the ground.


In terms of features, Fortnite is obviously much more developed than Realm Royale. In Fortnite you have quests, skins, and multi-platform play. Realm Royale instead has not worked out any of these features yet. Sometimes, however, Realm Royale will offer an unclickable Battle Pass button.

The Final Ruling: Which Game Should I Play?

You should play the game that fits your game style!

  • If you like a very casual gaming experience and like RPG’s, then you’ll definitely like Realm Royale.
  • If you want to play a more developed and mainstream game, and you also like the building aspect, then you should play Fortnite.

Let us know which game you prefer in the comments below!

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