Bleach: Brave Souls Tier List

Who doesn't want to win more? Here is the best Bleach: Brave Souls tier list that gives you an overview of the best units in the game.

Bleach: Brave Souls is an action-oriented mobile RPG sprinkled with gacha elements to regularly keep content fresh for players.

As in most games in this genre, the game’s endgame content revolves around difficult PvE challenges or PvP arenas.

In this guide, we’ll focus on the PvP aspect of the game. To aid new and veteran players alike, we created a list that ranks the most viable units in Bleach: Brave Souls from best to worst.

Let’s dive right in.

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S Tier 5

These are the best units in the game for PvP. They have exceptional stats and abilities that fit in most team compositions.

Nnoitora GilgaCan’t Feel Your Own World5/6-star
Kenpachi ZarakiThe Belief6-star
Yasutora “Chad” SadoThe Bond6-star
Yachiru UnohanaThousand-Year Blood War6-star


A Tier 5

These units are excellent for their intended role or have decent utility to fit most squad compositions.

YhwachThousand-Year Blood War5-star
Ichigo KurosakiFourth Anniversary – Fully Hollowfied5/6-star
Toshiro HitsugayaThe Belief5/6-star
Tier HalibelHalloween5/6-star
Shigekuni Genryusai YamamotoOne-armed6-star
Ulquiorra ShifarThird Anniversary5/6-star
Nelliel Tu OdelschwankCan’t Feel Your Own World5/6-star
Lilinette GingerbackHalloween5-star
Yammy LlargoCan’t Feel Your Own World5/6-star
Sosuke AizenJapanese Parasol5-star
Toshiro HitsugayaThousand-Year Blood War – Zombie5/6-star


B Tier 5

These are great units that only have a few flaws in their game. They are perfect for rounding out your party.

Kenpachi ZarakiThousand-Year Blood War6-star
Hanataro YamadaNew Year5/6-star
Orihime InoueThe Bond6-star
Soi FonThousand-Year Blood War6-star
Yukio Hans VorarlbernaThe Bond6-star
Sojiro KusakaMovie 26-star
Homura and ShizukuMovie 35/6-star
ShurenMovie 46-star
Ururu TsumugiyaChristmas5/6-star
Ichigo KurosakiThousand-Year Blood War – True Bankai5/6-star
Kenpachi ZarakiThe Lost Agent6-star
Sosuke AizenFourth Fusion6-star


C Tier 5

These are average units that don’t shine at all, but they won’t actively hinder your team either.

Nanao IseResurrection6-star
Szayelaporro GrantzResurrection6-star
Shukuro TsukishimaHeart6-star
Koga KuchikiTag Team – Resurrection6-star
Ginrei KuchikiSealed5/6-star
Sosuke AizenThousand-Year Blood War – SP5/6-star
Yoruichi ShihoinHalloween6-star
Ryuken IshidaThe Lost Agent6-star
Nnoitora GilgaUTB5/6-star
Hiyori SarugakiOG Remake5/6-star
Nelliel Tu OdelschwanckJapanese Parasol5/6-star
Ichigo KurosakiResurrection – Hollowfied5/6-star
White ZangetsuWhite5/6-star
Izuru KiraTag Team5/6-star
Ulquiorra ShifarWhite Day5/6-star
GanryuMovie 15/6-star
Nemo KurotsuchiSwimsuit5/6-star


D Tier 5

These units have almost completely fallen off the game’s competitive meta. They have very niche use cases, as they are often outclassed by other units.

Ichigo KurosakiThousand-Year Blood War – True Shikai5/6-star
Shuhei HisagiTag Team – Resurrection6-star
Momo Hinamori 6-star
Marechiyo Omaeda 6-star
Shukuro TsukishimaWhite Day6-star
Kensei MugurumaThe Lost Agent6-star
Sajin KomamuraThousand-Year Blood War6-star
Isane KotetsuSealed5/6-star
Sajin KomamuraThe Lost Agent6-star


F Tier 5

These are the worst units in the game. They have a few redeeming qualities, but they are mostly overlooked for PvP battles.

Mashiro KunaThe Past6-star
Kisuke UraharaWhite Day6-star
Mayuri KurotsuchiNew Year Version6-star
Soi FonHalloween6-star
Ikkaku MadarameThe Lost Agent5/6-star
Jackie TristanThe Bond5/6-star
Shunsui KyorakuJapanese Parasol5/6-star
Jushiro UkitakeJapanese Parasol5/6-star
Grimmjow JeagerjaquesJapanese Parasol5/6-star
Riruka DokugamineThe Bond6-star
Yoruichi ShihoinThe Past6-star
Rukia KuchikiValentine’s Day5/6-star

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