Exos Heroes Tier List

Exos Heroes is a popular RPG with many characters. This up-to-date Exos Heroes tier list gives you an overview of the best characters in the game!

Exos Heroes is a turn-based, gacha-infused RPG that manages to stay interesting due to its compelling cast of characters.

With hundreds of these heroes available to summon, it can be a daunting task for beginners to plan for endgame or PvP content.

To help with this, we’ve made a tier list that ranks the best to the worst heroes to use in the game. If you’re looking to build the optimal party for you, then read on.

Note: Due to the sheer volume of characters, only the strongest ones will be on this list. Characters who have no business being in the high-level content are excluded.

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Exos Heroes Tier List Tier S

These are the best units in the game. They define the majority of the current meta.

Bathory (Forgotten Memory)FrostAttack
Jinai (Supreme Queen)NatureChaos
Rera (The First Guardian)NatureChaos
Talia (Prophet of the Sun)NatureSupport
Tantalo (Banga Family)NatureDefense


Exos Heroes Tier List Tier A

Excellent units that can surpass S-tier given the proper setup and investment.

Garff (The Reversed World)LightDefense
Iris (Holiday at the White Ocean)LightSupport
Uloom (The Reversed World)MachineDefense
Rudley (Forgotten Memory)NatureAttack
Ramge (The First Guardians)DarknessSupport
Annie (Forgotten Memory)FireAttack
Brook (The Reversed World)FireAttack
Shell (Artist of Death)MachineSupport
Deva (Forgotten Memory)MachineChaos
Magi (The First Guardians)FireAttack
Rachel (Awakening)FireAttack
Lepin (Awakening)FrostSupport


Exos Heroes Tier List Tier B

Good units that have a few flaws that work against them. They are still solid all around.

Shufraken (Awakening)DarknessDefense
Valentina (Princess’s Vacation)FrostChaos
Emma (Forgotten Memory)DarknessSupport
Zeon (The First Guardians)FireAttack
Adams (Banga Family)DarknessAttack
Baraka (The First Guardians)MachineChaos


Exos Heroes Tier List Tier C

Average units that don’t stand out but can hold their own in battle.

Otard (Awakening)FireAttack
Jinn (Banga Family)MachineChaos
Luke (Banga Family)FireDefense
Anastasia (The First Guardians)FrostSupport
Scarlet (Hotter Than the Sun)FireAttack
Degas (Beach by the Blue Sea)FrostDefense
Rachel (Forgotten Memory)FireAttack


Exos Heroes Tier List Tier D

The worst units on this list. They have minimal uses in PvP and PvE content. Use them if you have a specific team composition you’d like to work with.

Baraka (Awakening)MachineChaos
Bernadette (Melting Ice)FrostAttack
Ramge (Awakening)DarknessSupport

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