Best Games Like Chivalry 2

Looking for more medieval fighting games? We’ve got you covered with the best games like Chivalry 2 on Steam and other platforms.

Torn Banner Studios’ long-awaited follow-up to the multiplayer hack and slash game Chivalry has been warmly received by both fans and critics.

Expanding on the original, Chivalry 2 adds several fresh features including riding horses, smooth character movements, and intense fights accommodating up to 64 players.

Those looking for similar titles are welcome to join us as we highlight the best games like Chivalry 2 on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

This includes other medieval games and PvP games that primarily focus on melee combat with swords and other deadly weapons.

With that out of the way, get ready to see what we’ve found!

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If you’re looking for a game like Chivalry 2 on consoles, Mount & Blade II is going to be one of your best options as it features many of the same components.

In it, you create a character and begin exploring diplomatic, artisan, trading, and war strategies across a vast medieval sandbox.

Along the way, you’ll gather the necessary resources to raise armies and lead them into skill-based battles with robust real-time combat.

There are even competitive and casual PvP modes in Bannerlord that will let you see how your skills stack up against other players.

Another sequel that improves on the original in just about every way, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 will let you live out your wildest Chivalry 2 war fantasies.

This is done by jumping into one of many campaigns included with the base game or created and shared by the community.

Each one introduces unique parameters that will get you to think carefully about where to deploy your army, with some battles featuring upwards of a million soldiers.

If that wasn’t enough, Battle Simulator 2 lets you free roam over a sandbox mode where you can create your own eye-watering scenarios.

If you’re a fan of Chivalry 2’s visceral melee combat, Hellish Quart is a good alternative that functions more as a 3D fighter.

In it, you assume control of 17th-century warriors armed with sabers, rapiers, broadswords, and other sharp blades.

The game’s main selling point is its realistic movement and combat, which relies on motion-captured fencing, real-time physics, and ragdoll animations.

Hellish Quart offers single-player survival and local versus modes where you can clash with opponents and try to land a killing blow.

Next up on our list is ELDERBORN, a first-person dark fantasy RPG slasher inspired by games like Dark Souls and Chivalry 2.

The story casts you as a barbarian on a mission to conquer your destiny by venturing into the mysterious City of Death.

With a name like that, you can expect a long road ahead as ELDERBORN drops you into challenging skirmishes against formidable foes.

Like Chivalry, the game features an extensive arsenal of weapons ranging from swords and axes to hooks, polearms, and even a powerful kicking ability.

In terms of gameplay, MORDHAU and Chivalry 2 are pretty much 1:1 experiences aside from a handful of small yet notable differences.

MORDHAU centers on free-form combat that provides total control over your character’s movement, allowing for expressive attacking and blocking.

Weapon-wise, Chivalry 2 fans will feel right at home wielding an assortment of medieval death tools in MORDHAU’s many PvP modes.

On top of that, the game features extensive customization options for changing the look of your character and weapons.

Admittedly long in the tooth these days, For Honor is still one of the finest options for competitive melee combat games like Chivalry 2.

Gameplay centers on an extensive class system that sees you picking from Knights, Vikings, Samurais, and other specializations with unique weapons and abilities.

Each one can be further customized and tailored to your liking before jumping into tense online PvP battles with ranked modes.

Despite its age, For Honor is still receiving seasonal updates as of 2024, including new fighter classes and rewards.

If you’re seeking a game like Chivalry 2 that merges action and tactical combat with MMO advancement, look no further than Conqueror’s Blade.

Set in a sprawling medieval world, this game has you creating a character and joining up with one of several factions vying for control.

This plays out across different siege battles that see your army either attacking or defending a castle from invading forces with swords and shields.

Although free-to-play, Conqueror’s Blade can get quite grindy without shelling out the money for a premium Battle Pass.

For a single-player game similar to Chivalry 2, we recommend picking up Warhorse Studios’ first-person medieval RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

In it, you play as a blacksmith’s son who aligns himself with a rebel army to defend innocent villagers from pillaging raiders.

Much like Chivalry 2, this game’s combat is strikingly realistic and has a steep learning curve that will take you many hours to master.

However, once you’ve made it past the initial hurdle, you’ll find yourself slaying enemies left and right with period-accurate weaponry and techniques.

Those searching for co-op games like Chivalry 2 will do best to check out Vermintide 2, a first-person melee action game created by Fatshark.

Set within the dark fantasy world of Warhammer, the game tasks up to 4 players with fending off mobs of gruesome rat-like creatures called the Skaven.

This is done with one of five playable characters armed with a wide array of weapons, tools, and tactics to explore throughout the campaign.

The combat has a particularly meaty feel to it that transcends classes while providing enough flexibility to carve out your own playstyle.

Our final suggestion is aimed at Chivalry 2 fans that also happen to own a VR headset or plan on picking one up in the near future.

If neither applies to you, humor us as we try and sell you on the concept for WarpFrog’s medieval fantasy sandbox game Blade and Sorcery.

In this game, you play as one of three classes: Warrior, Ranger, or Sorcerer; each one offers a distinct playstyle and toolkit for fending off waves of enemies.

Similar to Chivalry 2, Blade and Sorcery’s combat is deeply rewarding and will have you leveraging different stances and attacks to pull off creatively gruesome combos.

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