Mobile Legends Tier List

This Mobile Legends tier list will give you the best overview of the best heroes in Mobile Legends. Pick these heroes and win more games by using the meta.

With over 70 million monthly players, Mobile Legends (ML) takes its place as one of the most popular mobile games to date.

The multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game has a hefty character count of 103 heroes, each with its own move set and playstyle.

With so many heroes to choose from, it can be daunting to figure out which ones to keep as your main. The fact that most heroes need to be unlocked using in-game currency also adds to the pressure of mastering the right hero quickly.

To offer a small respite from this dilemma, we’ve put together a definitive ranking of all Mobile Legends heroes.

This list ranks the heroes according to their strength, utility and effectiveness in team fights.

With this list as your guide, you’re on your way to becoming the best ML player you can be.

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Mobile Legends Tier List Tier S

Heroes in this tier are considered overpowered and must-picks/banned for any competitive match. They have the tools to excel by themselves but also spare some of that utility to complement different team compositions.

Unlock these heroes first if you want to start mastering the core best heroes from the start of the game.

HeroRoleSpecialtiesRecommended Lane
ValirMageDamage, GuardSide
GrockTankCrowd control, InitiatorRoaming
Yu ZhongFighterRegen, DamageSide
NataliaAssassinChase, ReapJungle
X.borgFighterRegen, BurstSide
KhufraTankInitiator, Crowd controlRoaming
ZhaskMageChase, DamageSide
LingAssassinChase, BurstJungle
ClaudeMarksmanBurst, ChaseMid
SilvannaFighterInitiator, Magic damageSide
KimmyMarksman, MageMixed damageMid
HylosTankGuard, InitiatorRoaming
KajaFighter, SupportControl, ChargeSide
BadangFighterCharge, BurstSide
BrunoMarksmanReap, BurstMid
Luo YiMageSupport, Crowd controlSide


Mobile Legends Tier List Tier A

These heroes constitute the upper echelons of the game’s current meta. You’ll likely face off against these heroes often because they’re not as overpowering as those in S Tier, meaning they don’t get banned as much in competitive matches.

HeroRoleSpecialtiesRecommended Lane
Wan WanMarksmanReap, BurstMd
SelenaAssassin, MageInitiator, ReapJungle
JawheadFighterCharge, BurstSide
Chang’eMagePoke, BurstSide
GrangerMarksmanBurst, ReapMid
CecilionMagePoke, BurstMid
MashaFighterPush, DamageJungle
DiggieSupportGuard, PokeRoaming
HanzoAssassinPoke, BurstJungle
LyliaMagePush, DamageSide
AtlasTankCrowd control, InitiatorRoaming
LancelotAssassinChase, BurstJungle
ThamuzFighterChase, DamageSide
GatotkacaTank, FighterCrowd control, BurstRoaming
EsmereldaMage, TankRegen, Mixed damageSide
PharsaMageBurst, PokeMid
HelcurtAssassinPush, BurstJungle
ChouFighterChase, ControlRoaming
FreyaFighterChase, DamageSide
LolitaSupport, TankGuard, Crowd controlRoaming
KarrieMarksmanReap, DamageMid


Mobile Legends Tier List Tier B

B-Tier heroes are still part of the game’s meta. Under the right hands, these heroes can perform just as well as their A and S-tier counterparts. Inherently, they have a few flaws that balance out their good qualities.

Overall, they are solid picks for most situations and good cornerstones for a well-optimized team.

HeroRoleSpecialtiesRecommended Lane
CarmillaSupportCrowd control, DamageRoaming
AngelaSupportGuard, SupportRoaming
HayabusaAssassinChase, BurstJungle
KaguraMagePoke, ReapMid
GordMagePoke, BurstMid
TerizlaFighterBurst, Crowd controlSide
LeomordFighterChase, BurstSide
AldousFighterBurst, SupportSide
LesleyMarksman, AssassinReap, BurstMid
BelerickTankCrowd control, RegenRoaming
KaditaMage, AssassinBurst, ChargeSide
RubyTank, FighterCrowd control, RegenSide
OdetteMageBurst, PokeSide
HanabiMarksmanReap, DamageMid
Yi Sun-ShinMarksman, AssassinReap, ChaseMid
RogerFighter, MarksmanReap, BurstSide
GusionAssassinBurst, Magic damageJungle
TigrealTankCrowd controlRoaming
HarleyMage, AssassinBurst, PokeJungle
GuinevereFighterBurst, Magic DamageSide
NanaMage, SupportPoke, GuardSide
HarithMageChase, DamageMid
EstesSupportRegen, GuardRoaming
HildaFighter, TankDamage, RegenSide
MoskovMarksmanReap, ChaseMid
FrancoTankInitiator, ControlRoaming


Mobile Legends Tier List Tier C

These are decent heroes with a few glaring flaws that could be detrimental to their team if not addressed properly. They seldom carry their teams to victory by themselves, prioritizing solid support above everything else instead.

HeroRoleSpecialtiesRecommended Lane
Lapu-LapuFighter, AssassinChase, BurstSide
Popol and KupaMarksmanPush, BurstSide
BalmondFighter, TankDamage, RegenSide
MinotaurTank, SupportCrowd controlRoaming
IrithelMarksmanReap, BurstMid
FannyAssassinChase, ReapJungle
MartisFighterReap, ChargeSide
LunoxMageBurst, DamageMid
JohnsonTankSupport, Crowd controlRoaming
AuroraMageCrowd control, PokeSide
DyrrothFighterCharge, BurstJungle
RafaelaSupportRegen, GuardRoaming
FaramisSupport, MageGuard, ChargeRoaming
ZilongFighter, AssassinChase, DamageSide
EudoraMageControl, BurstSide
AlucardFighter, AssassinChase, DamageSide
CyclopsMagePoke, ControlSide


Mobile Legends Tier List Tier D

These heroes have almost completely fallen off the current meta because of their lack of utility in matches. Skilled players can pick these heroes up to catch the opponent unaware, but this is a very risky move.

HeroRoleSpecialtiesRecommended Lane
KarinaAssassinReap, Magic DamageJungle
BaxiaTankSupport, DamageRoaming
ArgusFighterCharge, BurstSide
ClintMarksmanReap, BurstMid
AkaiTankGuard, Crowd controlRoaming
BaneFighterPush, BurstSide
AliceMage, TankCharge, RegenSide
SunFighterPush, DamageSide
MiyaMarksmanReap, DamageMid


Mobile Legends Tier List Tier F

These heroes have completely fallen off the meta for good reason. They don’t have nearly the same amount of utility and carry potential as other heroes. We’d go as far as to say that, sometimes, choosing these heroes gives the enemy team a natural advantage.

HeroRoleSpecialtiesRecommended Lane
ValeMageBurst, Crowd controlSide
AlphaFighterCharge, DamageSide
MinsittharFighterInitiator, Crowd controlSide
VexanaMagePoke, ControlSide
SaberAssassinCharge, ReapSide
LaylaMarksmanReap, DamageMid

And there you have it, the current tier list for Mobile Legends. Player skill and experience are still huge factors to consider in matches but knowing which players to invest time in is crucial.

With this list, you’ve hopefully gained some insights into who the best heroes are and what specialties they contribute in battle.

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