Serta Office Chair Review

The Serta office chair is extremely popular on Amazon, but is it worth the price tag? We decided to test this office chair to see if it lives up to its popularity

Bottom Line

The Serta office chair offers a strong compromise between comfort and functionality.

Admittedly, many of the features that are missing are usually only found in more expensive models.

For most people, this chair is an excellent choice and will be a great fit.

That said, if you really want a chair that can recline, this might not be for you.


Just about every chair on the market claims to be the most comfortable. After all, there’s no definitive metric for that feeling you get when you fall onto the couch at the end of a long day. But what if there was a chair, made by people who really get comfort? Well, there is, and we’re here to introduce you to it.

We’re talking, of course, about the Serta office chair. Serta has been making mattresses for over 70 years so they know a thing or two about relaxing moments. They’ve created a product that’s so full of padding that it’s almost closer to an armchair on wheels than a traditional office chair.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

serta chair

Straight off the bat, you’ll notice that this chair is fairly inexpensive. At around $100, it’s in the low-mid end of the pricing spectrum. However, surprisingly, it doesn’t seem as though any corners have been cut during the design process since the Serta office chair has everything you’d expect it to.

There’s a height adjuster, a rocking feature with locking bar, a pillowed headrest, and excellent lumbar support. There’s even a waterfall seat edge designed to decrease stress on the back of your legs and increase circulation during extended periods of sitting. So how does it look?

In a word, cozy. Unlike most other office chairs which use PU leather coverings, this model features microfiber coverings. These come in five different colors, but we recommend choosing a darker one because although it’s stain-resistant, you can’t wipe microfiber clean like you can with faux leather.

serta office chair review

This fabric does bring another upside to the table (or desk), though. Simply put, leather chairs on a cold winter’s morning are a perfect recipe for a bad time. While this chair isn’t as breathable as some others on the market, it’s far more comfortable, and that’s a huge plus.

Okay, so who is this chair best suited for? Really, almost anyone. It has a heavy duty base, so while Serta hasn’t published maximum weight limits, it’s safe to say it can probably handle up to 250lbs at least. Further, it has casters that work well on any surface whether it’s carpeted or hard flooring.

serta office chair review 2018

You’ve probably noticed the high back on this chair. That’s to provide extra support and reduce the amount of pressure placed on your spine after long periods of sitting. We were also pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of a one-year warranty on this product. So what are its downsides?

The first complaint is relatively minor – the armrests are fixed and while they can be removed entirely, they can’t be adjusted. More importantly, though, this chair can’t be fully reclined. Imagine how incredible it would have been if Serta, a mattress company, had included this feature!

serta office chair

In all honesty, though, you don’t need to lie back to enjoy this chair. Serta has clearly put a lot of effort into making it as pleasant as possible to use, and it shows. We like that it has a low price point too, and with these two points combined, it’s difficult not to recommend it.

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