How To Enable Game Mode in Windows 10

Want to enable Game Mode on Windows 10? Here's a short and simple guide on how to enable Game Mode to excel your gameplay experience even further.

A while back, Microsoft announced its plan to expand on and improve Windows 10 indefinitely, rather than releasing a new operating system every couple of years. This was great news for consumers, as it meant that new updates and features would be rolling out much more steadily and for free.

One such addition was the inclusion of a new Gaming section of the Settings app, marked with an Xbox logo. And while it brought several new and convenient functionalities for gamers, there is one specific feature we will be focusing on: Game Mode.

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What is Game Mode?

game mode on windows 10

What Game Mode does is to re-arrange your PC’s priorities. It puts the game you’re running on the very top and takes up most of your computer’s resources to that game. This means that any background tasks are a secondary priority and that the game will be running as smoothly as possible.

How to Enable Game Mode?

With the latest updates, Game Mode will be turned on automatically on any PC and game that supports it. If you want to make sure that game mode is on for a specific game you’re playing, simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Press Win + G to open the Game bar.
  2. Once it is open, you will see a Game Mode icon next to the Settings button at the end of the row.
  3. Simply click the Game Mode icon to turn it on or off.
  4. If you want to make sure that Game Mode is always turned on automatically for the game you’re playing, click Settings and then click the tick box next to the Use Game Mode for this game option in the first section of the menu.
game mode windows 10

And there you have it, it’s as simple as that!

Now, whenever you’re facing lag, stuttering, slow load times, or any other problem on your game, make sure to check if Game Mode is enabled and don’t allow any demanding, memory-hungry programs to take away from your experience!

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