Battlerite Tier List

Use the best champions in Battlerite and dominate the arena. Here is the most up-to-date Battlerite tier list to give you an overview.

Use the best champions in Battlerite and dominate the arena. Here is the most up-to-date Battlerite tier list to give you an overview.

Matches in Battlerite can get very intense and competitive. If you want to outclass your opponents at every turn, then you should learn more about the game’s mechanics and its heavy roster of champions.

To help with this, we have created a tier list that ranks all champions in Battlerite from best to worst. You can use this as your guide in choosing which characters to use and invest time mastering.

Note: Battlerite has well-balanced champions in its roster. As such, there’s only a small gap between the tiers. The competitive meta still relies on player skill and decision-making to win games, so keep this in mind.

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S Tier 1

Currently, the best champions to use and master in the game. They have minimal flaws, which makes playing them relatively safe for players of all skill levels.

PolomaSupportPoloma is a pure support unit that tries to balance defense and healing for her squad.

Her entire playstyle revolves around linking units together to heal or deal damage. This itself is already a heavy task, never mind adding in her positioning and creature management to the mix.
AshkaRangedAshka is the complete package. He has a good range on his attacks, partnered with incredible mobility. His skill set is diverse and useful in various situations.
Ashka can do damage over time, AoE damage, or contain an area with his wall. He can also transform into a fire elemental that ups his damage while not sacrificing any of that mobility.
TayaRangedTaya is fun to use because of her ability to dart across the map, wreaking havoc with her boomerangs.

She’s stuck in the bottom tier because of how extremely squishy she is. She’ll go down in a few hits from other champions. If the enemy forces pick her off alone (which happens more than you think), you’ll immediately be a unit down in team fights.
JadeRangedJade is an assassin character who pales in comparison to her contemporaries. She’s useful for taking out individual unguarded champions.
AlysiaRangedAlysia is a straightforward champion who can join fights from a decent range. She can also freeze enemies – adding a bit of tactical utility to her kit.


A Tier 1

Excellent champions that have a few flaws that bar them from the top tier. Don’t worry though – an A-Tier champion could easily dominate as much as an S-Tier under the right hands.

RookMeleeIn terms of raw damage, Rook is arguably up there with the champions who can inflict a massive amount of it.

His playstyle relies on heavy combos that can control crowds efficiently when executed properly. He can buff his attacks further for larger engagements. He also has abilities that can interrupt/debuff the opposing team.

What Rook users have to contend with, is his extremely slow movement speed and possibly the worst mobility out of any champion in the game. It doesn’t help that he can only contribute his patented damage outputs when he’s in very close range of the enemy.
Shen RaoRangedShen Rao is a solid DPS unit that also offers several utility options as a support unit. Ascension and Dominion are great at enhancing his mobility in tight situations.

Shen Rao has several abilities that deal damage and interrupt enemy units. This arsenal is the good mix of power and versatility that you want in your DPS unit.
VareshRangedVaresh is a pest when you don’t contain him early on in matches.

He has a whole arsenal of debuffs and disrupts that could easily throw you or your team off. His poor damage output what prevents him from ascending into the higher tiers in this list.
ShifuMeleeShifu’s aggression is a double-edged sword. Under a skilled player, however, this almost always turns in Shifu’s favor.

His mobility is top-tier – utilizing immaterial form and quick strikes to position himself favorably against opponents. He’s a straightforward melee champion who’s not that complicated to play because of his familiar style.

That said, Shifu players will be happy to know that he also has several defensive counters that protect him when the going gets tough.
CroakMeleeWe think the whole community agrees that Croak is one of the foremost assassin units in the game.

His abilities are centered on sneaking around and poisoning enemies for massive damage over time. He’s far from what you’d call a tank character, but he doesn’t need to be. His mobility around the map is so good that it’s hard to catch him by surprise anyway.

Croak is best used as a hit-and-run character that cripples enemies, gets out, then leaps back in again. This is an effective strategy that almost always confuses enemy teams.
RaigonMeleeRaigon is another champion that likes to get up close and personal with his targets. He can get away with this because he has a tremendous amount of survivability.

While Raigon can handle himself just fine on the battlefield, he’s relegated to A-tier because his abilities only complement a small part of the roster. Other than continuous damage output, he doesn’t help as much during team fights.


B Tier 1

These are good champions that have all the necessary tools to contribute to any team in a big way.

Ruh KaanMeleeRuh Kaan is unique in that he has more range than your average melee champion. This allows him to take potshots at the enemy from midrange, then swoop in close when he needs to finish someone off.

Ruh Kaan’s skills complement his style well. He can curse enemies and pull them closer with his claw. He also has dash attacks that add to his mobility.
FreyaMeleeFreya is a snowball character – meaning, she gets stronger as the match wears on. She becomes particularly unstoppable when she gets a great start.

Freya is a melee fighter who dominates the battlefield by executing her long and complex combos. While they’re not beginner-friendly, these combos can put the enemy team at a big disadvantage when they land.

To help her getting (and staying) close to enemies, Freya has shield values that progressively get stronger as time goes on.
PestilusSupportPestilus is a good choice if you’re looking for someone who can heal while dealing damage. Most of his offensive abilities leech HP off opponents and heals allies.

The problem with Pestilus is the lack of focus on his toolkit. He can heal and attack at the same time, but he’s unimpressive in both so why bother?

If this champion gets either a solid healing or damage spell, then we believe it’s enough to catapult him to B, even A-tier. With the way he is now, however, he stays in the middle of the pack.
ThornMeleeThorn is best utilized on the frontlines because of his high survivability. Additionally, you’ll always want him initiating fights because of his ability to control crowds and cripple enemy champions.

His ability to pull enemy units can be used to either relieve pressure from allies or set up enemies for concentrated attacks.
PearlSupportPearl is a support champion who can hold her own in a fight. She’s best utilized for her healing and protection, but her water-based spells and debuffs are useful as well.

You’ll always be happy when a Pearl is in your squad for full team fights. She can sustain your squad’s health while helping in the damage department.
BlossomSupportBlossom is a cross between the support and controller roles. Her healing and sustenance are not as impressive as other champions, but she makes up for this with excellent area control, good damage, and constant disruption to enemies.

If you’re bringing Blossom to the fight, keep in mind to protect her at all times as she’s quite easy to put down. She’s more of an escape artist with her stuns instead of a defensive bulwark.


C Tier 1

These are average champions that can be very useful in certain scenarios. Their lack of any excellent qualities hinders their viability in the competitive stages, however.

SiriusSupportSirius is a decent support champion that can heal allies and help in fights most of the time.

Sirius falls behind other supports because there’s nothing in his toolkit that is a go-to ability for competitive matches.
BakkoMeleeWhat makes Bakko great is his ability to control the tide of the battle with his offensive and defensive capabilities.

At face value, Bakko looks like the aggressive warrior archetype. While his damage output is impressive, his ability to shield the party from incoming damage and displace enemies are what’s useful.
IvaRangedIva is another champion with a reliance on combos, especially her oil fire abilities. She’s a technical champion to use – as you need a decent amount of setup to inflict serious damage.

Luckily, she has more disruptive tools on her belt to make up for her fluctuating damage potential.
JamilaMeleeJamila is another assassin-type champion who leverages high burst damage potential to carry her team to victory.

While she has better mobility than Croak, the latter has more utility in battle because of his poison. Jamila opts for a more straightforward style that centers on heavy damage and counterattacks against her enemies. This one-dimensionality in her toolkit holds her back against good players.
UlricSupportUlric is more of an aggressive support and that works against him. He isn’t impressive as a support unit nor an offensive one. There are simply more options out there that fill Ulric’s intended role without the weaknesses.
DestinyRangedDestiny is a mobile fighter who can quickly reposition herself in-and-out of combat.

She can help thin out smaller mobs, but she’s not a huge asset in team fights. You’re better off using other, preferably more aggressive, champions.


D Tier 1

These champions have toolkits that are situational. If you’re using them, make sure that the team composition allows for them to make their viability shine.

EzmoRangedEzmo is decent at dealing sustained damage from range but is unimpressive for everything else. He can contribute damage steadily but it’s the lack of burst damage options that’s a bummer.

Moreover, Ezmo’s poor survivability is a liability to your team. He pokes around at long range but will have a tough time when the enemy flanks him.
LucieSupportLucie separates herself from the rest of the cast using her concoctions that have various niche uses in battle.

She can heal and protect the team while also disrupting the opposing squad. The problem is that she doesn’t shine in any of these aspects at all. She’s useful overall, but a lot of it is predicated on team composition, matchup, and the situation at hand.


F Tier 1

These champions have extremely situational use cases. Most of the time their weaker skills actively hinder your team’s chances of success in the long run.

ZanderSupportZander is certainly a unique champion who is gifted with a variety of playstyle thanks to his teleportation and illusions. As a support unit, however, these gimmicks are simply a nuisance. Yes, he can reposition your squad – but most of the time the results coming from this are underwhelming.
OldurSupportOldur helps on the defensive side through his ability to block projectiles, knock enemies back, and provide sustained healing to allies.
JumongRangedJumong is excellent at providing sustained pressure to enemies from afar. He does this using a plethora of arrow skills that have a decent range and area of effect on them.

Jumong is for players who don’t like to be in the thick of the fight but contribute to it regardless.

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