Battlefield 2042 Specialist Tier List

Make sure that you use the best Specialist in Battlefield 2042 with this ultimate Battlefield 2042 specialist tier list right here!

Battlefield has always been the face of chaotic shooters. Sometimes it might be a little daunting when you get into it for the first time.

With the newest title, “Battlefield 2042”, the genre went on more futuristic gameplay and a different class system than usual. Players can choose from a list of Specialists that each offer something unique.

Depending on the playstyle of the player, some Specialists can feel overpowered while the others not so much. With this Battlefield 2042 Specialist Tier List, you’ll be able to choose the Specialist that fits your playstyle the most.

So, without further ado, let’s get right into the tier list!

Note: Every Specialist can be top tier in the right hands, so don’t get discouraged if your favorite is ranked lower.

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Battlefield 2042 Specialist Tier List S Tier

Best Specialists in the game at the moment, their Specialty and Trait just give a lot of advantages over others.

Specialist Class Description
Emma “Sundance” RosierAssaultWhat can be better than parachuting on top of enemies and taking out the whole squad? Well, in Emma’s case, it’s the Wingsuit Operator. She can use the wingsuit to fly through the whole map in a matter of seconds and take enemies by surprise.

She is very mobile with a lot of versatility, her playstyle compliments a lot of players, and her kit is ready to fight everyone and everything.
Kimble “Irish” GravesEngineer“Irish” really excels at defensive playstyle while still complimenting the offensive playstyle. He gains armor from downed enemies and is a great specialist to pick for making a safe push towards the enemy lines. It is expected that “Irish” will be your go-to when going all out on the enemy team.


Battlefield 2042 Specialist Tier List A Tier

Great Specialists that also have some great Specialties and Traits. They are just a little more skill dependant or situational than the top tier.

Specialist Class Description
Wikus “Casper” Van DaeleRecon“Casper” is a great recon specialist being able to spot enemies that are moving and use EMP to further confuse them. He is best used for the former ability. Not only does the player get alerted by the enemy movement, but it also works on Recon Drones, which is a great bonus to have.
Navin RaoReconNavin’s hacking abilities make him a specialist that can do a lot. He can work with everything that can be hacked, ranging from base defenses to dealing with enemy vehicles.
Maria FalckSupportMaria’s a must-have specialist for providing sustainability to the team. She can use S21 Syrette Pistol to heal allies from a distance or do a bit of damage to the enemies. Her trait Combat Surgeon allows her to revive allies with full health.


Battlefield 2042 Specialist Tier List B Tier

Viable Specialists that can bring a lot of fun to the game, putting your time into these is very well worth it.

Specialist Class Description
Webster MackayAssaultWebster has the Grappling Hook, which is a great mobility tool to have. He is also able to move quicker than others when aiming down the sight (ADS). It might feel like Webster only has the hook mobility going for him and nothing else that makes him more unique.
Constantin “Angel” AnghelSupport“Angel” is the type of support we all need when the fight gets prolonged. He can supply allies with ammo and make it able for them to swap the loadout on the go. His trait pretty much follows the same pattern as Maria’s, except he can revive an ally with their armor health full.


Battlefield 2042 Specialist Tier List C Tier

These Specialists are good, but they are mostly used for specific gameplay and/or tactics in mind. Nonetheless, they can be great if properly played.

Specialist Class Description
Pyotr “Boris” GuskovskyEngineer“Boris” might be your go-to Specialist if you like defending objectives. He can use his SG-36 Sentry Gun to defend the objective from rushing enemies.   His true power comes from the Sentry Operator trait. Every enemy that has been locked on by the Sentry Gun will be highlighted for “Boris”.


Battlefield 2042 Specialist Tier List D Tier

Beginner-friendly Specialists that lose their usefulness once the player reaches a certain skill level.

Specialist Class Description
Ji-Soo PaikReconJi-Soo Paik is great for players of all sorts of skill. She highlights enemies that damage her and can use EMG-X Scanner to highlight enemies behind the cover. This all results in a powerful but beginner-friendly Specialist.


Battlefield 2042 Specialist Tier List F Tier

These can be either bad for the meta or just not fun to play. You’ll be put at a disadvantage, but if you like the playstyle, they can be very viable.

Specialist Class Description
Santiago “Dozer” EspinozaAssault“Dozer” Is good at paving the way for the allies with his SOB-8 Ballistic Shield. His gameplay can somewhat feel a little boring since you mostly rely on being a frontline that closes the gap with enemies. His strength is the sheer bulkiness that he gets from the trait Blast Resistant, “Dozer” has a lot of explosive resistance.

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