Mordhau Weapon Tier List

Not all weapons in Mordhau are equally good. This Mordhau weapon tier list gives you the best overview of the best weapons in Mordhau to slay your enemies.

Mordhau is a melee game that emphasizes skill-based combat and the freedom to shape your character within the realm of imagination.

The biggest (and arguably most important) decision you will make will be your weapon choice. Mordhau has an extremely wide variety of weapons you can use to murder your opponents.

Rather than testing each weapon out yourself, you can use our tier list to find out which ones are worth your time in the long run. Read on to know more.

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Mordhau Weapons Tier List S Tier

These weapons are the best in the game. They constitute most of the game’s meta due to how powerful they are.

HalberdThe halberd is a strong and versatile weapon because of its power and reach. Its piercing damage can poke enemies from afar with minimal risk. It also performs well against groups because of its wide sweeping attack. The only drawback is its mediocre speed.
ZweihanderLike the Halberd, the zweihander has high damage and fair reach. It’s more suited to battles against a group rather than one-on-one situations. Due to its size and weight, the zweihander is also a bit slow to wield.
Throwing KnivesThrowing knives are fast and hurtful when wielded by a skilled player. They’re not necessarily the main weapon that you can build around; rather, they’re perfect complements to any build you have.
EveningstarThe eveningstar is perfect for those who want raw power without having to sacrifice speed. It can kill enemies with a blow to the head, or a few shots to critical areas of the body. Its speed allows for a poke-and-dodge strategy that is highly effective on a 1 vs 1 encounter.


Mordhau Weapons Tier List A Tier

These weapons are strong and offer much utility. Under the hands of a skilled player, these weapons can even outshine those in S-tier.

GreatswordThe awesome thing about the greatsword is its simplicity. It’s powerful, has fast attacks, and an efficient move set. The greatsword is great for beginners who just want to get a feel for combat in Mordhau.
MaulUsing a maul has its perks and punishments. It has a poor reach and mediocre speed but makes up for this with the ability to crush your opponent’s skull in one hit. The maul is not beginner-friendly but can be a devastating choice in higher levels due to its unpredictable move set.
War axeThe war axe has similar characteristics to the maul, but with a slightly faster attack speed. Use this if you want a powerful but more forgiving weapon.
Battle axeThe battle axe has a longer reach than the war axe, but it isn’t as powerful. It’s also slower so choosing between the two is a matter of preference.
MesserThe Messer has all the good qualities of a greatsword except for the fast attacks. It is significantly more powerful, however, so use this if you’re precise on your attacks. Be sure to practice with it because it’s not friendly for beginners at all.
Pole axeThe pole axe is a versatile weapon that can poke single enemies from afar or sweep large groups safely. It’s a good weapon, but it’s too similar to the halberd, which performs a lot better.


Mordhau Weapons Tier List B Tier

These weapons are good but are held back by some weaknesses. You can achieve success with these but expect a longer and steeper learning curve.

SpearThe spear has an excellent reach that is perfect for safe pokes. Its other moves are terrible, though. With only one good move, opponents will have an easier time predicting and countering spear users.
RapierMuch like the spear, the rapier emphasizes quick poke attacks as the cornerstone of its offense. It’s a fast weapon that’s good for beginners but it does not scale well at all. This is the reason you won’t see more experienced players using the rapier.
FalchionThe falchion’s attributes can be classified as moderate. Moderate damage, reach and speed. New players will find it easy to acclimate to this weapon because of its simple move set.
Executioner’s SwordThis sword’s calling card is its powerful sweeping attacks. It will take some getting used to, but once you master it, you’ll cleave through groups of enemies with ease. This weapon would be higher on this list if it was a bit more versatile.
CleaverThe cleaver is a fast, slashing weapon that is marred by its very short range. In more competitive matches, a safe distance between opponents is important; the cleaver does not provide this at all.


Mordhau Weapons Tier List C Tier

These are average weapons that will need skilled players to wield effectively. They have glaring weaknesses that can be exploited, although, their strengths can net you some wins as well.

 MaceThe mace is a strong weapon that can quickly kill enemies. With its poor reach and slow animations, however, you’ll find hitting enemies extremely difficult.
BillhookThe billhook will certainly throw enemies off due to its unique moves. The problem is the billhook does very poor damage – unable to complement all that unpredictability.
Throwing axesThese long-ranged projectiles certainly offer great damage from a safe distance. The problem is the priming and throwing animations take too long that the opponent can easily read them.
Short spearThe short spear is an excellent weapon with the right build. You have to be fully committed to the build, however, so you can’t change gears on the fly. This weapon is great in large battles where you can sneak up on your opponent. In a 1 vs 1 duel, however, a spear or halberd is preferred.
Arming swordThe arming sword is a good alternative to the longsword because of its cheap cost and faster attacks.
BardicheThe bardiche has a steep learning curve but can be rewarding for skilled players. It has one of the best damage outputs in the game. If you want to use the bardiche, make note that experienced players can easily counter its telegraphed attacks.


Mordhau Weapons Tier List D Tier

These weapons have almost completely fallen off the game’s meta. They’re outclassed by other weapons even if they’re used by experienced players.

AxeThe axe is a decent weapon with a simple move set. The simplicity does not work in its favor because of weak damage, though. You’re better off using a sword or a falchion.
EstocThe estoc is basically a slower rapier. The unique thing about this weapon is that you can use it while mounted – charging at opponents to skewer them. Mounted units are still disadvantaged in Mordhau though, so the estoc isn’t that impressive.
DaggerThe dagger is a quick, stabbing weapon with very short range. While you can bully your opponent with quick pokes, most players would rather stick to the slashing motions of a cleaver.
LongswordThe longsword is a basic weapon, good for a 1 vs 1 duel. Most players think the longsword is too basic, opting for better weapons on this list.


Mordhau Weapons Tier List F Tier

The worst weapons to use in the game right now. Try to avoid them unless you’re a skilled veteran who wants a challenge.

WarhammerGiven its menacing design, it makes no sense for the Warhammer to be so weak. Use it if you fancy its alternating move sets but stay away otherwise.
Bastard SwordThe bastard sword is in the bottom because it’s absolutely the worst sword, stat-wise. It has similar animations to other blades, so you should just use those instead.
Short swordThe same as the bastard sword, but shorter. It’s also the same as the dagger, but longer. It’s not a good idea to invest in this weapon at all.

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