Best Settings For Sea Of Thieves – Optimize FPS, Better Performance

Rare’s Sea of Thieves has been released for quite some time now, and many players have joined the seas to explore the content that Sea of Thieves has to offer.

Rare spent four years developing this game from the ground up, and it’s actually pretty well optimized. You can play this game on even the lowest-end computers. But if you’re experiencing lag for some reason and want the best possible graphics at the same time, then follow our guide below. It’s pretty generic as there’s not much graphics altering available in the game, so most of the optimization has to be done off the game.

So first and foremost, look at the minimum and recommended game requirements below, and tune your graphics according to those. The game should already have adjusted the graphics settings based on your specs, but just look below to make sure you’re it was correctly set.

best settings for sea of thieves

Minimum System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements

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PC Settings

Let’s start with the basics – optimizing your PC a bit.

  1. If you’re running Sea of Thieves on your gaming laptop then make sure that it’s running on the High Performance mode!
  2. Close down your other programs, like for example Chrome as it uses up a lot of resources.

We also recommend the free version of CCleaner.

Optimize Discord

Now it’s time to optimize Discord. Sea of Thieves is best enjoyed when playing with friends, so it’s no wonder that a majority of players are using Discord for communication. But you need to optimize it if you want to boost your FPS in all games, not just Sea of Thieves.

  1. Open Discord and then navigate to User Settings
  2. Now click on the Appearance tab and make sure that Hardware Acceleration is unchecked.

Optimize Google Chrome

If you want Chrome running in the background, then we recommend that you optimize that as well. This optimization will also boost your FPS in all your games!

  1. Go to Settings in Google Chrome
  2. Click on Advanced at the bottom
  3. Scroll to the bottom and uncheck the checkbox next to Use hardware acceleration when available
  4. Restart Google Chrome

Clean Temporary Files

  1. Press on the Windows button and search for: %localappdata%
  2. Open the Temp folder
  3. Press CTRL + A in order to select all the files in the folder
  4. Right-click and press Delete. Just skip the files it can not delete.
  5. Empty your recycle bin.

Sea of Thieves Graphics Settings

We recommend changing your graphics settings after the recommended suggestions. If you have a 144Hz gaming monitor then make sure you’re hitting the desired 144FPS, otherwise lower your graphics a bit. The game will feel incredibly smooth if you can hit these high frame rates and you have a gaming monitor with a high refresh rate.

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