Smash 64 Tier List

Win more fights in Smash 64 by using the best fighters in the game. Here is the definitive Smash 64 tier list to give you the best overview.

It’s hard to believe that Smash 64 (also known as Super Smash Bros.), the game that pioneered the legendary franchise, was released more than twenty years ago. Harder still, is the fact that this two-decade-old fighting game still has a dedicated community behind it.

In this article, we’ll dig up the fan-favorite characters – the original 12 and rank them according to their viability in winning matches. Let’s get started.

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The best fighter in the game.

PikachuIt seems that even back then, Pikachu was already a big problem for the opposing player in Smash.

The little electric mouse has everything – good combos, quick movement, great edge-guard capabilities, and a generous recovery to boot. If we were to nitpick, Pikachu probably suffers from a lack of defense because of his/her lightweight nature. Nonetheless, he/she is still widely regarded as the best fighter in Smash 64.


Excellent fighter but has minor flaws that prevent it from reaching the top.

KirbyKirby’s best trait is his up-tilt, which sets up several amazing combos and powerful KO smashes.

He’s also quick on the ground and can edge-guard well. His recovery leaves something to be desired though. The floating animation is just too slow and predictable that opponents always capitalize on it.


Solid, all-around characters.

FoxFox has good movement speed to complement his fast combos. He can shoot a projectile that serves as a combo breaker or sustainer depending on the situation.

For all his offensive potential, Fox struggles to finish off enemies. His smashes don’t hit as hard as other fighters, which drags a fight on for longer than needed.
Captain FalconUnlike others in this list that thrive on strike combos, Captain Falco executes grab combos in succession instead. This means that there’s more skill needed to make him viable, but it’s worth it.

The Captain also has a decent ledge trap and edge-guarding capabilities. His downside is his limited range and fast falling mechanic.
YoshiYoshi is a great mix of defense and offense. He has fast attacks, good combos, and excellent escape moves.

It’s a shame he couldn’t utilize all that mobility to set up his attacks, though.


Fighters that need skilled players to dominate games.

MarioMario is decent once you get to master his moves. Once you, you may find them lacking.

His combos are good enough, but it’s his limited range and recovery options that hinder his success.
JigglypuffJigglypuff can juggle her opponents, leading to sustained damage as the fight drags on.

The main drawback to her is that she’s easy to knock off the stage or KO. Her predictable recovery, akin to Kirby’s, also doesn’t help.


Fighters that have a harder time securing wins due to their lacking skillset.

SamusSamus is an offense-centered fighter who has good damage off long combos. It’s her mobility that’s the problem.

She’s surprisingly slow and janky relative to her size, which may throw some people off.
Donkey KongDue to DK’s size and weight, he can take more punishment than most fighters.

If you’re using him, make sure you KO your opponent quick because DK’s poor recovery won’t help him in close fights at higher percentages.
NessNess has a good, long-ranged recovery. The catch is: the animation is so slow and predictable that the opponent will always capitalize on it.

He also has slow movement speed despite his acceptable mobility.


The worst fighters to use in the game, especially for competitive matches.

LuigiLuigi has decent combos and damage, but his slow move and attack animations prevent him from setting up multiple attacks.
LinkA defensive fighter, Link has several tools to prevent the opponent from closing in.

He needs all this because he is a slow fighter with a laughable recovery.

And there you have all of Smash 64’s rosters ranked. Each fighter can get you wins, but it will take a lot of practice for someone on the bottom tier to match the top fighters.

For a more recent Smash Bros. experience, check out our tier list for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate here.

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