For Honor Tier List

What are the best characters in For Honor? Our For Honor tier list ranks the best characters in tier lists for Dominion, Duel, and Brawl game modes.

For Honor’s rich cast of characters and their unique toolkit encourage deep experimentation and mastery to win consistently in competitive fights.

Picking the best hero for a specific scenario can be a daunting task if you’re oblivious to the game’s current meta.

Fortunately, we’ve made a tier list that ranks the best and worst heroes to invest time in.

For this list, each hero was ranked based on their performance across all For Honor’s game modes.

Additionally, we need to recognize that no unit in the game is too weak that it becomes unplayable. Keep this in mind especially if you’re a beginner.

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These are the best heroes to use in the game. Invest in them as early as you get them because they’ll surely make your matches easier.

HeroFactionHero TypesDescription
GryphonKnightsHybridThe gryphon has been wreaking havoc in matches and it’s easy to see why. Its attack animations (especially bash) are quick and unpredictable. Gryphon also has a staggering number of options to go into mid-fight. For the opponent, reading what move chain gryphon does next can be overwhelming.
WarmongerKnightsVanguardThe warmonger’s corruption ability carries it to the top tier. It’s useful for isolated units, as well as groups. There’s also no real counter for it at the moment. The zoning abilities also immensely add to its viability. The warmonger is a hero that you’ll often see in competitive matches.
WarlordVikingHeavyThe Warlord is well-equipped to deal with ambushes. Its kit allows maximum survivability without sacrificing too much power. The animations for its attacks also don’t leave it open too much.
CenturionKnightsHybridThe centurion shines in its ability to ambush and flank opposing players with relative ease. It has powerful moves that, when timed right, are not punishable by opposing forces. All these make the centurion a versatile unit with a low skill cap.
Jiang JunWu LinHeavyThe Jiang Jun has plenty of utility options, especially right out of a parry. He can do big stamina damage that can feel borderline oppressive sometimes. Jiang Jun isn’t a slouch on the defensive side either, earning him a spot in our top tier.


These are excellent heroes that can outclass S-tiers with the proper setup, team composition, and lots of practice.

HeroFactionHero TypesDescription
ConquerorKnightsHeavyConqueror is one of the hardest heroes to go against in the game – and with good reason. His attacks deal decent damage. Shield bashing, while only seldom used, is a good opener in fights.
If you have 2 conquerors in your squad, then you could take advantage of their spectacular zoning abilities to lock an area down.
HitokiriSamuraiHeavyThe hitokiri’s spamming tactics will surely ruin an opponent’s day. It’s powerful and unblockable as well. This hero is most effective in a 1 vs 1 situation, or when your team needs to go after that one straggler who got away. It’s a pretty solid option without many flaws.
Black PriorKnightsHeavyThe black prior is a godsend for players who usually queue solo. It’s strong enough to hold locations alone and has great mobility across the map.
On the aggressive side, the black prior has one of the best unblockable attacks in the game, partnered with the ability to take down shields. This combination makes this hero an offense-centric powerhouse.
The only downside to the Black Prior is its difficulty to use and master.
KenseiSamuraiVanguardThe Kensei is your number one option against ambushes from enemy squads. He’s also regarded as one of the best heroes for team fights.
His versatility and ease of use net this solid all-rounder a spot in A tier.
ShugokiSamuraiHeavyShugoki is the perfect choice to set up an ambush. Why? Bearhugs, of course! This nifty move can effectively cripple an opponent enough to have your teammate land a devastating attack.
Outside of this, the shugoki is also well-balanced in offense and defense, allowing it to have more utility in straight-up team fights.
RaiderVikingVanguardThe raider is one of the best options to have in 4 vs 4 team fights. The thing that makes this hero good is that it’s accessible even for beginners. He has a simple but effective playstyle – perfect for those who are just learning the ropes. For veterans, the raider also has value in initiating and breaking off fights. It also has decent zoning capabilities for defensive play.
BerserkerVikingAssassinBerserker used to be a top-tier hero but then got its heavy attacks nerfed. Even with this, though, it’s still a very good hero with spammable light attacks than cat instantly put pressure on enemies.
Despite receiving a cut on its speed, the berserker is still one of the most agile fighters in the game. For those who like to dart around and take potshots at the enemy, this hero is for you.


These heroes are good additions to any match. Some of them are relatively easy to learn so they’re perfect for players of all skill levels.

HeroFactionHero TypesDescription
ShamanVikingAssassinThe shaman is a good hero but is reliant on your team being coordinated to be more effective. It has qualities that feed into the assassin class well such as anti-ambush, anti-chain, and chasing abilities. Its speed is a bit on the slow side, though, so you need to get used to that.
JormungandrVikingHeavyThe Jormungandr’s survivability is unparalleled. It has a combination of health, shield, and damage reduction buffs that bolster its already impressive defensive resume.
Its offensive prowess is only decent, though. It’s enough to hold down fights, but not necessarily overwhelm opponents.
TiandiWu LinVanguardTiandi gets extra lives and shields that add to its survivability. Additionally, it has great dodge animations that allow easy escape from pressure situations.
Overall, the tiandi is a great choice for those who want to play it safe while still contributing to team fights.
ZhanhuWu LinHybridThe Zhanhu is an agile fighter that has great spammable light attacks and an unpredictable dodge counter.
It’s a good hero to use if you constantly want to mix your attacks up to get your opponent out of position.
WardenKnightVanguardThe Warden has an excellent shield bash if you can land attacks to set it up, that is. While it’s strong when it gains momentum, the warden’s limited range makes him predictable at times.
Use this hero if you can rely on your teammates to set up quick ambushes, or if you’re confident enough to fight in close quarters.
GladiatorKnightAssassinGladiator is a solid pick even when solo-queueing. Its unblockable attacks are effective at pressuring opponents in a 1 vs 1 situation.
Its damage can’t be ignored in team fights as well, and when left unchecked, could pose a serious problem for the opposing team.


These are good heroes across the board but have no qualities that stand out like those in the upper tiers.

HeroFactionHero TypesDescription
LawbringerKnightHybridNot many players use lawbringer, but it’s still a solid hero. It has good damage and mix-ups. It’s a really good choice for a mid-lane offensive hero.
What holds this hero back is its lack of utility options when it comes to team fights.
NobushiSamuraiHybridNobushi fits well in an ambush squad because of its damage output coupled with inflicting bleed damage. It has good zoning and crowd-clearing abilities, but none of its traits stand out in competitive matches.
OrochiSamuraiAssassinThe orochi has a slew of unblockable chains at its arsenal, but everything begins with its storm rush. This hero does not stand out but has every tool in the bag to come up big in clutch situations and team fights.
ValkyrieVikingHybridThe Valkyrie is a balanced hero that has utility in both offensive and defensive scenarios. Her bash is good for initiating or resetting fights because it’s hard to react to. What the Valkyrie lacks is damage output to help carry solo or team fights. It simply does not make much of a difference unless you have a decent team supporting you.


Heroes with niche use cases. Use them if you have a specific team composition in mind. They are not ideal for solo matchmaking.

HeroFactionHero TypesDescription
HighlanderVikingsHybridHighlander is a bit of a one-trick pony. Yes, its spammable light attacks are crazy good, but that’s about it on the offensive side. He has more utility on defense because of his dodges and ability to reset fights.
NuxiaWu LinAssassinNuxia is the definition of niche support. Its best asset is its traps that you can set in any lane. These will either bolster that lane’s defense or setup good initiations for your team.
Outside of this utility, the Nuxia doesn’t offer much.
ShaolinWu LinHybridThe Shaolin seems to be a hero built as a support unit. It can heal and teleport, which adds a lot to its utility. It’s a unit that’s meant to be protected because it can’t excel in fights, though.


Currently the worst heroes in the game. Use them if you want a challenge or just want to flex your skills on opponents.

HeroFactionHero TypesDescription
AramushaSamuraiHybridAramusha has strong attacks. The problem is it doesn’t have any moves that can create openings for those attacks to land. Its animations are also slow and a little clunky, almost like it’s standing on mud or something.
This hero was once at the top. Now we have to wait for a significant buff from the developers before Aramusha becomes viable again.
ShinobiSamuraiAssassinSince getting hit with a massive nerf, the Shinobi has fallen deep in this list. Its only utility now is its ranged attacks, which don’t do much damage anyway.
PeacekeeperKnightsAssassinWe hate to say it, but peacekeeper is like a glorified minion. It’s not a unique hero at all. It can contribute to team damage but is a liability because of very poor defensive options.

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