Best Settings For Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Boost FPS, Optimal Graphics Settings

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has finally launched, but it’s not perfect and especially not on the PC version. It’s full of bugs and problems like FPS stuttering, lagging, and so on, but fear not!

We’ve created this guide to boost the performance of the game on all systems without compromising the most important graphics settings. By following these optimizations, you can increase your FPS by up to 136%!

First and foremost, make sure that you meet the recommended requirements. If you meet the minimum requirements but not the recommended requirements for the game, then you’re going to lag no matter what you do, but these tips might still be helpful. Also, be sure to check our Windows 10 optimization guide as that will help you too!

Minimum System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements

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Graphics Settings

Resolution: Your Monitor’s Native Resolution

Window mode: Fullscreen

Overall image quality: Custom

Advanced Graphics Settings

Object quality: Medium

Game effects: Low

Lighting: Medium

Particles: Low

Physics: Medium

This is one of the most demanding settings. We recommend setting it to Medium.

Postprocess quality: Medium

Shader quality: Low

Shadows: Medium (Set to High if you have a GPU with 4GB of VRAM or above)

We recommend setting it to medium since this setting requires a lot of GPU processing power. If you have enough VRAM then you can set this to high.

Textures: Medium (Set to High if you have a GPU with 4GB of VRAM or above)

We also recommend that you set this setting on Medium as it is very taxing for the GPU. If you have enough VRAM then you can set this to high.

Water details: Low

Volumetric effects detail: Low (Set to Full if you have a GPU with 4GB of VRAM or above)

Vegetation detail: Low (Set to Full if you have a GPU with 4GB of VRAM or above)

Object distance: 50%

LOD distance: 30%

Vegetation draw distance: 30%

Motion Blur: Object

Disabling V-SYNC

By default, V-SYNC is enabled. You can disable it via a config file and here is how you do it. Note that this may already be patched by the time you will be reading this. If so, please do us a favor and comment down below and after we verify that it’s patched, we will remove this section from the guide.

  1. Navigate to your Kingdom Come: Deliverance folder (Usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance)
  2. Create a .txt file named user.cfg
  3. Open the file and add r_vsync=0 to the file
  4. If you want to limit the frame rate, add sys_maxfps=X where X is the number of frames you want the game to be limited to.

Improving RAM Usage

Let’s set the heapsize RAM limit for the game via the launch options in Steam.

  1. Right-click on Kingdom Come: Deliverance in your own Steam library and click on Set Launch Options
  2. Insert your heapsize of choice based on the amount of RAM you want to use.
    • 4 GB: -heapsize 524288
    • 8 GB: -heapsize 1048576
    • 12 GB: -heapsize 1572864
    • 16 GB: -heapsize 2097152
    • 24 GB: -heapsize 3145728
    • 32 GB: -heapsize 4194304

And that’s it! We hope our optimization tips have helped you squeeze some more FPS out of this amazing game.

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