Best Settings For Far Cry 5 – Boost Your Performance, Higher FPS

Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 is finally out and has received very good reviews by users and critics already. It’s very popular and can run on even low-end machines.

This guide aims to enhance your FPS by handing you a bunch of easy-to-follow tips that you can apply to increase your FPS in the game. We’ll start with some general optimizations and then proceed with the best graphics settings for Far Cry 5, in our opinion.

First and foremost, make sure that you meet the minimum system requirements needed to play Far Cry 5.

Minimum System Requirements For Far Cry 5

Recommended System Requirements For Far Cry 5 (Full HD, 60fps)

4K System Requirements Far Cry 5 (30fps)

4K System Requirements Far Cry 5 (60fps)

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PC Settings

First and foremost, we’ll ensure that a couple of PC settings are optimized.

  1. If you want to play Far Cry 5 on your gaming laptop then ensure that you’re using the High Performance mode!
  2. Shut down other programs, like Chrome, for example, as it uses up a lot of resources.

We also recommend CCleaner (the free version should suffice!)

Optimizing Discord

Let’s proceed to the next step and optimize Discord. Since Far Cry 5 offers a co-op experience, chances are that you’re using Discord with your friend. Let’s optimize that real quick to optimize the game, along with all other games!

  1. Open Discord and go to User Settings
  2. Click on the Appearance tab and ensure that Hardware Acceleration is unchecked.

Optimizing Google Chrome

Having Google Chrome running in the background can quickly drain a lot of your PC’s resources. Let’s optimize Google Chrome real quick to ensure the best performance!

  1. Go to Google Chrome’s Settings page
  2. Click on Advanced at the bottom of the page
  3. Now scroll to the bottom again and ensure that the checkbox next to Use hardware acceleration when available is unchecked
  4. Finally, restart Google Chrome

Cleaning Your Temporary Files

Let’s delete the temporary files as they’re just annoying to have around on your PC.

  1. Press on the Windows button at the bottom left corner and type %localappdata% and then press enter.
  2. Now open the Temp folder
  3. Press CTRL + A so that all files are selected
  4. Click on the Delete button on your keyboard. If there are files, that can not be deleted, then just skip them.
  5. Finally, empty the recycle bin.

Best Graphics Settings For Far Cry 5

best settings for far cry 5

Finally, let’s optimize the graphics settings in Far Cry 5. These are, in our opinion, the best settings for Far Cry 5.

We recommend that you aim for at least 60 FPS for a good balance of image quality and responsiveness. Of course, a higher FPS is perfect if you own a monitor with a high refresh rate.


  1. Set Window Mode to Fullscreen
  2. Set Display Resolution to your monitor’s native refresh rate
  3. Set Refresh Rate to the highest possible value
  4. Set Enable HDR to On (if applicable).


We experienced an overall increase of 32% when switching from Ultra to Low graphics settings, so there’s not that much of a difference between the settings. But you can still optimize them for the best combination.

  1. Set Graphics Quality to Normal (low-end PC’s), High (medium-end PC’s) and Ultra (high-end PC’s).
  2. Set Texture Filtering to High. This setting has a low influence on the overall FPS.
  3. Set Shadows to at least Normal. This setting has a high influence on the overall FPS.
  4. Set Geometry and Vegetation to High or Ultra. This setting has a high influence on the overall FPS.
  5. Set Environment to at least Normal. This setting has the highest influence on the overall FPS.
  6. Set Water to High or Ultra. This setting has a decent influence on the overall FPS.
  7. Set Terrain to Normal. This setting has a low influence on the overall FPS, but it is not important unless you’re gaming in 4K. For 4K systems, we recommend that you set this on Ultra or High.
  8. Set Volumetric Fog to Low.
  9. Set Anti-Aliasing to SMAA.
  10. Set Motion Blur to Off.

And that’s it! You can press F5 to quickly test your settings in the built-in benchmark tool.

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