Best Medieval Games 2023

Searching for a list of the top medieval games to play right now? Join us as we highlight the best medieval games on Steam in 2022!

If you get excited by knights in shining armor, mugs overflowing with mead, and swordfighting, then you’ll love our picks for the top medieval games.

This includes both medieval fantasy games as well as more historically accurate games with realistic medieval settings.

Here, we’ll be highlighting the best medieval games on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch that transport you to The Middle Ages.

We’ll be updating this list in the future with new titles, so make sure to check back and let us know if we missed any of your favorite medieval titles!

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The Iron Oath is a new tactical turn-based RPG where players command a team of mercenaries as they navigate a harsh medieval fantasy world.

Taking on the role of leader, you’ll find yourself hiring recruits, managing your operations wisely, and embarking on harrowing missions to solidify your reputation.

As the in-game years progress, the world around you will continue to evolve along with your heroes themselves who will age, retire, and eventually perish.

However, doing so causes new storylines to open up, resulting in new discoveries and unpredictable gameplay that changes with every playthrough.

Next we’re highlighting the medieval city-building strategy game Diplomacy is Not an Option from developer Door 407.

In it, you take on the role of a Lord who finds himself thrust into war after a series of circumstances forces him to defend his kingdom from other nations.

As king, its up to you to decide the best course of action for your army and build defenses in preparation for invading attacks.

The game stands out from similar titles in its genre for its physics-based combat along with more conventional economy and tech tree systems.

Billed as a dark fantasy interpretation of the Arthurian mythology, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale tasks you with rebuilding camelot alongside a team of heroes.

In it, players navigate cursed medieval castles and forests where vile monsters and magical creatures roam waiting to attack you and your party of courageous heroes.

Gameplay revolves around turn-based tactical combat with character-centric RPG mechanics that let you pick from six different classes and equip unique gear.

As your heroes level up they’ll gain new skills and story quests that reveal more about their character and the world itself.

Fans of management sim games will no doubt have fun playing Anvil Saga, a 2D RPG that sees you running you playing as a medieval blacksmith.

Turning your ramshackled shop into a thriving business, you’ll encounter a host of challenges ranging from local bandits to haggling customers and more.

The game also includes a scripted story with meaningful choices and stakes that determine both your character and your shop’s fate.

Will you sacrifice morals to attract high-paying customers or become a man of the people and stand up for whats right? Whatever you do, try not to end up beheaded.

Knightfall is a medieval battle royale game with a horse-drifting twist that can provide hours upon hours of entertainment for you and a friend.

In it, up to 28 players split up into teams of two for the purpose of reaching the final castle and plucking a sacred rose before their opponents.

The journey spans several days during which the knights have to take shelter in various towns where they’ll encounter and battle other players.

Overall, its a fun low-stakes take on the battle royale format that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Inspired by classic D&D titles, Yaengard is a turn-based roguelike RPG that sees you forming a party of adventurers and heroes from common peasants.

The game takes place in a medieval fantasy world where every character has a distinct personality and traits that affect their powers and playstyle.

Players are to explore a narrative-driven world filled with lore and storytelling that’s further complemented by a robust turn-based combat system.

As you progress, you’ll discover rare powers and items that can be used to design complex combos and builds for your characters.

Our next recommendation is the indie city-builder strategy game Becastled from Mana Potion Studios.

Set in a medieval fantasy world, it sees you building and defending your castle from sieges in a never-ending struggle between light and dark forces.

Players are tasked with training an army from the ground up, gathering and managing resources, and charging into battle as unique enemy formations approach from all sides.

While the game is still in Steam Early Access, the developer plans to extend the campaign and add more units and buildings via future updates.

Next up is Elden Ring, the latest FromSoftware game to feature technical and robust combat that demands quick reflexes.

The game also layers on RPG mechanics and a medieval-inspired open-world teeming with atmospheric locations, tough enemies, and powerful loot.

Compared to its predecessors, Elden Ring handles multiplayer a lot better too by letting you and your friends inhabit the same world and host PvP duels.

If you want a challenging medieval action RPG that you can play for hundreds of hours, look no further.

 Age of Darkness: Final Stand is a survival RTS game that takes place in a dark fantasy medieval world.

In it, players must build and defend humanity’s last bastion against an army of evil monsters while ridding the battlefield of a deadly fog.

The fog not only conceals enemies but also drains life from the player’s troops, requiring you to strategically place light sources to keep your units safe from harm.

It also features a day/night system that affects gameplay and an extensive skill tree that lets you advance your units and improve their proficiency.

Conquerer’s Blade is an action-driven sword fighting game that incorporates war tactics and MMO progression.

In it, players create a character before being unleashed into a medieval world where vying factions carry out siege battles to attack or defend castles.

Characters can be customized and assigned unique playstyles by arming them with a wide selection of melee weapons such as the classic longsword and shield.

Since the game is free-to-play, you can expect to spend a lot of time grinding to level up the Free Pass for rewards, though a premium Battle Pass is also available.

Set during the 14th Century “Dark Age,” Going Medieval sees you attempting to rebuild society in a world where 95% of the global population has fallen victim to rampant plague.

In the wake of society’s ashes, nature has reclaimed most of the land, providing the perfect foundation for a new civilization.

This is where you step in, guiding the few remaining survivors to establish a new home safe from not only disease but also outlaws, barbarians, and religious fanatics.

You’ll design, build, and expand your own settlement, going from humble wooden huts to stone castles and underground strongholds.

Kingdoms and Castles falls under the city-builder genre of games but with the twist of it being set during medieval times.

In it, you play as the leader of a humble colony tasked with transforming it into a sprawling kingdom with taverns, churches, and more castles than you can dream of.

As your villages stockpile resources and wares, you’ll have to hold off invasions by Vikings with strategically placed soldiers, archer towers, castle walls, and more.

The game has a vibrant ‘blocky’ art style that complements the medieval setting, and placing down blocks feels satisfyingly snappy.

As far as grand strategy games are concerned, Crusaders Kings is right up there with Total War, Imperator: Rome, and Stellaris.

The series sees you guiding a dynasty throughout The Middle Ages, protecting and providing for your people while expanding your empire.

You can be a righteous god-fearing king who unites all the religious powers or branch off and do your own thing.

This is all while dealing with peasant rebellions, pilgrimages to unconquered lands, Viking invasions, and the typical drama that comes with royalty.

Currently in Early Access on Steam, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is the long-awaited sequel to 2008’s Mount & Blade.

Like the original, Bannerlord is centered on a systems-driven medieval sandbox that lets you role-play as various character classes.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a famous jouster, rich tradesman, sword-for-hire, thief, or more, there are numerous paths to explore.

The game also features a party system and management component that sees you leading armies of hundreds or more into battle.

You can pick up one of the best medieval strategy games with Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.

It features support for 4K resolution displays, high-definition graphics, a remastered soundtrack, and The Last Khans expansion with new campaigns and civilizations.

In it, you’re tasked with building a city to serve as a base for your army and prepare your people to wage war throughout the ages as you scavenge for supplies and build defenses.

There are several historical civilizations to play as, each with its own strengths and weaknesses that can lead to prosperity or hardship.

Bad North is a tough-as-nails medieval RTS game with tower defense elements and a low-poly art style.

The game sees you defending your idyllic island kingdoms from hordes of Viking invaders by banding together with other small nations and combining your resources.

Instead of directly fighting in battle, you handle the positioning and relocating of troops to deal with various invading forces.

While the game is a procedurally-generated roguelite by default, you can enable a save mode that lets you pick right back up from your previous session.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a story-driven medieval RPG set in an open-world interpretation of the Holy Roman Empire.

In it, you play as the son of a blacksmith who decides to join a group of rebels and protect others after his parents and village are slaughtered by raiders.

Presented as a realistic medieval sim, Deliverance emphasizes traditional survival mechanics such as hunger, thirst, sleep, and hygiene.

While you won’t find any dragons or magic, Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s medieval-based combat can be gratifying once you make it past the steep learning curve.

Set in medieval France, A Plague Tale: Innocence casts you as two siblings on the run after the English army raids their countryside estate and kills both their parents.

The game’s historical setting coincides with the Black Plague’s existence, resulting in there being human enemies and hordes of diseased rats you’ll have to avoid.

You’ll be navigating dark sewers, decaying city streets, and dense forests while utilizing special tools to solve puzzles, sneak past enemies, and fight when necessary.

For a more thorough breakdown, read our full review, where we praise the game for its superb voice acting and engaging story.

The sequel to Torn Banner Studios’ satisfyingly bloody first-person sword-fighting game adds crossplay support between PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Comparable to the original, players take part in grisly medieval battles complete with stomach-churning screams and bloody beheadings.

Chivalry 2 ups the ante by adding new gameplay features such as horse-riding, more fluid animations, and immersive 64-player battles.

Combat has also been revamped to provide players with more choices and encourage creative playstyles using an array of medieval weapons.

Venturing off into medieval fantasy territory, Vermintide 2 is a fantastic co-op affair that sees 1-4 players fighting brutal and bloody battles against rat-like creatures called Skaven.

It features five playable characters with unique specializations and over 50 weapon types to master including swords, axes, and hammers.

The gameplay involves exploring wet swamps and green forests while defending against Skaven enemies and accomplishing tasks.

The combat has an incredibly meaty and visceral quality to it that will have you scouring the map to exterminate every last enemy you can find.

While we whittle away the days awaiting news concerning TES6, why not revisit one of the best open-world RPGs of all time with the Skyrim Anniversary Edition.

This new version bundles together a decade’s worth of content that includes the critically acclaimed base game, add-ons from Skyrim Special Edition, and a host of optional Creation Club content.

Those familiar will remember the story takes place 200 years after TES: Oblivion and sees you stepping into the shoes of the Dragonborn, a medieval warrior destined to battle and defeat a powerful dragon.

Boasting a flexible combat system that supports both stealthy and aggressive playstyles, the game features a robust skill tree with unique abilities, weapons, and armor.

The Witcher 3‘s fantasy-driven medieval open-world is simply too enticing not to explore and offers seemingly infinite opportunities to venture off the beaten path and into the unknown.

In it, you play as Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter on a mission to find his adopted daughter.

Along with his two swords, Geralt wields magical powers that add an extra layer to combat and make battling enemies more satisfying.

When you’re not slaying monsters, you can do a bit of sightseeing, soaking up the game’s bustling cities, war-ravaged swamps, dense forests, and sprawling caves.

Medieval Dynasty is an open-world survival game that leans into the squad management aspect of Kenshi’s gameplay.

Set in Europe during the Early Middle Ages, it sees you establishing your own colony in the hopes of turning it into a prosperous dynasty that will last for generations.

You’ll be defending your people from wild animals, providing food and shelter, and turning your small settlement into a bustling village.

This is in addition to meeting your main character’s needs and ensuring they have enough supplies to handle run-ins with bears, wolves, and anything else the game throws your way.

While T.A.B.S. utilizes exaggerated physics for comedic effect, Besiege swings the pendulum in the opposite direction to ensure things feel as authentic as possible.

The game tasks you with clearing 54 single-player scenarios using an open-ended medieval siege engine.

There’s a lot of room for creativity since contraptions can come in various shapes and sizes, and can be outfitted with all sorts of medieval weaponry ranging from cannons to giant flails.

An online mode also lets you battle against other players in custom arenas or team up against the AI.

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